alkalinity drop

  1. Reefchix18

    Sudden alk consumption

    Hi all! First time poster. My tank has been set up for a couple years now. I finally upgraded to a doser for my Alk and Ca. I was manually dosing about 20ml a day. I use BIonic. I get doser set up and my alk has been continuing to drop. Ca is also dropping. Mg is the same. My numbers today - alk...
  2. M

    The importance to keep you refractometer calibrated

    It is very simple, but I forgot to do it. After 10 years of my red sea max 130d, reading, testing and learning a lot, I set my 100 gallon tank 70 days ago. Since the beginning I tested a lot... Followed day by day the cycling process, adding fish, corals and etc. I prepared a sump with UV...
  3. W

    Simple DIY Automatic Alkalinity Tester - Phase #1: testing drop count

    Starting a new project for Simple DIY Automatic Alkalinity Tester for a common man with can be created and printed easily with minimum cost. Currently starting with: -Api KH bottle -Speed Sensor Module -
  4. GotCrabs

    Alkalinity and Lanthanum Simultaneous Dosing/Offset Dosing

    Good afternoon. Question: Is there a rough ratio I can use to dose alkalinity at the same time as I dose Lanthanum? Why? I have an Apex with BRS dosers and intend to inject LC into the skimmer as needed to control Phosphates. I've experimented with it and it seems to work. But yes...the...
  5. B

    8ph and low alkalinity

    I recently set up a 60l nano with established media and live rock from my other tank. Tank has been running 1 week with 2 clowns and 2 lps couple of zoas. Tested my water today ammonia nitrite 0 nitrate 2.5 dkh5 ph8 and calcium 380 salinity .023 My corals look good and all open. Is this drop in...
  6. R

    Macro Algae Refugium Issues with Alk and Calcium Please Advise

    Hello All, Been at this over a year and like to learn so I practically visit reef2reef daily. I have a question I haven't seen answered here. I have for the last year had a 32 Gallon Refugium. It is a standalone and Macros such as Ulva, Chaeto, are growing well but I am not sure if this is a...
  7. keithIHS

    Alkalinity decline without coral

    My 110 gal tank is a few months old, and pH was around 7.6 and alkalinity around 5-6 (Tropic Marin Pro). I'm trying to raise my alkalinity and pH by dosing baking soda (in RODI). I've gotten alkalinity up to about 8.5 (pH is about 8). Alk goes up by about 0.5 dKh after I dose, but then over a...
  8. Accidentalreefers

    Large amount of Alk consumption

    Hey, so here are my parameter's Alkalinity 7.0 calcium - 430 magnesium - 1300 phosphate - 0 PH- 7.8-8.0 ammonia - 0 Salinity 1.025 I'm using a Hanna Alk checker for my Alk readings. This is my issue my tank isn't that loaded, mainly softies and LPS (mainly smaller frags), i have a birds nest...
  9. Mtrimble7

    I need help please.

    Been having so many issues. I've read and read and watched videos but something isn't right. Here's my parameters followed by my issues and pictures. Any help and advice would help. Thanks in advance. MG 1440 Alk 9.8 Ca 490 Nitrate 0-5 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 Salinity 35 Red sea reefer max 260...
  10. LilElroyJetson

    Alk Swing Crisis Averted...but my Torch Coral Didn’t Like It

    It had been smooth sailing so something had to test me to see if I was on my A-game right? I guess I had somehow shaken loose the acrylic tube from the bulkhead in my dosing container that contains my Alkalinity buffer. I dose 28 ml of Ca and Alk per night via my Jebao dosing pump spread out...
  11. FishNerdVlogsYT

    Cant Keep ALK Stable Anymore!

    For the longest time I kept my alkalinity rock solid as 9.3 in my nano reef by just dosing 4 ml daily. now it seems that I cant keep it from swinging all over the place and I'm starting to fear for my corals as my acans, euphyllia, and poccilopora are showing signs of stress, (closed or pulled...
  12. Joe Batt

    Why is my alkalinity suddenly dropping?

    My alkalinity as suddenly started to drop like a stone, but no sign of precipitation, and dosage goes into good flow area. I don't know why. I maintain my kH around the 7.8-8 dKh mark. My Ca 420 and Mg 1230. I dose Triton methods Core 7. I was away for a week and my pH increased from 8.2-8.3...
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