ai hydra 32hd

  1. S

    New Jersey Drygoods 3 black AI Hydra 32’s hd and Diffusers

    3 black AI Hydra 32HD’s with 3D diffusers. Good condition, never went above 45% at their peak. Brand new lenses. 800 shipped.
  2. trmiv

    LED SOLD Never used AI Hydra 32HD black

    Selling an AI Hydra 32HD that has never been used. I won this in a raffle awhile ago. I took it out of the box and tested it out for a few minutes, then never got around to switching my nano to it. It’s only been turned on that time and recently to verify it’s still in working order. Otherwise...
  3. S

    New Jersey LED Drygoods 3 black AI Hydra 32HD with 3D diffusers

    3 black AI Hydra 32HD’s with 3D diffusers. Good condition, never went above 45% at their peak. Brand new lenses.
  4. S

    New Jersey New York Drygoods SOLD Milwaukee MA887 Salinity Tester - $60, AI Hydra HMS mount $35

    I have a Milwaukee MA887 Salinity Tester with calibration fluid. Bought last year for my reef and saltwater aquarium fish tank. $60 Pickup or $75 Shipped. I also have the AI Hydra mount that I used on my 32 HD lights. $35 pick up (07087) or $45 shipped. It is missing a screw you can...
  5. T

    Upgrade Lighting or Add More Livestock

    Thread title really should have just been "Help me spend my money", but that's not very specific! Currently I am running a pretty established 90 gallon (3 years as FOWLR) that just finished year 1 of being a mixed reef. I wouldn't go as far to say it is a budget build, but I saved money where I...
  6. YaboiNathan

    Texas Lighting Drygoods SOLD Ai hydra 26. Ai hydra 32, Ai prime 16

    I got 2 Ai hydra 26 black come with box : 180 each shipped 1 Ai hydra 32 black new condition: 235 shipped 1 Ai prime 16 hd white: 160 shipped Pm me if you interest, thanks
  7. Zainav

    Lighting LED Drygoods SOLD 2 AI Hydra32 HD $240 each or $410 all shipped or OBO

    2 AI Hydra32 HD $240 each or $410 all shipped or OBO No issues at all, just no box for one of it. No longer needed. Images and Videos for individual color settings have orphek filters on and none for cool white.
  8. jle617

    Massachusetts LED Drygoods Used Ai Hydra 32HD Light and mounting arm set $300. Pickup only

    I am selling 3 x Ai Hydra 32HD LED lights with 3x mounting arms included. I have them still attached to the arms. They have normal usage over 10 months. I am selling them as pairs, the light and mount together for $300 each pair. Pictures included are stock photos for reference. I can plug...
  9. I

    Ai hydra 32hd not working

    I have 3 ai hydra 32s and they all don’t want to seem to connect at the same time. I have tried holding the buttons and unplugging/plugging back in while holding method. I’ve tried doing the multiple tanks in the app. I’ve tried connecting them one by one and all at once. I’ve restarted my...
  10. Fishrocker1

    Hybrid Reef Lighting for Red Sea Reefer 250 Mixed Reef Using 2 AI Hydra 32HDs and 4 bulb 36" ATI T5 Fixture

    So I am currently running a Red Sea Reefer 250 as a Mixed Reef using 2 AI Hydra 32 HDs and 2x True Actinic/ 2x Blue Plus ATI T5 bulbs. I am pleased to say that my SPS corals including my Acropora are doing awesome demonstrating some great incrusting of the rocks and coloration. However, the same...
  11. Smooch30

    Lighting LED SOLD AI Hydra 32HD (Black) x2 - Brand New (Never Used)

    I have a brand new AI Hydra 32 HD (Black) for sale…going for $300.. More Color, More Spread, More Power, and More Refined A new generation of Aqua Illumination Hydra lighting is here! The Hydra 32 HD has been redesigned making the reef lights more efficient with better aesthetics. The Hydra...
  12. ReefingwithO

    New York LED Drygoods AI Hydra 32HD White Reef LED - $350 shipped

    Used for approximately 6 months last year. Still in excellent shape. Price includes shipping to the lower 48 states
  13. Doctor Derp

    Oklahoma LED Drygoods Ai Hydra 32 HD x3

    I have three Ai Hydra 32HD including the HMS mounting arms. All will ship in their original boxes. 375 each includes USPS Priority mail shipping.

    New Jersey New York Dry Good Trade W.T.T 2 Kessil 360 WE for Ai hydra hd 32's

    Looking to trade 2 kessil 360 W.E. with goosenecks and controller. I am lookong for Ai hydra hd 32's. I am open to offers shoot me a message.
  15. kooroc

    AI Prime HD 16 vs AI Hydra 32 HD for 14cube 10g tank.

    Hey guys. So I have a 14cube 10g tank with a 4 inch back sump. I am considering upgrading my light from the Micmol aqua mini g3 I am using right now. Stocking: Some SPS. Some LPS. Maybe some softies. Currently, the SPS are toward the top of the tank, and the LPS and softies are towards the...
  16. ridgeburyreefer

    AI hydra 32- can it be done cheaper?

    I am looking at getting my first “big boy” light for my 90 gallon reef, currently using a fluval marine. This is an expensive purchase and would like to know ways how any of you were able to make this purchase cheaper? I’d like to use a “multi arm” system- rather not hang it from the ceiling...
  17. J

    Best lighting

    Looking to purchase lighting for my 90 gallon with center brace what would you recommend? I would either get one kessil ap9x Or 2 ai hydra 32hds...
  18. iamacat

    Build Thread Phoenix stage

    5/19/23 updated system info Tank: 75gl IM INT Sump: Trigger Platinum 26” Salt: TM Pro Reef Lighting: Hydra 32+ x 3 custom Saxby settings Filtration: Fleece roller, Skimmer, Macro reactor Flow: XF 330 x2 OGC, Nero 5 and 3 Dosing: All For Reef 18mL/day, AB+ every other day, KZ colors, KZ Coral...
  19. MichaelP121579

    Tennessee Lighting Brand new Hydra 32 and mount. Sealed

    I have a Brand new Hydra 32 and HMS MOUNT for sale Asked 400 shipped
  20. Bigdan1175

    Florida Lighting AI. Hydra 32hd and HMS mount

    AI HD32 in white with HMS single arm mount light is three months old works perfectly. Never over 60 percent $333 for both located in Auburndale Fl 33823 bought from worldwide corals in Orlando
  21. cwb_reeftank

    AI Prime or Hydra 32

    I have a 30 gallon breeder and I can't figure out if I should have one or two AI Primes or if I should go with one Hydra 32. I plan to eventually do SPS in it.
  22. S

    Hawaii WTB: Neptune COR-20 Return, AI Hydra 32HD w/ HMSSA, Pair Ecotech MP40wQD, Nyos 160

    Looking to build a new tank soon. :) I'm looking for the following. Neptune COR-20 Return Pump AI Hydra 32HD w/ HMSSA mount Pair Ecotech MP40wQD Nyos Quantum 160
  23. Luke 29 Gallon

    Which is better lighting?

    I have a 29 gallon standard. 30 inches long and 18 inches deep. Wondering if I should go with 2 Kessil a160we tune blues or if I should go with 1 AI Hydra 32 HD. Cost isn’t the problem. Just wondering which one would be more efficient in the long run. Knowing that only 1 Kessil isn’t enough...
  24. snowhite

    Build Thread Snowhite's friendofafriend aquired 90g rebuild

    Hi all. This will be my wife and I's 5th saltwater tank ranging from a 32 biocube, 55 corner, 29g coral frag, 75g fowler, and finally this 90g. The story of this tank finding me is that my daughter in law found out about a guy wanting to "get rid of" a 90g with cabinet, sump, light, skimmer...
  25. H

    Selecting the right corals (NEW BUILD)

    To start off let me tell you guys what equipment im running Tank: IM Fusion 20gal Peninsula AIO tank. (Length 11.18” Width: 27.03” Height: 13”) Light: AI Hydra 32HD (12inch above water) Heater: Cobalt 75W Return pump: Desktop MightyJet 15W/24V 326 GPH DC Return Pump Filtration: Desktop...