1. O

    Texas Live Goods Cc inferno Anemonee

    Cc inferno Anemonee 2 to 4 inches $120 each shipping $50, free shipping on sales over $300 10 available Please DM if questions DOA policy. 1. If there is any DOA, you must contact me within 2 hours of planned arrival time. 2. DO NOT REMOVE ORIGINAL PACKAGING/SEAL. Contact us immediately...
  2. N

    What additional new tank mates can I add I’m Nuvo 40 any recommendations livestock stocking

    Hello Everyone, weekend is ahead of us finally ! I was looking for recommendations as to a new tank mate or tank mates I could add to my current reef system. It is an IM Nuvo 40 here is my current stock list FISH/INVERTS - 2 oce clowns - 1 royal gramma - 1 Pygmy Angel (cherub) - 2 scarlet...
  3. ManWithAClam

    New Jersey Live Goods 2 Magnifica/Ritteri Anemones

    2 healthy Heteractis Magnifica anemones for sale, both are about 12” around when fully extended, they have been treated for bacterial infection and have been doing well in my tank for 6+ months, looking to rehome them since they have grown so big, $175 each or $300 for both, may consider trades.
  4. gobybryant

    Reviving a Bleached Magnifica Anemone

    Hey all- I have a bleached magnifica anemone that I'm attempting to revive. I'm going to feed it finely chopped silversides 2X per day until it started to produce some zooxanthellae. Fingers crossed! Pics incoming :) -gb
  5. MB_Corals


  6. MB_Corals


    I was wondering if a fire fish can touch and anemone and not get stung by it? Because my fire fish lives under it?
  7. natashakay.

    Minnesota Live Goods Large Green LTA

    Large green LTA. Shipping available at buyers expense
  8. PV Reefs

    Hellfire Anemones
  9. N

    Florida Live Goods Bubble Tip Anemone - Orlando pickup $30-$40

    I have two bubble tip anemones for sale. A small one for $30 and a medium one for $40. Pickup only in Orlando 32819. I can meet you at WWC Orlando too. Photo shows both. Take both for $60. They are both currently very bubbly.
  10. Salty Sea Flowers


    Pieces Of The Ocean's "Wildflower Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone"— FOR SALE! [mother is hanging on the bottom, two spawn are visible through the side] [top view, rainbows are on the left] available: 2 price each: $36.00 (OBO) shipping: $49.99 to anywhere in US except PR, HI, ALASKA size...
  11. Gqch

    New York Live Goods CSB colorado sunburst BTA(Sang lee Lineage)

    Hi all reefers, i got one nice 5" CSB anemone for $500, it's in the anemone box now and hanging on the edge of reef, it was long tentacles looking that reaches 7"+ when it was in the bottom of tank with weaker light. Prefer local(Brooklyn 11235) pickup that reefers can double check it before...
  12. Rookie2reef

    New York Live Goods Rainbow bubble tip anemone

    Rainbow bubble tip anemones $35 each range in sizes Natural splits
  13. S

    Pennsylvania Live Goods Rainbow BTA anemone

    Recently split. Pick up near king of Prussia.
  14. atlfishes

    Georgia Live Goods SOLD X-Large Colorado Sunburst Anemone CSB

    Price is shipped. X-Large CSB for sale, price is shipped. Natural split that has been healed for months. Finally moved to where I could get it out. I’ve had mother in tank for a few years. Lineage from Joe Knows Reef who got it from Cherry Corals Last pic is from Feb.
  15. A

    California Live Goods Sang Lee Lineage - Colorado Sunburst Anemone Natural Split 3"

    Hey R2R, I have another Colorado Sunburst Anemone available. Plenty of experience shipping, please reference my past threads for feedback and prior sales. Local pickup also available in SoCal. Sang Lee Lineage CSB Anemone 3" - Natural Split (SOLD) $450 Shipped Via Priority Overnight Delivery...
  16. besskurz

    South Carolina WTB Lysmata boggessi - Peppermint shrimp

    - hey do you have aiptasia? I'm hungry. Yes I would like to buy a shrimp to attempt killing aiptasia. Its a hit and miss, yes, I read the disclaimer. I'm in south carolina upstate.
  17. mtraylor

    Texas Live Goods Chicago Sunburst (Frost) Anemone

    Chicago Sunburst Anemone Size:4-6" when all spread out Price: $425 Lineage: Frost Link: I have this guy in a basket on the top of the aquarium. Its all bubbled up with the high par. This has...
  18. ReefKnight2

    Build Thread WB Cube 20 Bubble-Tip Tank

    Waterbox Cube 20 Bubble-Tip Anemone Tank What started as a tank for a Haddoni carpet anemone quickly turned into a bubble-tip anemone tank. A week ago, I placed an order for a carpet anemone online. My first instinct was to add it to my Waterbox 220.6 main system. After chatting briefly and...
  19. mistyw

    California Live Goods Colorado Sunburst Anemone

    Hello friends - I have two 3-4” Colorado Sunburst Anemones ready for new tanks, $250 each. I also have a giant one available. Pick up only in Mountain House CA 95391. Thanks for looking!
  20. Daved4

    Connecticut Live Goods CC Inferno Nem

    Selling a beautiful CC Inferno Nem for a friend. Pics don't do it justice. $300 local pick-up CT.
  21. ReefKnight2

    Haddoni Carpet Anemone Advice

    I ordered a Green Haddoni Carpet Anemone (5-9”) that will arrive soon. It was a bit of an impulse buy once I saw they had them in stock and on sale. I’ve considered adding one for a while but never jumped on it. The system is a WB220.6, with established soft, LPS, and SPS corals. I have...
  22. H

    Build Thread Two Cube Saltwater SetUp

    This is my first saltwater tank setup. I switched from freshwater and wanted to become a saltwater chemist after talking to an associate who has a large set up. I currently have them in my office, on 60g cube tank and a 5g cube tank. I’m planning on using the 5gal as a display for a carpet...
  23. S

    EMERGENCY Anemone health!!

    hi everyone, this is kind if urgent. So i recently got a anemone and did everything correct into adding it in. I made sure the salinity was ok(1.025), ammonia was 0, nitrite was also 0 and some nitrate. I recently got into this hobby and I read that if you wanted to add corals you would have to...
  24. G

    New York Live Goods Sold Rbta f/s

    Sold I have a rose bubble tip anemone that looks like a black widow. Natural split. At least 4-5 inches
  25. M

    Bubble Tip Anemone losing bubbles theory

    I know this is a big mystery.. at least I have not heard of anyone solving it yet. One thing I have noticed with my BTAs if I don't feed them for a week or so they lose their bubbles and stretch out. As soon as I give them some shrimp or coral food they plump right up and get their bubbles back...