1. F

    Help!! Aptasia or something else??…

    Hi guys, Recently started my first saltwater tank, and having difficulty identifying what pest this is. I assumed aptasia but looks different from the aptasia pictures I see online, it’s thinner and has small balls/heads at the end of each little thread… I introduced some Berghia nudibranches...
  2. W

    Oregon WTB Will take/buy Aptasia in Portland OR Area

    Currently breeding two Berghia nudibranchs in a small setup but am starting to run out of food for them in just two months! I’m looking to buy more so I can have a stockpile and also learn how to propagate Aptasia in a more sustainable way. In Portland OR.
  3. A

    Aptasia? Help ID it and what can I do

    Hello, I’m new to reefing and need some help. I got this daisy zoa and it came with this things growing with it. I’m hoping its not aptasia because I have used aptasia F and kinda killed alot of my clove polyps. What should I do?
  4. J

    First aptasia help!

    Hello everyone ! I found my first aptasia on the sand bed. I figured out it came from the mushroom rock I bought a few weeks ago. The mushroom rock is ISOLATED from my main rock. I removed the aptasia along with the sand. I also removed the mushroom rock to different tank. Am I safe from...
  5. D

    Which caused the damage - the Brissel Worms or Aptasia?

    I have several small salt water reef tanks. I started getting aptasia in the smaller one and had already decided to remove most of my corals into the other tank because the crabs seems to be bothering them. Yes, I dipped my corals before putting them into the other tank. I then purchased...
  6. K

    Aptasia eradication in new setup?

    I have a 25 Gallon tank that had been ignored for some time. It is full of Aptasia right now. I am planning to start over. New sand. New Rockscape and new water. My question is, to which level should i clean the tank before starting over and making sure that none of the aptasia carry over. -...
  7. L

    Berghia Nudibranch

    Hello, Each $10 Shipping free if you buy 30 or more within USA Less than 30 , shipping is $60 flat I have around 200 available Local pick up in Seattle, WA area
  8. TheReelColton

    Tiny "hairy" invert, non-mobile but spreading

    Really curious what these are. I've searched the internet on and off endlessly over the past few months to no avail. One or two has turned to a couple dozen and I'm wondering whether I need to take action. They haven't died off like pineapple sponges usually do. They look like a cross between a...
  9. Darkrooster

    Is anyone using Rainford butterfly fish for aptasia control?

    The new thing being tried around here for aptasia is rainford butterfly fish. A local wholesaler here was told about them and he’s so far sold 5 different shipments all successful. Obviously being sold as reef safe with caution. So we are the Guinea pigs lol. Very little info on them just the...
  10. BYU

    New York Live Goods Aptasia eating berghia nudibranchs

    $20 each 6 for $100 Pick up 11507 or 11379 Dm me if interested
  11. nycfreshreef

    Hitchhiker Critter ID is this a sponge ? Or something else growing on the bottom of my scoly

    Hey guys & gals , happy weekend, hope everyone is doing ok Recently found this growing underneath one of my scolymia, appears to be some sort of sponge / truncate but wanted to post photos just to make sure it’s not something more invasive which warrants removal Here is a photo (attached) the...
  12. F

    Filter feeder or Aptasia?

    Hi all, Bought this torch and I have a question on one of the items growing out of the side? The one on the left is a filter feeder but is the one on the right aptasia? It’s sensitive to light and retracts straight away.
  13. His Coral Highness

    Is this aptasia?

    As the title says. I took the picture with my reef lights out using my iPhone with the flash on. Right under the head of my blasto. I’ve never had aptasia before but from what I know of it I think that might be what it is. Appreciate any input.
  14. T

    Aptasia or clove polyps?

    I spotted this on my zoa plug that I got from my lfs two days ago. Any ideas of what it could be?
  15. Siddogg

    Do Aptasia lasers and wands work?

    Aptasia out of control. Tried peppermint, 2 filefish and Berghia. Has anyone had success w lasers or wands? If so, please give recommendations. Thx
  16. Hugo Garcia

    Is this Aptasia?

    Hi folks. I need help identifying this pests. I’ve seen them before on my DT on a few rocks, but now they are all over the place and specially on all surfaces of my sump. Please help me confirm this is aptasia or something else? Thanks
  17. Hugo’s_Reef

    California Live Goods Aptasia eating file fish

    I have a my aptasia eating file fish up for grabs. I purchased it from ocean devotion as a quarantined fish a couple months ago . He ate aptasia right away even really large ones that I thought he wouldn’t touch , but also eats frozen food and pellets. The only reason I’m selling him is...
  18. E

    Fluval 13.5 questions/concerns

    This tank has been up for almost 6 months. I bought this light maybe a year ago (CoraLife 30”-36”). Tank size - 13.5g fluval 13.5 I found out recently that I can set a (rise/fall) to mimic the sunrise and sunset. The lights are on for 10 hours (including mimicry) I have a simple reading on my...
  19. pendulum

    $60-$100 Reef-Delete for Aiptasia?

    I noticed two Aiptasia have popped up in my nano tank. It got me thinking how i could manage them. One i could easily remove the rock and super glue, the other would be more of a challenge. Knowing that this won't be my last time dealing with them, i had a random thought of a "diy" Reef Delete...
  20. J

    I Never had APTASIA?

    I’ve been reefing for two years and had a bunch of corals during my time but I’ve never seen aptasia in my tank. Started off with all dry rocks . i don’t quarantine any of my corals and I don’t have a specific vendor Am I lucky ? Or is there other people out there that doesn’t have it either...
  21. keatonmjenkins

    Live Goods SOLD Sold

    Yes I have read the terms and agree to them. I have 5 Berghia nudis that are an inch long ready to go. $20 a piece plus shipping. standard 2hr DOA. I am not at fault for shipping delays but I will work with customer.
  22. K

    What is this please help. Aptasia?

    I’m not really sure what I’m looking at just hope it’s not aptasia. Any ideas what this is and if it is aptasia how am I going to get rid of it without killing the Zoanthid?
  23. BoriReefer


    I have a few Berghia I’d like to sell off as they have accomplished their work in my reef. They are Adult size. Voracious appetite. $10 a piece, 10 Available *Sacramento Local Pick Up Only*
  24. N

    Nightmare bubble algae/aptasia problem

    Hey guys, I've had my tank almost a year and all my parameters are fantastic, corals and fish doing great. The issue is the insane bubble algae problem and aptasias i have. A friend recommended to just het new rock but... i have so much rock in my set up i dont wanna ruin it. What do you think...
  25. L

    Stocking ideas

    I have an 80 gallon tank, 3ftx2ftx2ft or 90cm x 60cm x 60cm (if ya nasty). I am looking for a few fish that will do certain things. I would like to have a small shoal of fish that could work as dithers (not anthias), a fish/invert that will eat aptasia(sp?) and a fish that will eat parasites...