1. M

    Lighting Schedule/Spectrum Help!

    Hi, Ive got my first nano reef tank and am planning on having mainly softies with a few LPS. The tank is 40cm deep nano cube and I bought the new Spectra Aqua Knight v2 LED. It comes with three time settings each of which I can set the intensity of the three spectrums (Blue & Purple, White...
  2. N

    Triton system new tank build, stand build, A fair amount of DIY in here.

    Prelude: This build actually has it's origins back in July of 2018 with a decision to try out a saltwater aquarium. I have had a fair number of years keeping fresh water tanks, but really nothing too involved even there. After a lot of research, with help from members at Reef2Reef, the first...
  3. ReefNerd

    Switching to Kessil - 3 Month Review of the A360X

    Hey Everyone! Today's video has been 3 months in the making! I changed lights to Kessil! So here at the 90 day point its time to drop my first review, impressions, most importantly the results I've seen through the transition! Please like and subscribe if you like my content and I will keep...
  4. drwerner

    New York **BRAND NEW** AQUAVIM - 72" (3x400w MH + 2x80w T5)

    AQUAVIM - 72" (3x400w MH + 2x80w T5HO) MARINE AQUARIUM LIGHTING FIXTURE WITH REMOTE BALLAST. BRAND NEW, INCLUDES BRAND NEW BULBS. PAID $2095 will part for $995 + shipping, prefer local pichup
  5. prfishgirl

    Pennsylvania 48” T5 fixture with bulbs

    have a T5 4 bulb fixture have it set as 2 channels all bulbs less than 3 moths 3 ATI and 1 giessman bulb . $80
  6. Steven91

    AI 26s

    Hey everyone, I've been looking at the AI Hydra 26s for my 120 (4ft) tank as I like the features and cost. I came across a person who is selling a pair of lights to upgrade to the reefled 90s for his tank and selling them at 350 for the pair plus mounting brackets (which is a great deal). I am...
  7. Jeremy Lain

    Did some research on if it was alright to leave night time lights on all night anemones closing?

    Hello, I did some research to see if its alright if I leave the blue night time lights on all night, and I found some people saying it was, so I tried it, all night last night my blues where on and my anemones stayed open, but today some of them have closed should I turn off my lights for some...
  8. MarineDepot

    What Is The Right PAR For Vibrant Coral Coloration and Growth?

    What Is The Right PAR For Vibrant Coral Coloration and Growth? NEW VIDEO! Reef Aquarium Lighting Guide
  9. damselindistress

    Best time of year to buy lighting?

    After collectively spending hundreds on cheap light set ups I'm finally ready to buy my first "real" set of lights. Is there a time of year the manufacturers or vendors clear out old inventory and have a sale?? I've been lurking in the dry goods marketplace but cannot seem to be quick enough on...
  10. B

    Maxspect Ethereal vs. Kessil A360X

    So I had a tank leak on Tuesday, and unfortunately the water got all over the power supply and controller for my DIY light... so I'm in the market for a new light for the left half of my 55g tank. It's a standard 48" x 13" 55g, 21" deep, so the space I need to light is 24" x 13"With what I'm...
  11. P

    Washington WTB/ISO XR30 Radion Mount and ReefLink

    Hey y'all, Looking for an XR30 Mount and possibly a ReefLink wireless controller. Hopefully someone can help me out, thanks!
  12. shiftline

    Beyond PAR - DLI in the Reef Aquarium

    We measure light we used to grow coral with PAR (Photosynthetically active radiation) But have you ever considered Par vs the duration of your lighting schedule? For example 200 Par for 5 hours in one tank is completely different from 200 par over 10h in another tank. Thats over double the...
  13. Fish_Boy_Wonder

    Paludarium work in progress.

    Soooo. Been using some scrap supplies and a random turtle tank I had laying around to do a new project. I build custom bioactive vivariums for tropical reptiles on the side, so I grow most of the plants I use in my green house. I’ve been vending through a buddy’s booth at the reptile shows, so...
  14. AquariumDani

    Lighting help AI Prime HD

    Hello, 20G tank: 24x18x18 I recently added corals to my tank, and when the light is off they come out much more. I think my light was too strong so I did some research and came up with these settings: From 2PM - 6 PM UV: 50% Violet: 50% Royal: 50% Blue: 50% Green: 13% Red: 13% Cool...
  15. Brian Goldstein

    Recommendations: Quality light rack/kit for an ATI fixture?

    Hey all- Can anyone recommend a light rack/kit for an ATI Sunpower fixture (36") ? I prefer a rack that spans the length of my tank and has legs that rest on side glass panels of the tank. I don't want to drill into the wall or hang the fixture from the ceiling. Thank you! -Brian G.
  16. ReefInskeep

    Test the AI Hydra 52 HD?!

    As mentioned in another thread, I’d really like BRS to do their standard evaluation & dive into the AI Hydra 52 HD. It’s their flagship model, doesn’t spread light the same way as the 26 HD, and is worth reviewing (with PAR mapping) as they’ve been around a relatively long time, you sell them...
  17. Brian Goldstein

    Which ATI Sunpower fixture for my frag tank?

    Hey all- Just purchased a 45 gal. frag tank: 48" x 18" x 12" (tall) . I plan on growing mostly LPS and soft coral, but some SPS in the future as well. I was thinking about going with the 36" 4-bulb fixture. (1x blue+, 2 actinic, 1 purple ATI bulbs) . I would like some areas of lower light in...
  18. Brian Goldstein

    California Want to Buy - ATI Sunpower 48"- 4bulb fixture

    Hello! Looking for a Sunpower 48"- 4bulb fixture Thanks :) -Brian
  19. Brian Goldstein

    Help with Lighting for my hydroponic-style propagation tank!

    Hey Reefers- I am venturing into propagation and will be setting up a simple hydroponic-style frag tank. The dimensions of the tray will be 24" x 48" x 7". (roughly 30 gal of water) I am set on using solely T5's at the moment, but may decide on a T5/LED hybrid set up in the future. I also...
  20. Tangina20

    Do you need to acclimate to lower lighting?

    I just got new hydra 26 hd a couple of months ago and I definitely went too intense too fast with the lighting. I know you need to acclimate slowly to higher lighting, but do you need to acclimate to lower lighting? I would like to reduce my light by 30 or 40%.
  21. Brian Goldstein

    California Selling my (like-new) Radion XR30W G4 PRO ! w/ RMS mount

    Hey Reefers- I am shifting my focus towards propagation, so i'll be selling my XR30W pro and getting T5's. Due to the dimensions of my frag tank, I would need 2 more Radions to sufficiently light my tank ... and that's just not happening lol. The fixture itself is 6 months old and has been...
  22. Tangina20

    Anyone have experience with ABI tuna blue par 38?

    im starting a 8g nano reef and I can get a good deal on an abi tuna blue 12w, will this be enough to grow at least lps??
  23. Tangina20

    Hydra 26 hd question

    I’ve had my hydras for about 2 months and just noticed this feature. What do the top and bottom bars chance in these settings?
  24. Jason Schwend

    150g cube lighting

    Recently I acquired a marine land 150g cube for free from a buddy with stand and canopy;). So we got into a discussion about lighting. I'm going all led, so we were thinking about 2 gen4 pro 15 radions and the 2 ai primes I currently have. The question is would this be enough u think. I will...
  25. Nick blinkin

    California SB reef light 16” WiFi extreme

    this light is in mint condition, i have only used it for about 3 months. It has sat unused due to going a different route with lighting. Worked wonderful, fully programmable, have all original paperwork and equipment. Looking for $160 and I’ll ship anywhere in USA.
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