1. Aquarocks & Vidarocks

    Aquarocks & Vidarocks

    I am going to do things a little different on this new 150 display tank! Less lIVE ROCK and more SPS corals.. It's mainly going to be an SPS Dominate type tank ones everything grows in
  2. BangedUp

    Advice, think I nailed it first try 32cube aquascape

    I think I nailed it first try, is that even possible? Now I took lots of pics but should I also epoxy and glue pieces that I can to make sure I can get it back this way in the cube?
  3. Ferrell

    Aquascape Critique

    I’m almost ready to put the rocks and water in the tank and am as nervous as a new bride. It’s the first tank in 10 years or so. Tank is 48” x 18”w x 21 high and is going to be mostly LPS and fish. Running a 30 gal sump with Varios-4, Skimz skimmer rated for 150 gallons, and two mo10s. Will be...
  4. TheLadyCrash

    TheLadyCrash's 45g JBJ - Aquascaping Thoughts?

    Below is a FTS of my 45g JBJ taken as of this morning. I'm battling a bit of an algae problem atm but hopefully the urchin I'm getting later today will help out. What do you guys think of the aquascaping thus far? I'm thinking of raising the island on the left to about twice it's current height...
  5. VelocityTech

    Velocity's 180 Gallon Build; New Tank Upgrade Thread

    This will be my.. second build thread on #Reef2Reef. I will.. as best, explain-kind of where i'm at. *New updates coming
  6. Frederick Edwards

    Dry rock help

    Aquarium is 41" x 24" x 24". I will be purchasing from Marco Rock and would like some help with what I will need form them. What sizes, shape, weight with key largo, prime cuts, etc. To give me plenty of styles to choose from for my aquascape? Do I need rods or can I just glue them together...
  7. peterthegamer

    Rock placement and stability?

    I have been adding a few pieces of LR to the tank and seems like it's kinda stable yet not sure if I should add more or less. Finally today I saw a one of the pieces shift an inch or two, wondering if I should reconsider, adding epoxy to hold it better. Also should I add a blue or black...
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