1. Ignacio0607

    Build Thread Newbie alert*** Go big or go home!!! Wife hates me lol

    I have been in the hobby for about one year thanks to fluval nano 10g tank for newbies with success ( to my likings and my small test kits) I decided to go big or go home and I have the set up 140 gallon Neptune tank Aquatic life 48 with 3 Hydras26HD Redsea 900 skimmer Corallife UV sterilizer...
  2. sparrow_reef

    Nero 5 gph rate for 20 gallon cube

    Hello everyone. I’m new to reefing and was curious about my Nero 5. I’m sure it’s probably overkill for my 20 gallon cube nano but purchase has been made and there’s no going back lol. What kind of flow rate should I be targeting for? I plan on keeping a mixed reef. I’m sure there’s plenty to...
  3. WWC

    WWC Employee Epic Tank Battle!

    It's time to announce something cool happening here at WWC! The WWC Employee EPIC TANK BATTLE! This year-long contest is comprised of 2 different divisions - 10 Gallon & 20 Gallon. Each reef tank is made up of a team of individuals and the upkeep duties are split between them. Each team has...
  4. N

    HMS mount setup for rimmed Aquarium

    Hi everyone, I have a rimmed 90gal aquarium. I bought two Hydra 32HD and hms mounts. Unfortunately, these mounts are compatible with rimless aquarium. Here is a tweak on how to setup same mount on a rimmed aquarium.
  5. S

    Hawaii WTB AI Prime Fuge w/Flex Arm

    Looking for AI Prime Fuge w/Flex Arm.
  6. L

    Replacement Screws for AI Prime Flex Mount

    I have AI Primes and Flex Mounts without any screws on them. Does anyone know what screws to buy to mount the Primes? I tried contacting AI but the rep told me he doesn't know what screw size it is and I should be able to get them at home hardware stores. I'm located in Canada fyi. Also what...
  7. MonoReef

    Build Thread IM Nuvo Fusion 40 Mixed Reef

    I introduce to you Monoreef 2 Tank: Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion 40 Lighting: 14K 150w HQI + TWO AI Primes IM AUGA Gadget Chaeto Max LED Flow: AI Nero 5 + TWO IM AUGA Gadget Spinstream Nozzles Filteration: Filter Floss, Carbon Reactor, Chaeto Heater: Ehiem Jager 200w
  8. Jaag

    West Virginia AI HYDRA 26HD w/ flex arm mount

    This is one HYDRA 26HD and a flex arm for sale. Asking $285 shipped. The bracket for the the flex arm is missing one piece. It is the clamp that holds the bracket to the tank. You can see the missing part in the pictures. I have contacted AI, the piece is available through them. I believe it was...
  9. C_mo97

    Florida Looking for an AI Director

    Please pm me if you have one for sale!
  10. AquaART


    Hello R2R! This has not been an easy decision to come to this point, particularly just as my tank has matured, stabilized, and I really began to enjoy it; however, have realized that the next few years are looking to be kind of wild so I have taken the decision to setp out of the hobby until I...
  11. S

    Ohio Ai prime Hd with mounts x3

    I have three primes hd , 1.5 years -2 years old , 450$ shipped or 150$ each plus shipping , they come with the flex mounts
  12. imanewberry

    Cube Build MY FIRST REEF TANK Waterbox CUBE 20 Gallon

    Hi all! My name is Cody from Charlotte, NC and I am starting up my very first reef tank. Ever since considering starting up a tank, I have done the vast majority of my reading on reef2reef. I thought it would be a fun adventure to join the community and begin with documenting my first tank...
  13. EmilyXLC


    Up for grabs is a Waterbox Aquariums Marine 35.1 with white cabinet. Comes with AquaIllumination Prime HD lighting kit, filter sock holders, plumbing kit and sump. $750 OBO Local pick up in Longwood, FL only; cash or PayPal. Please feel free to message me with any inquiries you may have. : )...
  14. TenticleMonster97

    Hydra 52 replacement parts?

    Hey guys so I have some Hydra 52s and my blues (deep blues work) and on one of them the whites are out. I contacted AI and they said I should probably just buy new ones but I wanted to see if I can fix these first. Any help is appreciated.
  15. M

    Two AI prime suddenly turned off

    So I’ve had 1 AI prime running for about a year no problem. Recently (1 week) ago added a second one. So they’re set up as parent/child. So anyways. Sitting on the couch watching TV when the lights turn off.. I’m thinking it’s a little early.. I double check and it is. So this is current...
  16. Jerzyray

    Gen 1 AI Hydra Q?

    Hey all, Iv bin researching the AI hydra (non-HD) LEDs. I don't have a controller for them, but I do have an apex. Can anyone help me figure out how I can control these lights? When I plug them in all the LEDs come on full power.
  17. Moe Kayed

    USA PrimeHD Diffusers / Direct Snap On

    Thanks for taking the time to check out my product. I have been offering PrimeHD diffusers for several months now with great reviews. It is a direct snap on design with a removable pismatic acrylic sheet. It can also double as a shroud to stop large amounts of light bleed which also works...
  18. NanoMike

    Does this tank mount look ok Fluval evo hydra26

    I just picked up a hydra26 today and got the flex mount with it for my fluval evo. I was going to get an ai prime but apparently everyone is sold out and the company is not shipping any right now. My concern is the mount and how heavy it is. Does this look okay and do you think I should worry...
  19. MarineDepot

    VIDEO | Prime Fuge Review

    VIDEO | Prime Fuge Review Optimized to grow macroalgae—and grow it fast!
  20. MarineDepot

    Save Dinero on the Nero 5

    Save Dinero on the Nero 5 YES! $50 off Aqua Illumination Nero 5 Wave Pump
  21. MarineDepot

    Save Dinero on the Nero 5

    Save Dinero on the Nero 5 YES! $50 off Aqua Illumination Nero 5 Wave Pump
  22. Tangina20

    Top AI lighting schedules

    It seems like these are the top light settings for aqua illumination lights, feel free to put your input on why you chose one over the other!
  23. MarineDepot

    IT'S HERE! The All-New AI Prime Fuge Light

    IT'S HERE! The All-New AI Prime Fuge Light Illuminate your Fuge!
  24. M

    2x AI prime or AI hydra 26?

    So i currently have a 46 gallon bowfront with an oceanrevive t247 and I am currently trying to decide on what light I should upgrade it to. I've had the light for about 1.5 years (bought it used, was 2 years old when I bought it) and it was growing the corals at a really fast rate but then...
  25. MarineDepot

    Nero 5 Pump Review

    Nero 5 Pump Review Design, Performance, Control, and Scheduling Using the myAI App
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