1. Nutramar Foods

    Aquacultured Twinspot Bass

    Quality Marine is proud to have received the aquacultured Twinspot Bass for the first time. These are the first ones to hit the market and we are so excited to add this to our ever-growing list of captive-bred species available to our valued retail store partners. The Twinspot Bass (Serranus...
  2. alecj

    Texas TCK Master Bowerbanki

    perfect frag if you plan to grow out, the baby’s on both sides will be insane!
  3. Nutramar Foods

    The Regal Bearing of a Misbar Pygoplites diacanthus

    Regal Angelfish are found throughout the shallow tropical seas of the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean including the Red Sea. They will have slightly different color forms based on where they are caught, with the most brilliant orange and yellow ones usually coming from the Red Sea. Regardless of...
  4. MariahP

    Will captive bred watchman pair with shrimp?

    Hi all, I have my heart set on trying to do all captive bred fish for my aquarium. I’d like to get a watchman goby but so far it seems like there are no captive bred pistol shrimp to pair them with. Will a captive bred watchman pair with a wild shrimp? Thinking in particular of how some...
  5. Nutramar Foods

    Aquacultured Stupendous Scolymia!

    Not only are Scolymia gorgeous, but they aren't difficult to keep either. They don't really have a size requirement for a tank, Mini Scolys make excellent desktop nano-tank corals! You can keep them very close to other Scolys so collect away! They'll do best placed on a soft grain sand bed or a...
  6. Nutramar Foods

    QM Aquacultured Wide-band Clownfish

    In the wild, Wide-band Clownfish are found in rocky and coral reef habitats, at depths of 10-45 meters, in Eastern Australia, Lord Howe, and New Caledonia. Like most clownfish, the Wide-band Clownfish is known to create a symbiotic relationship with anemones, which they use as a source of...
  7. Nutramar Foods

    Aquacultured Bali Aquarich True Percula Clownfish

    The Percula Clownfish is a popular and strikingly beautiful species often sought after in the aquarium trade. Percula Clownfish are small, with a vibrant orange body marked by three distinctive white bands. They also have black markings on their fins and face, and their eyes are surrounded by a...
  8. Nutramar Foods

    Aquacultured Yurple Tang

    The Yurple was bred from a Purple Tang and Yellow Tang to achieve a remarkable hybrid. This species is vigorously eating Nutramar Dry Foods, Nutramar Nori and Gamma Frozen Foods. All in all, the Yurple Tang can be a great, hardy, and beautiful addition to an aquarium. With proper tank...
  9. Nutramar Foods

    Photo of the Week: Bali Aquarich Aquacultured Regal Angelfish

    Aquacultured Regal Angelfish is renowned for its vibrant and distinctive coloration. It has a deep, compressed body with yellow and blue stripes. Adult Regal Angelfish can reach a size of about 8 to 10 inches. Regal Angelfish are known to form monogamous pairs for breeding. However, successful...
  10. MariahP

    Where to find aquacultured fish

    Hi all, I’m wondering where you all go to get aquacultured reef fish? I already know Biota and ORA, but looking for more variety if it’s out there!
  11. alecj

    Texas Texas Glitter gonis

    red glitters are 650 each tck spacebalz are 250 each tck flame tip 150 each L frags this red glitter has been with me for years now and is very hardy!
  12. uniquecorals

    UC Autumn Monday FlashSale, 9/25 9am-5pm pst

    UC Autumn Monday FlashSale on R2R, 9/25 9am-5pm pst With the cooler weather, we're all enjoying the autumn fall colors. Let's get even more colorful with these incredible deals for your tanks! We have over 800+ WYSIWYG corals at up to 75% off for this exclusive one day event. SPS, LPS...
  13. Nutramar Foods

    Aquacultured Griffis Backcross Hybrid Angels

    Quality Marine has just added some incredible angels to our WYSIWYG selection! We received some of the Aquacultured Griffis Backcross Hybrid Angels- Griffis Angelfish (Apolemichthys griffisi ) x Goldflake Griffis hybrid Angelfish (A. xanthopunctatus x griffisi) for the first time! In house, we...
  14. L

    Misc. Pumps SWEETWATER® BEAD FILTRATION SKID SYSTEM - (shut down my 4k gallon system)

    For sale: Pieces of all of my 4k gallon lobster farm! I was breeding lobsters for a couple years with both the Panulirus ornatus from Vietnam and another I can't talk about right now. :) Had four 1,000 gallon tanks plumbed together. Sadly the time has come to sell the equipment. All the...
  15. juke59

    Florida Florida Red mangroves

    Florida red mangroves aquacultured with roots and sprouts. Ready for your refugium or display tank.
  16. Nutramar Foods

    QM Labs Captive Bred Purple Tang

    The Purple Tang was bred and reared in our state-of-the-art aquaculture hatchery in Los Angeles. This species is vigorously eating Nutramar Dry Foods, Nutramar Nori and Gamma Frozen Foods. All in all, the Purple Tang can be a great, hardy, and beautiful addition to the reef aquarium. With proper...
  17. TopShelfAquatics

    TSA Master Blaster Chalice

    Here at Top Shelf Aquatics not only do we grow some pretty sweet sticks, we also have some awesome LPS pieces like this gem we call the Master Blaster Chalice. This piece always stands out to us, as it does not have the typical color pallet of other rainbow chalices. From the vibrant teal to the...
  18. TopShelfAquatics

    TSA Rainbow Fusion

    One of the Crown Jewels here at the TSA farm. The Rainbow Fusion is a piece that has always stood out amongst the rest. This piece has been in our collection for years and has proven to be a very hardy Tenuis option for many hobbyist. With deep blue skin and polyps that transition from yellow/...
  19. DIYreefer

    Texas FS: Jawbreakers, Acros, Zoas, Yumas, Leathers, Rainbow Acans, Etc...

    All sold, please close.
  20. TopShelfAquatics

    Need Those Good Live Foods?!? TSA Has What You Need!!

    A lot of people ask what we feed our systems on a regular basis and aside from the typical mysis or pellet foods we feed a variety of Phytos and Rotifers. Since we haev such great reslults with them we figured why not start culturing them and offering them to our customers. We are happy to now...
  21. L

    I want your input - Coral business

    Hey guys ! I really would love your ideas, input, Suggestions on coral businesses. I plan on starting a veteran owned and operated coral business in the next year or so. I want it to be like no other business out there. All coral will be aquacultured and priced to compete with wild caught...
  22. Nutramar Foods

    Quality Marine Labs Successfully Breeds and Rears Wide-band Clownfish (Amphiprion latezonatus)

    Clownfish have long been one of the most popular fish and considered to be one of the best starter fish in the marine aquarium trade. Advances in culturing techniques have allowed commercial farms in the US and around the world to grow thousands of clownfish each year for the marine ornamentals...
  23. Nutramar Foods

    Quality Marine releases second batch of QM Labs Aquacultured Purple Tangs conditioned with Nutramar Foods

    Contact Your favorite retailer to get yours now before we run out! To learn more about our product line follow us on Instagram @nutramarfoods
  24. coral reeftank

    Illinois Instant Collection Ultimate SPS 20 Pack!

    Hey Everyone! I'll be heading back to school soon so I compiled an epic pack so that things don't start to touch. I think this is the nicest pack I've put together in awhile! This 20 pack is $1650 shipped and includes CRT Delight CRT Mind Bender TGC Bugatti CRT Hang Over CRT...
  25. Nutramar Foods

    Quality Marine Labs Successfully Breeds and Rears Zebrasoma xanthurum

    Check out the amazing news from Quality Marine using Nutramar Foods! Click Here to Learn More