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  1. F

    Flow for coral

    Hello! New to the saltwater side of the hobby here I’ve got a 55 gallon tank, with the following: 2 Tunze 6045 power heads 2 AI prime 16hd, running the Saxby preset 2 Snow Onyx Clownfish 12 blue leg hermit crabs 12 astraea snails Green tip hammer Green polyp Duncan Green star polyp that snuck...
  2. mario4933

    Florida Dry Good Trade Looking for Small Frag Tank Lighting

    Hey Reefers! I’m setting up a 30x16x6 frag tank and I need a light. Willing to trade coral, coral + money, or maybe other equipment. hit me up!! Let’s work out a deal.
  3. Spare time

    AI prime 16hd vs ai prime 16 fuge

    So my prime hd is dying (less than 2 years old) and it is my refugium light. I do practically no water changes and run no skimmer so having my light die is not good. Anyways, I was debating between the prime 16hd or the fuge one. Basically the difference is one has more blue and one has more...
  4. P

    California Lighting Radions(G4 Pro)- Aquatic Life T5 hybrid-ATI 8Bulb Sunpower (new)

    Hello, I have a few lights for sale since I recently upgraded. I have 4 XR-15 G4 Pro Radions all Mobius compatable no more then a year old and only ran at 45% during use. All 4 come with diffusers and are still in original box. Asking 280$ each shipped or 1000$ for all 4. Also have Reef link...
  5. Mason Michalski

    Michigan Lighting Pair of Ai Hydra 26 HD's

    I have a pair of AI Hydra 26HD's used for about a year, 65% UV, 65% Violet, 65% blue and royal blue, and 40% white was the usage on them. $500 shipped for the pair.
  6. R

    Looking For Used Lighting Fish and some corals...

    I am new to this site and new to posting on threads. I have a 120 gallon Marine aquarium with fish and some lps corals. I'm currently using fluval LED strip lighting which works fine but one of my strip lights is failing. I would like to see if someone has older lighting they're willing to sell...
  7. Herides

    Need a lighting recommendation for a weird setup.

    Hey guys, New to the hobby, had my tank active for a little over a month now, and I'm ready to add a light to get it ready for corals. However my setup/location makes choosing a light difficult. To start I want to stress that because I'm new, I will likely not be interested in any difficult to...
  8. KimberlyMary

    Best Light Strip?

    Wondering what everyone’s favorite lights are (preferably strip/bar) I need a 48in light for FOWLR tank with a phone app! Seen the Fluval Aquasky lights at my fish store but wondering if there is any better for around the same price (Little over 200CAD)
  9. Spenc_

    Maxspect R420R Lighting Levels

    I just setup a Nano tank which is a Innovative 10G Cube tank, put live rock in it and dry sand because I couldn't get ahold of live sand in my area. I have a Maxspect R420R 60W-16000k and I need help setting it up with times and light levels, I was told to have it on for 8-10 hours a day and...
  10. D

    Aquatic life t5 hybrid, DX18 question.

    Hi. I am considering purchasing a t5 hybrid or maybe even the new DX18...and adding a Kessil or Ai later on. My question is this. I have a seaclear 50 acrylic tank that is only 15” wide. I see the bulbs are not placed at the outside of the fixture...will this give me a lot of spill outside the...
  11. Mester320

    Pennsylvania Aquarium Controller VDM Module

    I have a VDM module that I am going to no longer use. Includes module and aquabus cable. I am looking for $60 shipped.
  12. ReefBud508

    Opinion on reef lighting?

    Hey reefers looking for some advice and or opinions.....i currently have a 60 gallon standard size..... reef doing just fine with the cheap china black box lighting but i don't really like them and i know buying a better light will help much more this was the only mistake i rushed into when...
  13. mtraylor


    59" STELLAR T5 4X80W HYBRID RETROFIT LIGHT FIXTURE This is 6 months old. Looks like Orphek has finally came out with the 60" led bars so I 'm going to make the switch. $325 plus shipping.
  14. MichaelP121579

    Tennessee Lighting Brand new Hydra 32 and mount. Sealed

    I have a Brand new Hydra 32 and HMS MOUNT for sale Asked 400 shipped
  15. KrustyKrab305

    Reef lighting suggestions

    Hello fellow Reefers. I am looking for some lighting suggestion for a 120gal 48x24x24 mixed reef. I plan on keeping softies and LPS. I might add a few SPS down the road. I currently run 4 T12 VHO super Actinic bulbs but I'm thinking about switching to 4-T5 bulbs. If I go with T5's do I...
  16. SPS_ONLY

    Washington Lighting Radion G4 XR15 Pro

    Selling a G4 XR15 Pro. I lost the Micro USB cable for this but any generic one should suffice. Manuf Date: Jul 29, 2019 Asking for $240 shipped.
  17. P

    Freshwater light for reef tank?

    I bought a reef tank yesterday. It has tons of corals and two clownfish. There’s a moon light and a “grow light” (for corals). Unfortunately the white daylight burned out this morning, ugh. The previous owner told me that the tank will work fine on just the grow light along with some moonlight...
  18. H

    T5 hybrid vs Kessil AP9X

    Hi, I am in the process of buying all the gear for my first tank (neptunian m150 so nearly 5 ft long around 130g) and I can’t decide whether to go t5 hybrid or just get enough decent LEDs. The newest Kessils look really good but I don’t know enough yet to decide whether they would do the job as...
  19. Obsessed

    California Lighting LED Have a new pair of Radion G5 XR30 Blues for sale

    Going with a smaller tank so I have two unopened Gen 5 XR30's in blue for sale. These both have August born on dates and are still sealed. I'm asking $715 shipped per light, $1400 for the pair. Payment via paypal, shipping will be insured with signature required. I'll update with pictures...
  20. Tyler COlburn

    coralife led seascape HELP

    Does anyone have any experience with this light i have the 30-36" one and I am trying to figure out what percent blue and white I should be using for my reef tank currently no coral in it just an anemone but want to get lighting up to where it needs to be anything help!
  21. N

    Close-to-water lighting solution - Help!

    First post in the community [And brand new reefer] - Please be kind! I have what I think is a unique challenge / question I have never seen posted.... I have a new 122cm (Odd width I know) x 50 depth x 50 height tank coming this week..... which is being slotted into a space under a wall...
  22. Lylelovett

    I need to add more lights... help needed.

    Hi all, My tank is 2 years old - I feel like I'm now moving out of the "novice" phase and am looking to push harder into LPS and then SPS. (As you can see I can grow softies like crazy lol!) Lighting is what I'm focusing on now. I'm looking to get my PAR levels up to ~200 mid-tank; ~100 at...
  23. Chopstikz

    Utah USA Xr30 Gen 3 Pro, mp40 QD, and Reeflink

    Radion XR30 Gen 3 Pro - $325 Shipped. Mp40 QD - $225 shipped Reeflink - $65 shipped These are well taken care of. Never ran anything over 60%. Just upgraded and no longer need.
  24. Leon Gorani

    Is this the correct type of light to use on a mangrove plant?

    I have a red mangrove in my reef tank and I am looking for a light to buy for the plant itself. I found this one on amazon, do you think this one is the right type of lighting or should I look for something else. Suggestions on mangrove lights are welcomed and appreciated. thanks!
  25. Justin Opheim

    Minnesota Lighting Pair of Radion XR15s plus extras ($825)

    I have 2 used Radion G4 XR15's that I have used on my tank for about 5 months. No original box, but will include 2 Radion XR15 Pros 2 Defusers 2 mounting arms 1 reef link Lights where used at about 50% but are set at 100 as I was testing par last time I used them. I am looking at upgrading so...
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