1. CaliDanhReef

    California Selling RBTA

    Selling 9 small bubble tip anemone $30 each. No shipping pickup in Sunnyvale 94087. PM for more details.
  2. Razorp

    Help with clownfish.. close to giving up

    I have a 16g biocube with two BUbble tip Nem’s... I started with two tiny ocellaris clowns. One killed the other... as the other grew I introduced two different tiny ocellaris at two different times and it killed both.... fast forward to now. I rehomed the mean clown and got a new “pair” of tiny...
  3. PinkLadyLVT

    Alabama Georgia Tennessee RBTA — Amazing, healthy turquoise-base rose bubble tips available!

    RBTA’s split and grow like crazy for me, and are always absolutely beautiful since I first bought their mother (which I still have, my gold nugget maroon clowns host there). These RBTA’s have amazing rich pink coloration with star speckling everywhere, and the base of the tentacles maintains a...
  4. MorrisMustang

    Anemone Identification and Advice

    I’d love some help identifying this anemone and any advice to care for it. This little guy hitched along when I purchased this Watercube 10 from someone locally. What kind of anemone? Why are it’s tentacles short? What and how do I feed it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. maharsreef

    California CC FLAME TIPS

    2 Beautiful CC Flame Tip nems ready to go. Lineage direct to Coral Collection. $700 each for local pickup in Cerritos
  6. nanonøkk

    anemone changing?

    ok so i’ve had my new nem for a while and i know all of its normal behavior but to day i fed it and it was fine the first few hours but what is happening and i think this may be due to the anemone crab? anyone have any thoughts on this it looks to be changing into some sorta eldrich horror or...
  7. Lovefish77

    Black widow question

    I have had black widow anemones in my tank for over 3 years and have been splitting over the years. The anemones have moved a lot and rubbed against other coral but they have never killed any other corals in my tanks. My question is: is this normal? I cannot be that lucky for that long. Did...
  8. LxHowler

    How long after split should I wait to feed anemone

    Last night I had my first anemone split and was wondering how long I should wait before I start feeding it. The anemone has never been fed in the tank before as it was new but I normally feed my others twice a week which is what I plan on doing with this one. But now it has split how long should...
  9. R0nald_J

    Purple tip anemone

    This is the first purple tip anemone that I have owned. When I got him from my local LPS he was only about 2-3” across and looked like he was fully extended. When I got home he expanded to about 8-9” and is now a huge part of the tank. Is this due to lighting or is this normal? Tank details...
  10. LxHowler

    Temporary anemone guard second opinion

    I am picking up an anemone tomorrow for my newest tank and my anemone guard hasnt arrived yet for my mp10. This is my solution that I have come up with and want a second opinion, should this be enough to keep an anemone out of the power head. It's made out of an old filter bag and some cable...
  11. Damdeno

    Anemone, inverts for sale in local are for pick up

    Hello I am in Beaufort South Carolina and looking for any available anemones that I could possibly buy and pick up from the area since their are not mmuch options out here
  12. adritank

    California Colorado Sunburst Anemone FS

    Selling one of my Colorado Sunbursts KI Island lineage to Sang Le I have owned this specimen for several years now, 100% legit lineage The one on the far left of the photo is the one for sale $700 Shipped, Standard 2 hour DOA, photo in OG bag rules apply Feel free to ask any questions...
  13. Squeven

    Confusing Information

    Well, I am finally buying my first anemone soon!! I have read a lot of information on different websites about care, and all of it is different. So, I figured I would reach out in this forum for any recommendations or care tips. Tank is about 8 months old and parameters have been stable for a...
  14. jacka342

    Bleached Anemone?

    Hey guys. I purchased this anemone a few days ago. Since then it has moved around a fair bit and looked alright in my opinion. Little did I know, there is no such thing as a white bubble tip. After doing some reading I found out that bleaching was a problem. I have tried to feed him little music...
  15. MnFish1

    Who hosts whom?

    Its always been a question for me - why do people (to me incorrectly) - say that clowns host anemones - when in fact it seems (to me) that its the other way around. So I decided to do a poll - which should it be - and Please comment 'Why'? Might as well have some happy discussion during the...
  16. Oscar’s25Gal

    Finally getting into corals!....

    Hey guys, i’m finally getting into corals! I’ve got some credit from the LFS aswell (about 275$ ) and i wanted to get into reefing anyways. I currently have 4 BTA’s and 4 clowns, 1 blue tang, 1 six line wrasse, 1 coral beauty, green damsel, fox face rabbit fish and a “rock dweller” i think...
  17. Omarons

    Anemone not healing

    Hey R2R I cut a black widow anemone about a week ago The halves have not healed yet, and I see the mouth still open n not closed should I be worried ? I did get cipro? Should I start medication ?
  18. fox0521

    Stranger danger?

    Hey Folks, I’ve got a piece of rock sprouting something I can’t ID. It’s sprouting in multiple different places on the rock. LFS couldn’t help much (doesn’t help that my video isn’t of the best quality ). All I can tell is that these very small guys are growing in little groups of 4 or 5 heads...
  19. Diamond2906

    What could this be? :)

    Hello! I've recently had this growing in my tank and more are popping up everyday I was thinking an anemone of some sort but starting to think it isn't due to how many there are!
  20. B

    New Anemone Help

    Hi everyone, new reefer here 2-3 months and I just placed my first green bubble tipped anemone. I put it in last night and it moved around eventually detaching and floating then getting stuck by its bubbles to the back of my tank. I woke up this morning and it was stuck in the same spot so I...
  21. Tristan

    Why does my anemone throw up at night?

    I got this BTA back in August and it’s grown a bit too. Overall it’s pretty healthy. Sometimes at night after I feed it though, it will just throw up all the food completely undigested. The pic I attached is currently right now and I fed the BTA 9 hours ago. For it’s size, I would assume it...
  22. mstoneman17

    Update, battle w/ dinos complete, pred tank, HI :)

    Hello, Been a few weeks, been battling some dinos which were KILLING my babies. (nems) My tank had more dinos than most people had ever seen, toxic dinos all throughout the nems, by 12 o clock they were stretching across the whole tank, covered the sand, etc. First of all I think people need...
  23. Oscar’s25Gal

    A huge update on my fish journey...

    Hello guys! It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted on here :) Last time I was on here, I had a 25 gallon fish tank (hence the name haha) however in July i got my dream tank. A 450 litre / 120 gallon fish tank! It’s been running very smoothly, and I cycled it for 5 weeks before buying fish...
  24. Pillahump

    Radion XR15 G5 Pro settings/par ?

    Hi, first post here. I have two Radion XR15 pros in my 36L x 24W x 20H with 4-5 inches of sand below. My lights are mounted on the Radion arms that I bought for the leds about 7 or 8 inches off the water. I am looking to house a haddoni carpet anemone in this tank as my "center piece" if...
  25. Navbear

    Anemone Identification

    Hello, I'm a new member. Bought this nem as a 'Red footed sand anemone' but not sure it is. Can anyone confirm the type? Been in the tank for 3 months.