1. JRP_Riley

    Weird anemone growth?

    Hi I have a 13.5g Marine Evo tank, I have had this LT anemone in my tank for about a month and today my LT has completely shrunk in size and now has this weird growth on the side of it. I am not sure what it is so if anyone could help me that’d be great. There has also been long strings of some...
  2. Lotus Reef

    New WYSIWYG Corals Updated To Site

    Multicolored Trachy A1-2019-09-29 $80 Lobo A2-2019-09-29 $35 Rainbow Trachy A3-2019-09-29 $85 Symphyllia A4-2019-09-29 $199 Orange Lobo A5-2019-09-29 $50 Symphyllia Wilsoni A6-2019-09-29 $149 Lobo Colony A7-2019-09-29 $130 Bubble Coral A8-2019-09-29 $85 Neon Green Trachy...
  3. AquaLocker

    Davy Jones Locker has been Reloaded - Lots of WYSIWYG SPS, LPS, Anemones & Much More!

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  4. S

    Anemone identification and care notes

    Had a friend tear down his saltwater tank, he’s decided to go full freshwater scrub. Lol he doesn’t know what it was, he just bought it because he thought his clowns needed it. A new Free healthy tank inhabitant sounded like a winner to me, just curious to what kind of anemone it is and if...
  5. K

    Bubble next to anemone

    Does anyone know what this bubble is? It just popped out of no where
  6. M

    Bubble tip move movement

    I understand anemones can and will move to where they are happy. My question is, if mine is constantly moving does it mean I’m doing something wrong? I believe my parameters are fine(pH salinity temp mg ca alk and no3.. don’t know po4 but have no reason to believe it’s far off) I’ve had it for...
  7. InCodWeTrust

    Sick Anemone?

    Should I be worried?
  8. liam’s little reef

    Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone Changing Colors?

    Hello Everyone. I have noticed that my Rainbow Bubble tip anemone is starting to change colors/pigment. When I first got him (about 2 months ago), he was perfectly healthy and his colors popped. What I have been noticing is that he is turning a brownish purple! I have an innovative marine...
  9. AquaLocker

    Davy Jones Locker Updated - WYSWYG: Acro & Acan Colonies, Lobos, Clams, Anemones & More

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  10. sixty_reefer

    Not so sure if it’s a flower anemone

    Just wondering if anyone could shed some light on this anemone. Been thinking so far that irbid a flower anemone but the foot seems to long and a bit more bulky than the ones I see online. Do you know what it is and is this extra stretch normal?
  11. InCodWeTrust

    Stuck Anemone?

    My green bubble tip decided to relocate and during his walk, he got stuck in one of the holes in my Jbj 65 gallon aquarium. He has done this once before but I took him out and put him back to his original spot. There was a little flesh coming out but he recovered. Any ideas on how to prevent this?
  12. Fish_Boy_Wonder

    Ball tipped anemone?

    Found these lil guys while transferring a rock with waving hand anthelia from our 5gal to our 14gal. These ball tipped nems? i like them! Sorry about the pic quality..... its a potato.
  13. Castaway6

    Florida WTB Bubble Tip Nem

    Looking for a new centerpiece host for my clown tank since the xenia was too much.. I can pay shipping or pick up if located around Tampa.
  14. Betta_baby

    Killer bee bait as anemone food?

    Hi. Two days ago I bought a BTA that was nearly completely bleached out of pity, and I really want to get this little guy back on his feet. I’ve been feeding him (affectionately named Sticky) frozen brine shrimp mixed with filter-feeder coral food for a little bit more nutrition, once a day. I...
  15. Brian Goldstein

    California Looking to buy a nice Black widow anemone

    Very interested in purchasing a small bw nem. Thanks! BG
  16. MrPhil266

    What is that? Aiptasia or Green Button polyp?

    Hi reefers! Little question, I bought a couple of live rock and i noticed that there's a lot of little greenish button polyp or Aiptasia. Altough, i am not sure what is that. It seems to move a bit and not i have them everywhere in my tank... Do you have any cue on what is that thing? And how...
  17. Ej Chavex

    Texas Ultra Rainbow Nems

    I have two ultra rainbow nems I prefer local as I really don't want to chance shipping them. Nem 1 is 8 to 9 inches when fully open and nem 2 is 5 to 6 inches when fully open. Both are currently attached to a large pukani rock (16x5x13). I'm asking 250.00 on the larger one and 200.00 on the...
  18. Hell's fire anemone

    Hell's fire anemone

  19. AquaLocker

    Davy Jones Locker Has Just Been Refilled! (New WYSIWYG loaded!)

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  20. AquaLocker

    Davy Jones Locker Has Just Been Refilled! (New WYSIWYG loaded!)

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  21. eggplantparrot

    Eggplants Desktop Garden

    As my 14G Not a Cube is nearing 9th month since it has been up, I feel like I am needing to mess with the tank less and less, to the point where it is almost on autopilot. it is quite filled up with growing corals, and only needs daily feeding and weekly water change. this makes me feel an...
  22. helms20

    Just checking to see if healthy

    Hey everyone. Had this nem for 2 weeks now. He has looked great in my opinion, but today and yesterday I have been able to see his/her mouth. It's new and so am I to nems. I feed the tank every other day and fed today. The nem ate some of the worms, but again I just want to make sure it looks...
  23. JustAnt

    To catch an anemone...

    My RBTA split about a year ago. I don’t want a 2nd anemone. She’s been stinging my corals and is taking up a lot of space I can use for new coral. LFS recommended pointing a power head at it in hopes it would move to the glass and I could get her then. That hasn’t worked. Have had a mj1200...
  24. S

    Should I be concerned LTA

    I've had this LTA for about 9 months now. I know nems sometimes bite their tentacles and I've seen it happen before but not randomly like this, should I be concerned?
  25. Daydream Corals

    Livestock Ultra Rock Flower 5 Pack Mother's Day Special

    Ultra Rock Flower Special for Mother's Day. 5 for $200 Shipped FEDEX AM Delivery with free frag!!! You will receive 5 unique Rock Flowers pictured here below delivered to your door for $200!! Also, take a look at our website to combine your order Also don't forget...
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