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  1. fabutahoun

    How To Control your Aquarium with Apex and Alexa

    I made a video in which i show how I have installed and configured the new Amazon Eco Dot to work with Alexa and apex fusion, so I can monitor and controller my 180 gallons reef tank. video contains some program examples for feeding, turning lights on and off, turning skimmer on and off ...
  2. WallyB

    ALEXA (and Apex Fusion) What's your Experience? Share your Automation learnings

    So I just stumbled on the fact that the Apex Fusion skill has been released for Alexa, by Neptune systems (integrated with Fusion). Here is the Neptune user manual for Alexa that I just glanced at...
  3. MarineDepot

    Reef-A-Palooza 2018 - The Interviews!

    Reef-A-Palooza 2018 - The Interviews! We talk to Kessil, Neptune Systems, CoralVue, and MORE!
  4. Joe Carioti

    Apex Fusion for Alexa

    As of today, the official Apex Fusion skill for Alexa has been released. To enable voice commands, search for the skill in the store or follow this link: https://alexa.amazon.com/spa/index.html#skills/dp/B07J1F2V8W/?ref=skill_dsk_skb_sr_0&qid=1538782940 A new voice configuration page has been...
  5. jasonamyers

    My take on the Apex + Alexa Integration

    I've been fortunate enough to have been testing the Apex + Alexa integration as part of the NSI program, and it's changed the way I interact with my tanks the most. It's very flexible, simple, and most importantly useful. Take a look at the video for a demo of the integration, the changes to...
  6. MarineDepot

    Reef-A-Palooza Roundup: Highlights From the Show in Orlando!

    Reef-A-Palooza Roundup: Highlights From the Show in Orlando! A Water Testing Robot, Apex Control with Alexa, More Natural Rock Shapes, and Speaker Highlights!
  7. shiftline

    Voice Controlled Tank Automation! - Taking it to the next level

    Hi Guys, i decided to step up my tank automation and add some voice control to my ecotech reeflink. Its extremely handy when your hands are full or in the tank!
  8. fabutahoun

    Build Thread Fadi's Reef 180 Gallons sps dominated Tank

    Fadi's 180-gallon SPS Reef - R2R Reef of the Month April 2018 Full Tank Shot February 2020 Full Tank Shot April 2018 Hello everyone, I am Fadi a Jordanian Reefer lives in Riyadh - Saudi Arabia. Its been almost 6 years last time I have kept a reef aquarium, the previous one was 50 gallon...