1. Hilltop Aquariums

    Lighting LED Drygoods 2 AI hydra 32s

    2 AI hydra 32s for sale. Both work as should. $600.00 for the pair. I can ship at buyers expense.
  2. ReeferHendrix

    Illinois Lighting Drygoods Radion xr30 gen 3

    I have 2 radion xr30’s gen 3 available will include the reeflink if you buy both. Asking $300 each or $550 for the two and reeflink. Will consider shipping but it will be extra.
  3. Tom Bishop

    Missouri Lighting LED Drygoods Viparspectra Modified Light for sale

    I have one Viparspectra light for sale, has been modified to remove about half of the white LED's and replaced with blue to balance out the channels. The fans have also been replaced with Noctua fans which are about silent. The white channel has always been overpowering and this modification...
  4. Djalexchang

    Florida Lighting LED Drygoods 24 in aquatic life hybrid fixture g2

    Only used for 6 months, local pick up in Orlando fl. No shipping available
  5. elm03

    What Light Should I Run? White or Blue?

    Hi! So currently I use the white setting for lights on my Fluval Evo stock lid, but there are blue lights also. Is it okay to run the white lights for the times I have it on in the day, or should I use the blue setting instead? Or should I do half and half. Thank you!! Pic of tank for tax
  6. S

    Illinois Lighting Drygoods Orphek Atlantik Compact v4 Light

    $275 shipped Great condition, all LED functioning properly. Hanging kit and gateway included. T5 fixtures attached ARE NOT included. If you’d like them I can include them but shipping will not be included with that.
  7. Moose.Jy

    Lighting tall 35gallon?

    Hi all! Can anyone help me out with options for lighting a 35 gallon tall tank. It's 30long,12wide,24 deep. Holds 32 gallons after rock and substrate. Set up 5 months ago and has had fish(3 green chromis & 3 banngia cardinals) snails (breeding population of ceriths) and a cleaner shrimp living...
  8. kdtorgy

    Considering Lighting Upgrade

    Hi all, I have a reef tank (30 months old) with mostly softies and a few LPS and a few SPS. The softies are growing great but the LPS and SPS not so much. Not dying but not growing much. I have stable water parameters: pH 7.9 to 8.1 Alk: 9.5 Mg: 1450 Ca: 425 Nitrate: 10-15 phosphate...
  9. WallyTime7

    Lighting LED Drygoods RedSea Led 90's x2 (9 mos old)

    Used for 9 months, bought in Feb 2022. They work perfect! Two of them. Shipped for 315 total
  10. MaverickReef

    What to upgrade next?

    Hi all! So I have a 125 long LPS dominated mixed reef that I run on a pretty tight budget. I slowly add corals and upgrade equipment over time and it has been up and running for about a year and a half now. Everything is doing well in the tank, most of the corals are growing, albeit slowly in...
  11. Shiggknight

    Tennessee Lighting Filters Dosing Equipment grab

    Mp10 manufacturing date 1/10/22 $260 Marine pure blocks (8x8x4) 2 available $40 X1 pro 2 micro pump X2 $60 Icecap battery backup x4; Used $80 each AP700. $300 2 XR30 pro gen 4 $400 1 xr30 pro gen4 ( 2 diode dead) $200 1 xr30 pro (4 diode dead) $200 Hanna LR tester w reagents$40...
  12. Aveadonat

    Beginner Light schedule

    Running a single 16HD on my WB Cube20 right now, and I've just been messing around with the lighting schedule, but I really don't know what I'm doing... This is my current schedule I don't have any fish or coral in the tank as of now, but I plan on putting a clownfish pair, tailspot blenny...
  13. CowTusks

    Is the AI Hydra 52 HD still worth it in 2023?

    Hello! I have a 4ft 55 gallon (build thread one day...) and have been looking to upgrade from the Current Loop LED Bar that is too small and not strong enough. I have a local seller asking for $300 each for 2 used AI Hydra 52 HD. Everything I've read is positive, eBay sold listings are around...
  14. Martyd

    Lighting LED Drygoods Two Kessil AP700s in Mint Condition

    I have for sale two Kessil AP700’s in mint condition with boxes. The lights were used for approximately one year at 50% power and then stored. Comes with the diffuser lenses as well, which are impossible to find. These are easy to program and use with the Kessil app, and will grow all corals...
  15. Plundar

    Florida Lighting LED Drygoods AI Hydra 32’s

    Selling AI Hydra 32’s. Used for a year on a soft/LPS tank so ran at a low power setting. Each light includes the HMS arm and light diffuser. $250 each. Perfect working condition. Hit me up with any questions. Shipping available.
  16. Abhishek

    Minnesota Lighting Drygoods SOLD Illumagic Blaze x120 4 feet

    Hi, Left the hobby temporarily but still have an almost new 2 year old Illumagic Blaze 4 feet that I got from UniqueCorals . If you have been reefing for a while and followed me in the past , am a hardcore metal halide and T5 guy. But this led blew everything out of water especially for...
  17. K

    Cheap supplement lighting

    Looking for a cheap or diy supplement light to go on a 40 gallon and a 120 gallon reef tank. I’m running t5 and one reef bright blue uv led strip on the 40 gallon. I want something with more blue and uv for color pop on the tank when the t5 fixtures are off. looking for a more neon/fluorescent...
  18. Sandman12

    Florida Lighting Drygoods AI prime HD - FL - Will ship

    Brand new in sealed box, AI prime HD black, $200 each picked up in Bradenton Fl or ship.
  19. David29price

    Orphek Day Plus OR3 24" Light Bar

    New, only used one month. Decided I needed more blue and switched to the other model. These have brand new power supplies and original box. I left the original power supplies in place so I wouldn't have to unmount them. Lights only used 8 hours per day for one month. Includes original...
  20. RdawgsReefs


    I'm very new to this so this is very far off for me but to me this is the epitome of coral husbandry so everything leads to it. Its the reason I got into the hobby. From what I know, getting coral to spawn/reproduce instead of fragging is few and far between. Ive only personally read about it...
  21. JZ199

    fluval flex lighting change

    After deciding to postpone my new build and upgrade one of my current tanks a little more first, I'm trying to debate between the lighting for it. It a Fluval Flex 32.5, currently running the Fluval Marine 3.0 I'm looking to add mostly softies in there, so I don't need anything super crazy...
  22. evmibo

    Florida T5 Drygoods ATI SunPower 8x39w 36” T5 Fixture

    $250 prefer local but can ship if you pay shipping.
  23. P

    EMERGENCY Help biocube lighting with Steve led

    So I installed Steve’s led for my biocube and I’m not sure what lighting schedule to put it on… examples would really be helpful, would like to get a sea anemone and some corals in here, I already have some clown fish
  24. Dezbian


    I think I posted this In the wrong place previously so here it goes again So I'll be setting up (no time soon as the money for this tank has to be saved up with an emergency fund for malfunctions) a Lagoon 25 and I want programmable LEDs. I'll have corals and fish so I want something that will...
  25. B

    Build Thread I bought used build. 650 penninsula help

    So this is my first large tank. Previously owned a 30gallon AIO and I was not satisfied. I bought this tank 1 month ago. This entire setup is a used build minus the ATO /icecap skimmer/hygger return pump and hygger heater/ a titanium heater from this site.. I wanted those new. The tank was...