1. Darkshadow1500

    Anemone pinched in the middle of its Tentacles

    So I’m not sure why the middle of the tentacles are pinched like that, I don’t have very heavy flow blowing at it. the other day one of the pieces that were Pinched detached, is this normal?
  2. J

    Supernova tentacles retracted

    Hi everyone! I got this nem about 3 weeks ago. When I first got it, all the tentacles were fully extended. Over time, some tentacles (circled in red) are retracted so they look smaller and brighter. The number of these retracting tentacles is increasing, but the body is fully open. Anyone know...
  3. ThatPhillyReefer

    Arizona Sunburst Anemone

    I just wanted to show off my new Arizona Sunburst Anemone More pictures on my Instagram: philly.corals
  4. fox0521

    Hitchhiker anemone? Not aiptasia

    Found one of these on a rock I got from LFS. Didn’t think much of it, now after 4 months there’s 2. They’re about the size of a small zoa polyp. ID?
  5. JasonCrimmel

    Aiptasia or another anemone?

    I've had my tank setup for almost 8 months now. Live rock came from Tampa Bay Saltwater back in September 2020. These guys have been around for a while and at first we were happy to have some anemones, but the more research I do I start to think they are Aiptasia... but really large ones! I...
  6. M

    Are these some sort of anemone?

    My tank is quickly approaching it's 2 year anniversary. Tank is running fairly smoothly & peppermint shrimp finally weeded out my aiptasia colonies. However, there is this other "something or the other" that has distributed itself throughout my tank in several of my coral colonies. Because I...
  7. M

    Are these some sort of anemone?

    My tank is quickly approaching it's 2 year anniversary. Tank is running fairly smoothly & peppermint shrimp finally weeded out my aiptasia colonies. However, there is this other "something or the other" that has distributed itself throughout my tank in several of my coral colonies. Because I...
  8. michaelabellz

    Bubble tip placement tips??

    I recently added a bubble tip anemone to my tank and it does not seem to be happy. When we first put it in it looked beautiful. I put it in a medium to high light spot in my tank with little flow and the rock even had a good sized hole that the anemone could put his foot down and attach too...
  9. Doglips56

    Anemone/clownfish only tank

    I have a large reef tank that I am in the process of selling off and dismantling. It is too much for us to handle because of a severe health problem I’m dealing with and my husband’s work schedule. We really love our BTA and clowns and we’re wondering what a nem/clown only setup would be like...
  10. Schraufabagel

    Nano Build Waterbox Peninsula Mini 25 - Build Thread

    Hey, I'm new here. I have some freshwater tanks (and purchased a couple more on the way) that range from betta fish, planted, and eventually a shrimp tank. I decided to take the plunge into saltwater since I think reef tanks look awesome! I'm in Wisconsin, so much of what I order will probably...
  11. C


    So I purchased my first bubble tip anemone and a porcelain crab from my lfs. drip acclimated for 2 hours before entering it into my display. It decided to set up camp behind the rock work so photos are hard but will attach below. today i noticed it was completely deflated and shriveled I quickly...
  12. B

    EMERGENCY New Carpet Anemone Looks Very Unwell

    Hi guys, I bought a large carpet anemone from petco yesterday, drop acclimated it and transferred to my DT. At first it looked fine, same as in the shop, but after a few hours it appeared deflated with gaping mouth and white smoke like fluid coming from mouth. Water parameters are all ok - my...
  13. shartpants007

    Can Tentacles Grow Anemones?

    Quick question which might seem silly to a more experienced saltwater aquarist: can anemones grow back from severed tentacles? Unfortunately, I lost a BTA yesterday, but it dropped a few little tentacles into the tank which are still bright green after several hours. Can they grow a whole new...
  14. Sleeping Giant

    Clownfish session

  15. bennyblanco

    Looking for anemone id help

    Good morning everyone. Long time lurker first time poster. I have had some trouble figuring out the true name of some anemones I have aquaculture over the last 10 years. The original anemone came from Hawaii 10+ years ago by a friend who used to dive and catch before the ban and laws stopped...
  16. shartpants007

    BTA burnt overnight

    I bought a green BTA from my LFS a while back and it's been remarkably healthy, but moving every night. I figured it was just adjusting to the light cycle/exploring the tank. Yesterday it found a nice crevice in the live rock and seemed to settle down, but this morning I awoke to find that it...
  17. dimitrinivo

    Build Thread 10 gallon "****" reef tank, 3 months old

    What started out as a FOWLR tank with macro algae for a bluestripe pipefish and pygmy filefish evolved into a beautiful, natural looking soft coral and invert dominated reef tank. The Equipment: - Seachem tidal 35 HOB filter - 528 gph powerhead - 50 watt heater - 10lbs of live rock - 10lbs...
  18. Rtaylor

    Anemone ID Purple Vietnam short tentacle

    Hi, can anyone ID this? I contacted the seller and they didn’t know the species. Thanks!
  19. S

    New anemone has foot planted in cave but peaks out during the day. Is it still adjusting?

    So at the end of February I purchased a green BTA for my clownfish. Tank is a year old. Acclimated the green BTA properly and I placed it in the tank. It immediately made its way into my rockwork and placed itself on the ceiling of one of my caves. I knew it would probably do this and let it...
  20. jackalexander

    Inkbird Heater Controller Failure

    Installed my new Inkbird heating controller and oh how ironic.. The power strip that the controller provides was faulty and I didn’t know that until the alarm was going off at 5am. My temperature had swung from 78F to 74F in just 6 hours. Now I have a gaping anemone and corals...
  21. Y

    Tank for two clowns and a nem

    Hey all, this is once again a thread of me asking for advice hahaha. A friend has just dismantled his AIO tank, here’s the link For Those who don’t click it, it’s 20 gallons, roughly 75Litres. He’s selling it now, with...
  22. maharsreef

    California CC Flame Tip Anemone

    One avaliable. Direct lineage to Coral Collection. Been in my system 10 plus years. $700 Shipping avaliable. P/U Cerritos
  23. NanoReefer2025

    Keeping Anemone out of Power Head for Good?

    Hey everyone, So, I was planning on getting a bubble tip anemone on Sunday and was puzzling over how I would prevent it from wandering into the power head (it’s a hydor koralia). I dislike the idea of trying to put mesh or something like that over it, simply because it might clog and would...
  24. OCFishGuy

    Nano Build WaterBox 10 Cube office desk Anemone tank

    I finally got back into the REEF keeping hobby after a 10 years hiatus. I had both saltwater and freshwater tanks starting in 1980 until in 2011 I lost my business, got a new job and did not have the money or time to continue the hobby so I sold off my 15 year old reef cube aquarium. This past...
  25. jackalexander

    Anemone Sensitivity

    So I want to discuss some experiences with other reefers who have anemones because I had a very scary/crazy experience today. Long story short, I had been moving some rocks around in order to get a fish out and I accidentally tore my BTA IN HALF. I might have gotten extremely lucky because the...
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