1. C

    Ball Anemone?

    I’ve asked about this before but it’s bigger now and I’m almost certain it’s a ball anemone. It doesn’t bother me at all, should I be concerned?
  2. meloles

    Moving a carpet anemone to a different tank

    Hi everybody. I will be moving my 29 Biocube into a 90-gallon in the hopefully near future, and I had a question about my carpet anemone. He has been attached to the glass since I adopted this tank, which was in February, but my understanding is that he has been in that spot for 6 years. Is...
  3. Vanizam

    What’s wrong with my white tip anemone ?

    I have a white tip and a rose tip in my tank. My rose tip is doing SOOO good and my white tip looks like it’s dying if not dead already :( help!
  4. OdetteDelacroix

    Acid Wash BTA: Rapid-Fire Splitting?!

    I woke up this morning to find that my 8” BTA split. Okay. On closer examination, it looks like she isn’t finished yet (check out the photos). Care wise, should I do anything or be worried? That’s a lot of energy being used in such a short amount of time. How long does it usually take for...
  5. T


    I would like to start adding anemones to my 150cube. I have tried two so far with no luck. They shrivel up and go away. Yes, I do feed them. How can I get started having big beautiful anemones that actually thrive and split? Thanks in advance to any and all advice.
  6. maharsreef

    Arizona California CC Flame Tip Anemone

    Beautiful, healthy, CC Flame Tip Nem. 1 available. $750 local pick-up Los Angeles area. Shipping xtra and aval (on my time frame. I'm a busy guy)
  7. S

    Hello New Here!

    Hello Everyone, It’s a pleasure to be among my fellow Reefers! I have been in the aquarium hobby for about 5 years, but mainly with Freshwater Tanks. I have recently started a Red Sea Reefer 250 in an effort to start my hand at a saltwater tank. So far, I have a tiny Yellow Tang, Clown Fish...
  8. C

    BTA Heath Issues?

    Hi all! So I have a 55 gal tank Ammonia 0 Nitrates 0 Nitrites 0 pH has been around 8.1 using marine buffer to bump it up to 8.3 Alkalinity I was told was a tad low as well earlier this week but I don’t have an at home test - the buffer is also supposed to be helping this Tank is fully cycled, I...
  9. NewCaliCaptives

    Injured Anemone Help!!!

    Hey guys! A couple of days ago I got a beautiful Green Bubble Tip anemone and a Maroon clown from the LFS. They were doing great, but the anemone during the night got sucked into my Jebao OW-2. Luckily I saw it quite soon after it happened, and immediately turned it off and angled it so that the...
  10. Joe Knows Reefs

    Fresh Friday Eve WYSIWYG Just Posted Up at

    WHEW what a week!? We're glad the weekend is near. College football and some much needed rest is on tap for the weekend...our favorite time of the year! We just posted up some choice frags including some nice zoas, LPS and more anemones. CLICK HERE TO VIEW NEW ARRIVALS A few...
  11. W

    Does this anemone look healthy

    It’s a black widow anemone that is hoasting a maroon clown fish. It has been in the tank for about 2 day and I also have another anemone in the tank that is really healthy could it be that the clownfish is being to hard with it
  12. Ancarol2421

    Help ID?

    Hi friends! I’m taking care of this tank at school. Was wondering if anyone knew what these are? Look like some form of anemone but I’m not sure. They’ve pretty much taken over this tank. Thanks in advance!
  13. OrionN

    Protocol for using antibiotics to treat infected anemones

    This is a re-post of what I wrote in ReefCentral on 3/09/2013 Many anemone keepers know, the collection and shipping process from ocean to local fish store (LFS) is a stressful event. Most host anemones do not survive this process without help, especially H. magnifica and S. gigantea. Other...
  14. A

    EMERGENCY Parasites or not

    Hi just bought 2 anemones from a local vendor. They were inside a pot. Wanted to remove them in the pot and found these. Looks like a bristle work but don’t know what kind. I did research and it says bristle worms are beneficial to reef aquariums but these look like fire worms isn’t it?? And as...
  15. CaliDanhReef

    Help! Black widow lost white webbing

    Hi my baby black widow anemone lost its white webbing, will it gain it back when it’s larger. It’s a 1 inch black widow anemone. Pic is before lost webbing
  16. Resized_20200411_192246.jpg


    One of my ritteri
  17. Valum

    EMERGENCY Is my nem ok? Looks like it's splitting

    Hi all just wanted some advise/re assurance my nem was healthy last night but this morning I woke up two a huge hole in the middle and it's still like this 4 hours later anyone have any opinion If it is splitting how long does this take and do I need to do anything?
  18. LukeWolf

    Missouri Very nice rainbow bubble tip anemone for sale!

    Hello all! I have one of the splits from my mother rainbow bubble tip anemone for sale. This is a super colorful nem with a green disc, and tentacles that fade from bright red to bright orange. The disc itself also has “Star speckling”, or little white dots, which I was told is uncommon. Also...
  19. N11morales

    Texas WTB Bubble tip anemones. black widow/rbta/sherman

    ^ looking to buy these morphs of bubble tips.
  20. N11morales

    Texas WTB Clownfish Clutch

    Hello, I was thinking about setting up a clownfish harem tank. I would like to do black ice clownfish. How many could i put in a 90G tank? Also any tips on how many anemones i should get? Also would like to know if anyone has black ice clowns for sale or knows a good company to purchase clowns from.
  21. Afkomjorgen

    Anemone? Hitchhiker ID

    Hello, I picked up a piece of liverock last week and have noticed some hitchhikers. I would be very grateful for any ideas on what they are. The liverock is sitting in my quarantine tank until I figure it out. I started sharing the light from my main tank for an hour a day to see if anything...
  22. uniquecorals

    Back To School R2R UC LiveSale! Aug 22 & 23, both days 10am-6pm PST - Huge Prizes!

    The long awaited for LiveSale is here! This LiveSale will be fully stocked with 2 days of fire! Great assortment of different types of euphyllias, ultra Maricultured SPS colonies, Signature corals, new releases, and specialty collector's items, all the great finds...
  23. CaliDanhReef

    California WTB WTB True Rose BTA

    Looking for a rose bubble tip anemone no green just red/orange has shipping
  24. Cyclone-G

    Cyclone Reef S3E120 - Moving Rainbow Anemones & using anemone guards

    S3E120 The 60 cube tank is maturing nicely. Today we moved the rainbow anemone's and clownfishes from a very old tank in the basement to their new home. It was quite difficult getting the little buggers off a rock.
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