1. T

    Georgia Lighting Drygoods AI Hydra 32 HD (Black) (Used) w/ HMS Mount -$320 shipped

    Have AI Hydra 32 HD black body that was only used for 9 months. Works fine and pic is included to show. Including HMS Single Rail Mount as well (also used). Does NOT come in original packaging.
  2. ChantalWK

    Zoas with small and spread out polyps

    Hi! My tank is almost 1 year old and I'm having some trouble with zoas size. I have a post for it here. I like big polyps and "fluffy" colonies, but mine are spreading out and small. My params are: Lighting: Nour by OceanTech (brazilian brand), I was running it really high, 90% blues with a...
  3. C

    PAR Values Feedback/Opinions

    Looking for feedback on my PAR values. I've got an IM Nuvo 20, with a single AI Prime 16HD mounted on the AI tank mount 10" above the water line. I'm using the BRS settings attached, adjusted to 30%. The values are on the higher end of the averages. The readings jumped around a lot due to...
  4. xen30

    6ft Sps dominated lighting help

    I want to run lights that can support any acro and any sps but can help any sand corals or low lights to also grow and im wondering how many redsea 90 do i need and what schedule to run them at. I like the evening to have a full blue affect.
  5. S

    Colorado Lighting Metal Halide Drygoods Metal Halide Ballasts

    Slowly getting out of the hobby and have more stuff for sale. I have: 1 luxcore selectable ballast 150/175/250 - $100 Plus shipping
  6. LeleganceCoral

    Par for Euphilla

    I have an octo spawn in around 75 par, i read at various websites to keep them in 100-150, will this be too low a light or will the octospawn be ok? Thanks for any answers!
  7. G

    Why cant i turn my AI prime up?

    Good morning everybody. As per title i am running an AI prime 16 hd on my evo. As soon as the lightnis turned above 35% intensity across the blues and violets my LPS hates it and harldy open. My purple torch loses colour and the polyps start turning white. Had the torches under the prime for 3...
  8. jayala12

    Par meter

    I’m looking for a par meter to borrow or rent. My 2 lfs unfortunately doesn’t have one and the other didn’t even know what one was. I live in Corpus Christi Texas . Just kinda throwing out a line. I really don’t want to buy one for a one time use thing. I also don’t know if I can afford the...
  9. YaboiNathan

    Lighting Drygoods SOLD Redsea reefled 90 with redsea arm

    Used for couple months and upgrade to radion come with redsea mount: 210 shipped
  10. Leptomaniac

    Texas Lighting Drygoods 4 x Ecotech Radion XR30 Pro G5 + 2 x RMS Mounts - Will Ship

    Breaking down my 120 SPS tank (will post other items in separate posts). For sale here are 4 Radion XR30 G5 Pro’s used for less than a year, and all will ship in original boxes. The RMS mounting rail systems were purchased March of 2023. The lights were so much overkill for my shallow tank it’s...
  11. V

    Radion Size and Qty Opinions For New Build

    Looking for some opinions Waterbox 150.4 (48.2" x 25.3" x 21.7") Looking to be able to keep a bit of everything in a true mixed reef, as time progress potentially transition to more of an SPS/Acro dominated tank. Looking for an opinion on which would be best for spread and par (3) XR15s or...
  12. V

    Lighting in the Waterbox Infinia150.4

    Hey Everyone I've been out of the hobby for a few years. And I just put my new build on order a Waterbox Infinia150.4 (48.2" x 25.3" x 21.7"). I'm looking for some recommendations on what to run for the lighting. I would like be able to keep and grow a little bit of everything, and as time...
  13. B

    Position and recommendation for 100gallon

    First, I need light recs for 100 gallon (58 x 21 x 21) Neptune cube that I bought used. I cannot spend a ton, but would like to be able to grow all types of coral down the road… My other question is, how would you get around positioning the lights, if you don’t want to mount them? I have these...
  14. 748S911

    Virginia Lighting Drygoods SOLD Reef Sale: Kessil A500X…5 available…Ali express led bars custom Orphek specks….16 available… bargain reef pricing.

    Shipping not included, will ship out. I have 5 Kessil A500X used for 1 year $400 each I Kessil 1 dongle $40 Kessil 35 degree lenses $15 each 5 available 48” Ali express led bars with custom Orphek led bar color combos. I ordered them to match every bar Orphek has. I have 2 of each 16...
  15. Cassian

    Opinions on my PAR values and schedule?

    Hey everyone! I’ve done a lot of research on lighting and par values but still feel a little lost. So I’m seeking help from you guys. Are these par values ok? How does my light cycle look? Would it be ok to add in a few more hours of moon lights at night? Info: Currently using the WWC 100g...
  16. V

    Maryland Lighting Drygoods Ecotech Radion XR30 Blue G6 ($650 local only)

    Parting out my reef - used the radion g6 blues at 30% intensity for several months but still in perfect working condition. Have 2 for sale, local pickup only at $650 each in Rockville Maryland (willing to drive a bit to meet up). I'll throw in the mounting kits if you purchase both
  17. Thorne19

    Inexpensive lights recommendation

    Hello all, I am new to the hobby and looking for recommendations. I have a tank that measures 36x20 and is 22 tall. I am looking to grow soft corals and possibly hard later on down the road. I am looking to see what lights are best for cheap. I am looking to spend 200-300 dollars US. I know this...
  18. D

    Illinois Missouri Lighting Drygoods Aquatic Life T5 36” STL Area Local Pickup Only

    Selling my 36 inch T5 light from Aquatic Life. Works fine and replaced bulbs about 3 months back. Local pickup only, no shipping. $75. OBO. Currently using it alongside an actinic accent led bar that is “Populargrow” branded. They work well together and willing to add it on for another $25.
  19. RSNJReef

    New Jersey New York Lighting Drygoods SOLD BNIB - Maxspect Jump MJL-165 Blue Led Light

    Hi All, I have for sale a brand new, never used Maxspect Jump MJL-165 Blue light. I had planned on putting this over one of my cube tanks, but decided to go in another direction. I opened the box only to take the pictures below.Selling it for $210 shipped. Thanks, Rishi
  20. K

    Biocube lighting

    I have a biocube 32 and trying to know if the stock lighting is good enough for softy and lps coral i was looking at steves led light upgrade trying to see if that would be a good move or if i would l be fine with stock lights
  21. trevor1030

    USA WTB Radion XR30s gen 3-gen6

    Got a new tank I’m setting up and need a pair of xr30s gen 4- gen 6 please. Thanks
  22. tigé21v

    Miscellaneous Dosing Drygoods Breaking Down Systems

    Hey everyone, my dad and i are breaking down our systems, and getting rid of our stuff. just have another hobby taking over honestly. We have ALOT of things we are selling. and will try to keep the list updated as stuff sells. all i ask is please no lowball offers, and message if truly...
  23. N

    Lighting Recommendations for 60 gallon cube SPS/LPS

    I have had a fish and live rock only tank for about a year with a corallife light on it (not the right size for the tank). I am looking to get more into the coral game and am wondering what my best change for a rookie lighting fixture would be? Looking and hoping to spend under 300$ but would...
  24. L

    Lighting for 12 gallon coral tank

    Just setup a 12 gallon JBJ AIO for a coral tank and to grow out some coral and frags. This will be LPS and softie mainly. What light do you reccomend for it I am not looking to spend much but I would like it to have a timer and mount. The guy I get coral from has a AI prime with the mount he...
  25. GoTakeANap

    South Carolina SOLD Radion XR15 Blue Gen 6 SOLD

    I have 1 Radion XR15 Blue Gen 6 for sale. Does not have a mounting arm, just the rail mount and a magnetic light shade. $300 shipped