1. B

    ID This Anemone

    I just dipped some new frags and found this Anemone in with them. It doesn't look like any Aiptasia I have ever seen, I'm unfortunately really good at getting them in my tank... But this is definitely some kind of Anemone. Thanks for the help in advance! lol.
  2. reefsaver

    Coral/Anemone Stingdex? What stings what, what wins, what loses refferal chart.

    I've seen these graphs that show reef tank compatibility between fish in reef aquariums and I was wondering if anyone knows of a similar graph that shows coral/anemone aggression and compatibility that they refer to for a rough idea on what will be say more aggressive than tankmates close-by...
  3. harrysmarinelife

    Live Goods SPONSOR Livestock Once again back with another banger upload of colorful corals on (Ships anywhere in the continental USA!)

    Once again back with another banger upload of colorful corals and anemones on BONUS : Website wide 10% off Coupon Code Currently Active Code:Save10 Only at Click Here for these corals and many more HARRYS MARINE LIFE.COM Shop...
  4. harrysmarinelife

    Live Goods SPONSOR Livestock Huge Daily Uploads on (We ship everywhere in the Continental USA)

    The uploads just don't stop, another batch of insane Corals and Anemones just went up on! Find these and many more insane Corals and Anemones only at...
  5. burrfishbloatin

    Florida Live Goods Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone $20 each

    I have a bunch of RBT anemones. I’m asking $20 each. If you would like more than 1 we can work out a deal. Located in Lakeland Florida, also able to meet in Tampa. Willing to ship at buyers expense.
  6. HB Fisheye

    California Live Goods Bubble Tip Anemone

    My ta nk went crazy on anemones. Asking $20.00 each or DM me. Thanks.
  7. SupraSaltyReefer

    California Live Goods Purple Passion Anemones

    My Purple Passion anemones split so I have two Purple Passion bubble tip anemones available. These are natural splits. These have been in captivity for 8+ years. The deep purple and bright green tips will fluctuate in color depending on lighting. They have been in a 105G tank for 8 years and...
  8. Y

    Is my BTA okay?

    Hi, I'm new to saltwater. Picked up a 55 gallon from an older gentleman who couldn't take care of it anymore. Anyway, I picked up a BTA 2 days ago, and it was doing really well until this morning. It was all shriveled and seems to be trying to get away from the Clarkii's it's hosting. Any help...
  9. JcK03

    Maldives clownfish skin discoloration

    Hello all One of my new clownfish (arrived last Friday) have developed this night a kind of white patch discoloration on his skin, he swim normally and he eat just before this video(and have feed his anemone too). He seem to breath a little faster than the other one. And the other one is...
  10. R

    New York Live Goods Colorado Sunburst Nem

  11. B

    Florida Live Goods SOLD Green bubble tip anemone - 2-3" - $40

    Small, green bubble tip anemone $40 local pick up 34761
  12. Joseph_Joe

    BTA away from light

    Hi all, I got a new green BTA for my 50g 5 month old tank. She is the only 1 and I managed to settle her somewhere on a rock pillar. She is stuck to it on a vertical way, but just below a flat rock. She seems to like the location since she didn't move all week. My concern is that I read that...
  13. W

    Florida Live Goods Sunburst Anemones Available

    Colorado and Chicago Sunburst Anemones looking for a new home. Colorado Anemone- $275 Chicago Anemone- $200 Shipping is $50
  14. Baller.reefs

    New Jersey SOLD 3” Nexus burst anemone

    Have a nice one available. Great grafting and more grafted tentacles popping up every week, looks like it will fill out to be a true 50/50 just like momma! *NATURAL SPLIT* pm with any questions will take trades for high end hammers. Can also contact me through Instagram Baller.Reefs $275 + $45...
  15. Djalexchang

    Florida Live Goods SOLD Colorado Sunburst nem

    Hi everyone, selling a big 8-10in csb when fully opened for $500. I’m open to shipping at buyers expense or we can meet in Orlando. Thank you and let me know if you have any questions
  16. D

    USA Mushroom or Anemone cage

    A mushroom cage that measures ~2.5” wide. For enticing corals and smaller nems to attach to a frag plug or rubble within the cage. If there is anything you don’t see that you want or need please let me know. I can imprint your logo or decal onto anything, free of charge for orders of 5 or more...
  17. Djalexchang

    Florida Live Goods SOLD Colorado Sunburst Bubble Tip Anemone

    Hi everyone, I would like to get rid of this big Colorado sunburst. It takes up my entire nem box, it is approx 8-10 inches across when fully open. Would prefer local pickup in Orlando, may entertain shipping at buyers expense. Thank you and let me know if you have any questions
  18. L

    Is my Green BTA Dying or Splitting?

    My anemone decided to move a few days ago (of course) and now it looks funky. It has a big bubble on one side and a smaller one on the other where its tentacles are. It inflates then and deflates them a couple times every so often. Is it dying? Splitting? I have no idea :(
  19. Porcupine Reefer

    VIPARSPECTRA 165W LED Aquarium Light questions

    Read a positive review on this one but here are my questions for it: Will it penetrate 2 feet deep of water. How many of these lights will I need for a 5 ft 125 gallon. And is it strong enough to grow anemones such as long tentacle and bubble tip.
  20. maharsreef

    California Live Goods Tank Break Down. Torches Nems Space invader Pectina rainbow pectina

    20 yrs in hobby. I need a break , also, my 200 gal tank was ready to fail. Prices are in pics. Torches all acquired from Calikids a few years ago. Torches are all $50 per head. Big colonie prices are listed in pics. Space invader colony is about 8inch across. All speces of nems have been...
  21. S

    Nem losing tentacles?

    Recently moved from a small tank to this bigger tank, and noticed is begun losing some tentacles, should I be worried, how can I fix this or what should I do - thank you (it is a Colorado sunburst anemone)
  22. SaH_UFA1L

    Build Thread Fairly new to saltwater here is my tank

    I wish I found this when I first started but here is my tank. All advise is welcome. Yes, I am looking at bigger tanks.
  23. D

    BTA weird position on a ornament.

    Hello everyone, My BTA is a recent addition. Tank Parameters are optimal and he has moved once now to this spot. I think the flow was too much the first time and he moved to where you seem him now. He seems to be spread over this ornament that my wife really wanted, much to my dismay. Is it...
  24. O

    Lowering kh/DH

    Hi, My water even after the RO/DI filtering has 15-16 kh/DH I tested it after adding salt before the water change, in the aquarium its a bit lower about 14-15. How do other people deal with this issue without lowering the pH in the tank? I've got my tank for about 6 months and had my nem for...
  25. eliaslikesfish

    Massachusetts WTB Large Bubblw Tip Anemone

    Type doesn’t necessarily matter, I just need it to be BIG.