1. T

    Inherited TrueLumen Pro LED Light Strips

    Hi There! I recently inherited the below TrueLumen Pro LED Light Strips. They each have a TrueLumen Inline dimmer. They all connect to a 3-Way DC Splitter which connects to a 24V DC 60 WATT Power Supply. My question is, What is the best way to control these lights? I want to avoid manually...
  2. DanSavesTheDay

    Switching to T5 need advice for 48x18x24 mixed reef

    My current LED I am running is quite old and somewhat unreliable. I am looking to switch to t5 and would love some advice from some t5 experts. I am looking to keep a mixed reef with mostly SPS and there aren't many shaded areas in the tank for LPS I was wondering if running a 24inch 8bulb...
  3. Colenew1

    Lighting Upgrade Questions

    Hi all! I am fairly new to reefing and have a 12.5 gallon Fluval Evo Tank stocked with mostly softies and LPS plus 2 Montis and a BTA! I just upgraded from the stock light to an AI prime and am very curious as to how I should set up my light settings! I was advised to run 35% for blues and...
  4. Suggsreef

    Biocube lighting for all coral

    Looking for options that I can keep my hood and my hood be functional with lights that preferably fit under the shield where the shock lights are. What fits in the space where stock lights are besides stevesleds and nanobox considered doing an ai on top but would have to stay in place when...
  5. mattybecks

    New Aquarium lights - what can I keep?

    Hi Guys, Been keeping a converted freshwater tank for a while now as Marine. I finally removed the canopy and got some proper lights. I was hoping for some ideas as to what I can keep under this lighting in terms of LPS and soft corals. I have always loved the look of hammers and...
  6. Mattyice572

    Red sea led?

    Hey guys i am trying to get myself some led lights for black friday and was interested in the red sea leds. I have a 75 gal and plan on doing some sps near the top maybe going as far as half way down the tank and was wondering if anyone had these lights. Theres is a model 50 and model 90 i was...
  7. jRatanak

    How slowly to increase lighting?

    Hey all, I've had my tank up for a little over half a year with no severe issues; however, I've started adding some sps and noticed that the overall lighting for them may not be high enough. They stay healthy-looking for around two weeks then they lose color and get some tissue loss and...
  8. KJones90s

    Kessil H350

    Is a H350 magenta a good light for growing Chaeto? Thinking about getting one for my refugium, found one for $115. Worth the investment?
  9. Kessil

    Share Your Schedules!

    Share your schedule for your Spectral Controller or WiFi Dongle below! We want to know what schedules work best for you. Please share your timepoints with corresponding color and intensity. As well as the number of lights, the model of light, tank dimensions, and type of livestock (Mixed reef...
  10. Tuan Vu

    Virginia AI Hydra 26HD

    Selling pair of AI Hydra 26HD from my redsea 250 tank. Recently switched over the ReefLed90 from RedSea and don't need them anymore. They were part of my 250 purchase and have been running for about 7mos. Package: 2 AI Hydra 26 2 mounting brackets 2 Diffusers Please NOTE: I don't have boxes...
  11. bluneon

    Lighting Question

    Hello everyone. I recently moved to a new place and have started the build of a Red Sea Reefer 350. It is in the living room with west facing windows and my led lights are programmed to come on at 10am and shut off at 10pm. My question is will the indirect light that comes into the place...
  12. Peach02

    Lighting Waterbox 7226

    So I'm thinking of setting up a waterbox 7226 and would like to keep a mixed reef with sps up high and lps / softies lower. So far Ive thought of a few main options. (for those that don't know the tank is 6' 2' 2). I am hoping to hang the light fixture however I may need to use a bar / mount)...
  13. subie

    Proper Night Lighting

    Hi all, sorry if this is the wrong forum for this thread. May be a silly question but I was just curious if it’s fine to leave the blue light on in my saltwater tank for my clownfish at the darkest setting when going to bed. Or should I turn it off completely?
  14. Fishies2019

    Is this good advice??

    Hello! I currently have a 15 gallon fluval flex with a stock LED strip for lighting Tank is about 3 months old with green bay packer zoas, xena, clowns, one royal gramma, cleaner shrimp, live rock, and 1mushroom. Ive noticed my zoas open and close occasionally. PH-8.1, SAL 1.026, ammonia 0.50...
  15. Ethan Barker

    40 Gallon Breeder

    Hi all. I began my saltwater adventure with nano tanks and am going to see how I fair with a 40 gallon. I was last on the forums a few years ago, and still quite naive with expectations. Doing a few things wrong if you catch my drift. I’ll be going with the 40 gallon breeder from petco as they...
  16. smartwater101

    California (5) Kessil a360we tuna blue. Articulating ball mount included. (less than 6 months old) 250 shipped.

    ALL SOLD I originally wanted to sell all 5 as a kit, but so many people asked for shipping, I decided to part it out. These lights were purchases from Amazon in May, so they haven't been used long. No dead pixels or anything like that. I'm including extra cables like the shorter power adapter...
  17. C

    Trouble connecting AI Hydras

    Hello, I have two AI Hydra 26s. I have been able to connect to them, pair them, and get them onto my local wifi. Unfortunately, once I get them onto my local network, I cannot access them on my computer any longer. I can only access them on my phone via the my AI app. When I attempt to...
  18. prfishgirl


    Ok so I want to upgrade my lights from current black boxes.. I have an aqueon 75g mixed reef with more sps... the xr 30s are A bit expensive but would the xr15s do a good job? I have an orphek blue plus bar and a lumi lite actinic bar
  19. El_Guapo13

    Upside Down Jellyfish questions

    I had posted this in another thread that was discussing various jellyfish care, but the thread has had no activity since mid 2018. So I decided to increase my chances of getting the advice and answers I need by starting a new thread. My original post from the other thread: So first, in my reef...
  20. Clintcrabtree

    Indiana BNIB Ecotech Radion XR30w Gen4 Pro

    I hate to let this go, but family duty calls. Just as the title says, it’s brand new, in box, sealed. See pictures for manufacture date etc. $725 obo shipped. Can ship as soon as payment is received. Let me know if you have any questions.
  21. Gustavo89

    Radion G4 Intensity vs Point Intensity? Without PAR

    Hello, im struggling with this doubt. When you import a program, you set the Overall Intensity, my case at 55%. (Mostly LPS) Then, when you explore the "created points" by default, you see that each point has different intensity (2nd picture related). So it means that the point reaches 37% of...
  22. P

    So lets talk LFS lights and their frag tanks...

    I have a few LFS in my area where I buy coral, mostly monti's, millepora, acropora etc. All in general look pretty good as far as color, growth, encrusting and polyp extension. Some shops have had the same corals for months too and they always look good. I am recently trying to dial in...
  23. M

    Lighting Schedule/Spectrum Help!

    Hi, Ive got my first nano reef tank and am planning on having mainly softies with a few LPS. The tank is 40cm deep nano cube and I bought the new Spectra Aqua Knight v2 LED. It comes with three time settings each of which I can set the intensity of the three spectrums (Blue & Purple, White...
  24. N

    Triton system new tank build, stand build, A fair amount of DIY in here.

    Prelude: This build actually has it's origins back in July of 2018 with a decision to try out a saltwater aquarium. I have had a fair number of years keeping fresh water tanks, but really nothing too involved even there. After a lot of research, with help from members at Reef2Reef, the first...
  25. ReefNerd

    Switching to Kessil - 3 Month Review of the A360X

    Hey Everyone! Today's video has been 3 months in the making! I changed lights to Kessil! So here at the 90 day point its time to drop my first review, impressions, most importantly the results I've seen through the transition! Please like and subscribe if you like my content and I will keep...
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