1. Leon Gorani

    Looking for help, acans are dying, do I need a dif

    This is my schedule for my two AI prime hd lights: Starting at 11:00 am it ramps up until 2:00pm and at 2 these are the light settings, UV:40%, Violet 50, Royal 60, Blue 60, Green 10, Deep Red 10, White 20, These settings stay at that level until 10:00pm and then dimming down to 0 until...
  2. cheras

    Illinois Live Goods HG Torch, Green Torch, Zoas, Acans, Blasto, Mushroom, and Chalice

    I have a few items for sale. Local pick up only in NW of Chicago. 60634. HG Torch $550 single $1000 double Green torch $80 Zoas - $25 each Acans and Blasto - $25 each Super Saying Mushroom (SBB Corals) $25 Mummy Eye Chalice - $15 each
  3. Yeet.Reefing

    Massachusetts Live Goods Acan Colonies

    Trying to clear up some much needed space so I can start growing out some other things. 5 acan colonies are up for grabs. Well established for over a year. Shipping is an additional $50 Colony 1 $80 Colony 2 $150 Colony 3 $150 Colony 4 $60 Colony 5 $60 Take all 5 colonies for $450 shipped or...
  4. Nanolifeuk

    Lighting for ACANS w/photos

    Really quick question- are these frags too high (ignore GSP) ? Ai Prime is set as shown below (Fluval Evo tank) . Never kept Acans before, I understand they prefer lower light. I am not in possession of a PAR reader and to be completely honest I am struggling to tell if this acan is happy or...
  5. Omarons

    Washington Live Goods Acan Pack

    Have some Acans for sale - Will ship from Seattle Washington - will ship for cheap depending on location Wanting to sell 4 acans as a pack for $200 will include blasto and favia for free
  6. Moving sale: beautiful corals up for grabs

    For sale Moving sale: beautiful corals up for grabs

    everything is for sale: indo dragon soul torches: $160 single head (2 available) also have ~8 frags with more heads wwc grafted montis: $50 frags huge size jason fox beach bum encrusting monti: $300 fat head dendro colony (~10 heads): $210 utter chaos zoas: $50 frags giant candy cane/trumpet...
    $30.00 to $400.00
  7. Queen City Corals

    Valentines Sale Ends Today!

    Our Valentine's Day sale ends today! This is your last chance to save BIG! This is your last chance to save on these amazing new Euphyllia like this Gold Hammer, Blue Tip Frogspawn, Black Light Torch, or any of our other incredible Euphyllia! Now is the perfect time to get an Acan, whether...
  8. S

    HELP!!! Torch and scans dying!

    I did a water change like normal yesterday and the torch got hit with a lot of water(i thought i hit the rock above it as a buffer) now one head is damaged. Do you think the other head will be ok and is there any chance at all the damaged head will recover? And my scans looked fine yesterday and...
  9. JoannaCora

    Frag Build JC's Coral Frag/Daycare Tank

    Hey all, want to show off my frags. These are all originally from a friend who is remodeling and said I could frag whatever I want, luckily he truly meant it, and I took advantage. I still don't know what half of it is. Don't mind the sketchy scolies in the bottom left, it wasn't me! They're...
  10. Mr & Mrs Hartz

    Acans suddenly weren’t doing well then discovered sacks and red creature with many legs underneath..

    I thought we’ve seen pretty much everything by now from zoa eating nudibranchs to spionid worms.. but this is new. We do have Coral RX and have dipped these acans before. So nothing has changed in terms of parameters, lighting, placement etc. All of our other corals and anemones are doing...
  11. Man908

    Build Thread RSR450 Mixed

    Tank first got wet January 2020.
  12. TCK Corals

    Halloween Sale Announcement Buy 5 Get The Lowest Cost Frag FREE! PLUS Save 10% Use code BOO

  13. S

    What is this Acan?

    Does anyone know the name of this acan and is it a lord or enchinata
  14. TCK Corals

    400+ WYSIWYG Frag Update 6.29 - 6.30

  15. Coralick

    Florida Leptoseris, Chalice, Acans & Suphastreas

    Local pickup in FL Hallandale 33009 Row 1 Jason Fox Jack-o-Lantern Leptoseris Any frag 20$ Row 2 dark rainbow suphastrea any frag 20$ Row 3 Jason Fox rainbow delight chalice any frag 20$ Row 4 acans any frag 10$ Row 5 Bizarro Suphastrea any frag 40$ Thanks for looking
  16. TCK Corals

    New Frag Packs Just Posted to Site

    New Frag Packs Just Posted to our site.
  17. Luis Marrero

    Nuvo 10 gallon looking amazing!

    I was doing my daily maintanance on my tank the other day and turned off all pumps. As i looked at my tank top down..(which i haven't done in a long time) i was pretty blown away by how good it looked and wanted to share with everyone. Here's the picture i took with my Canon T6i
  18. boxofrocks

    Large Build Rimless 240g - boxoflpsandshrooms

    Tank: Low Iron 3/4" Glass 72" Long x 31.5" Front to Back x 24" Tall 2 x 1.5" Drains 1 x 1" Return 39 Trigger Systems Sapphire Sump + Matching ATO Jebao DC6000 Return CoralBox Skimmer 2x MP40 Powerheads Mixed Pukani and Tonga Branch Rock Asta LEDs on Chaeto Lighting: Reefbreeders Photon v2 x 3...

    Livestock Rainbow Acan 4 Pack from Coralust Reef Solutions

    These are 4 beautiful hand picked rainbow acan frags from Coralust Reef Solutions. The pictures, one white light and one actinic, are WYSIWYG. This coral pack can be purchased right now on R2R using paypal. Just click the top right "buy now" button. Feel free to browse our website...
  20. Techie_

    Acan Issues

    My reef is almost 2 years old and I've had my lovely Acan in for 6 months or so, a couple days ago I noticed the polyps did not fully inflate. I decided to give it a couple of days before I did anything. Today they are not looking any better (or worse). Any suggestions? Alk: 8.7-9.0 Calcium...
  21. SashimiTurtle

    Cube Build Turtle's Deep Blue Sea

    Step one, buy new tank... check Ahem, Turtle... that's not a new tank. It's new to me. But look at it, it's filthy! Ok, fine. It's "nused." Did you just put new and used together in one word? Why, yes I did... I am talking to myself, do you expect me not to make up words. Now, go...
  22. Luis Marrero

    Nano Build Innovative Marine Nuvo 10g 1 Year Update

    Hi everyone!! I've been gone for a while but would love to share my 1 year update on my IM NUVO 10g Nano!! Hope you guys like!! Like, Share, and please SUBSCRIBE for more! You have to see the end! Too funny!!
  23. Francoreef

    Prime Growing sps???

    HEllo R2R Im going to need your guys help on this one. A little overview I am starting a build thread as soon as my Tank arrives i have ordered the 50 gallon starfire cube from SCA, I hope starfire glass is as good as people say it is as (i have never seen it in person). As of now i have...
  24. YourReef

    YR Summer Fun Live Sale- June 3rd 1-7pm (pacific time)

    Join us this Saturday June 3rd from 1-7pm (pacific time) for our Summer Fun Live Sale. Over 500 WYSIWYG frags including $1-$10 Frag Specials & awesome giveaways! Teaser photos & more info to follow. :)
  25. KerriGale

    What powerhead is best for the low flow corals I want?

    Hey Reefers, I've got a question. First I'll let you know what I've got going on in my tank. Currently I have a 600 gph power head and a aqua-tech 30-60 HOB filter in a 30 gal reef tank(30 x 12 x 18). I'm working with a saddleback clown, goby, and blenny, a snail and a Scarlett hermit(hoping to...
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