Looking for help, acans are dying, do I need a dif

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Apr 13, 2019
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This is my schedule for my two AI prime hd lights:

Starting at 11:00 am it ramps up until 2:00pm and at 2 these are the light settings, UV:40%, Violet 50, Royal 60, Blue 60, Green 10, Deep Red 10, White 20,

These settings stay at that level until 10:00pm and then dimming down to 0 until 12:30am.

Is this a good light schedule? Am I giving too much light or not enough maybe? Or are the lights too close to my tank? I’m not sure.
I am not sure what is happening since all of my coral have been doing great the last few months, but since last month I have slowly been losing my acans. In my photo, I first had my acans sitting on that right ledge where that purple goni is sitting at right now but I moved them all to my sand bed because I was told they were getting too much light, and they weren’t doing amazing either, but after I moved them they were great but now they are almost all dying. On that same ledge I have some type of euphyllia coral, and I had a galexea next to both my euphyllia’s but I moved it away since it was stinging both of them and those were really affected by the galexea.

But I am looking for some help please, I am not sure if I am having problems because of my lights or if it is something else. If you have any tips for a different light schedule that will help my tank, or what could be causing my acans to die so fast for no real reason, please let me know.

My parameters are as shown: Alkalinity: 10.14, Calcium: 426, Magnesium: 1426, Phosphates 0.03, nitrates: 3.

I have been dosing all for reef and my alkalinity has gone slightly down to 9.5 but it usually shoots back up to 10, I’m not sure why. My magnesium used to be around 1200, and I dosed fritz magnesium very slowly a month ago to get it up to around 1400 from 1200. I also do have a Apex trident doing all of my testing for the big 3 every day.

I have posted images of my tank for light reference and to show my acan problems.
Again, any help will be really appreciated.

C06ECAEB-D70A-4F5F-84F8-983B673B4EE1.jpeg 5AF98EF3-5FC7-47CC-80C9-ECBBC8728A83.jpeg 4D036D72-D4C2-41EF-BF70-4DE9E90A7906.jpeg 0E7F10DD-0EBC-4B16-8051-7B4FF076AC48.jpeg 6CD754C2-A06A-417C-B345-62BEC91D5BB2.jpeg

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