algae turf scrubber

  1. MarineDepot

    Win the World's First Floating Algae Scrubber—$500 value!

    Win the World's First Floating Algae Scrubber—$500 value! All oceans, lakes and rivers are filtered by algae. Take advantage of this natural filtration method by using an algae scrubber to keep your aquarium clean and healthy. We are super excited to give away the world's first floating algae...
  2. jk_s124

    Nano Build Biocube 29 build

    I’m October of 2017 my wife and I bought a coralife biocube 29 from a coworker who has been in the hobby for over 10 years. He actually bought the set up for himself while he was trying to convince me to buy it for my kids. My son is allergic to cats and dogs, but loves animals. So my co...
  3. leepink23

    When to clean your ATS screen

    I have read to clean your screen weekly but I recently had my tank fallow so the ATS wasn't producing much. It's now producing again and I wonder how often and how clean should I clean the screen.
  4. zachtos

    Build Thread Zachtos 300G in wall SPS reef - Wisconsin

    The tank partition/stand build progress The family room/finished basement is the chosen room. Introduction: I'm an Electrical Engineer living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, living out my dream job designing laser tag gear for a living! Basically get paid to go in every day and...
  5. Ultimate Filtration (Algae Turf Scrubbers)

    Ultimate Filtration (Algae Turf Scrubbers)

    Have you been having algae problems in your display tank? Do you feed your fish as much as you would eat? Are you sick and tired of struggling to keep your sand clean? Do you want me to stop asking you questions because the answer is “Yes?” The problems you are experiencing are centered around...