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  1. R

    Colorado 48" Giesemann Spectra MH/T5 Fixture

    I am selling this like new 48" Giesemann spectra MH/T5 fixture. Asking $900 shipped, located in Denver, Colorado if want to pick it up. I also have 2 Hamilton Technology 250W M80 ballast I would also be willing to sell. These ballast are made for Radium bulbs.
  2. MarineDepot

    *NEW* Aqua Illuminations HD LED's!

    Get yours today!
  3. Reef Breeders

    Reef Breeders Photon V2+ on a 40 breeder - amazing!

    R2R member Lance M. has a stunning reef. He has a 40 breeder that he powers with our Photon V2+. He runs the photon at 4:1 ratio, Channels 3,5,6 to 1,2,4. Pics are blue on camera but not this blue IRL. Thanks to @Lance M. for letting us share his pictures!
  4. AquaNerd

    Meet the New Ocean Reef LED Fixture from Orphek
  5. Erick Armanii

    Great seller - @Lonewonderer

    I spoke with Chris aka @lonewonderer over the course of a few weeks. During this time Chris provided great insight and product knowledge! We kept in constant communication then and now! I would encourage anyone interested in doing business with Chris to do so! Prices are reasonable and...
  6. Orphek

    Amazing Colorful SPS Corals Under LED Lights

    Today’s post is displaying amazing colorful corals under LED lights which is not so easy to find… Back in June we published a beautiful coral gallery under Orphek Reef LED Lighting with breathtaking colorful SPS corals and also tips on how to shoot great pictures. This article was viewed by...
  7. Luca'sMom

    LED Lighting on a budget...

    Hi all! I read through a bunch of comments and got a lot of very good advice on led's. I still have a question hopefully someone can answer for me: On my 30g tank, which I just started planning, I need an LED light that will: not require a glass canopy on my aquarium; provide a couple clown...
  8. Aquarium Lighting

    Aquarium Lighting

    One of the hardest concepts to grasp is Lighting. It is also one of the most controversial topics brought up when talking to owners of pet stores and even veteran reefers. Try telling someone with 10 year old corals raised by fluorescent lighting that they need to upgrade to LED and they will...