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  1. C

    Red sea reefer 250

    Hi guys new to hobby, im wondering if this is worth it for $1000 candian dollar, I dont know much. Thank you!!

    Tennessee Aquariums Drygoods 60 gallon cube and 40 gal breeder reef setup

    Everything you need to start a couple reef tanks Includes Neptune controller with atk (the outlet switch stopped working. I have parts to repair there is a thread on r2r to fix it) with a new ph probe. Galaxy hydro light 60 gallon cube tank with overflow , stand, 40 gal breeder with overflow...
  3. Rhapsody in Blue Reef

    Oregon Aquariums Drygoods New/Unused Waterbox Infinia Frag 175.6 with custom controller cabinet for $3000

    I was all set to start a second tank but realized I only have time for one at the moment with my already busy lifestyle. Therefore, I’m selling this brand new never used Waterbox Infinia Frag 175.6. The stand is assembled, and the display tank was filled with water to pass a leak test and then...
  4. Innovative Marine

    October Sale - 20 to 40% OFF!

    The October sale has begun! 20 to 40% OFF On 40 to 200 gallons AIO | EXT | INT
  5. T

    Florida Aquariums Drygoods Waterbox Peninsula 7226 - Oviedo, FL ($2,500) w/ Extras

    In great shape aside from rusted hinges in the sump compartment. Small amount of scratches on glass, nothing crazy. Seams are excellent. Comes with lots of extras if you need it. Tank Dimensions: 6'x2'x2' Stand: 6'x2'x34" Included: Original Tank & Stand Original 40G glass sump Original 10G...
  6. tautog83

    New York Aquariums Drygoods Brand new nuvo 200 int with stand in black albany ny area . holiday drop!

    So im changing this up so maybe its more appealing in terms of money and the necessary logistics. Im offering tank, stand and top ( all standard when your order one) for $1500!!! this tank is brand new , literally thousands of dollars off! i have whatever extras you want( for extra $) or if you...
  7. craftbrews

    California Aquariums Testing Drygoods Tank Teardown - Irvine California - Innovative Marine INT 200 Full System, Sensors, Pumps, Apex, Trident, Dos

    Will make a deal for anyone who buys the whole live system for the Innovative Marine INT 200 see below (will sell for $5999) Live System: --- Innovative Marine INT 200 Peninsula - $1500 Trigger Systems - Platinum Fleece Sump 39 - $800 Custom Plumbing Manifold - $150 Lifegard Aquatics 120w UV...
  8. SmugglersReef

    Florida Aquariums Drygoods Innovative Marine IM50 Lagoon INT with sump, varios2 and Tunze 3155 plus many extras Boca Raton Florida

    Hi all this is a complete package tank is 1 year old does not include the corals or LED but does include the APS aluminium stand that opens front and sides, a trigger 26 sump, Reef Octopus Varios 2 DC pump, Tunze top off, Trigger 5 gallon top off container and all plumbing also includes live...
  9. G

    Florida Aquariums Package Deal Drygoods Red Sea 525 xl G2+ aquarium set up BRAND NEW $3,000.00

    Brand New in the box Red Sea 525 xl G2+ aquarium set up for sale. White stand. New with tax costs $3850. New in the box for sale at $3,000 - pick up in Palm Beach County FL Exemplar ad for the same tank from BRS is attached which contains the specs of the exact set up...
  10. Pyrat80

    Florida Aquariums Lighting JBJ-45 with extras $800

    I am leaving the hobby and need to sell my setup. Tank is up and running currently and has a few minor scratches in the glass . If you are looking to get into the hobby or just want to set up another reef tank, this has everything you need to have a small piece of the ocean of your own...
  11. toadstool_paradise

    Georgia Aquariums Drygoods SOLD FREE Innovative Marine 14g peninsula and stand!

    FREE to a good home gently used Innovative Marine 14g peninsula tank w/stand! Comes with: -mighty jet pump -mesh lid -heater that has served me well so far -glass thermometer that I love -nuvo APS aluminum stand some scratches on the black backing you don’t notice, no scratches on glass. Used...
  12. jonleeroyix

    Alabama Aquariums Package Deal 125 Gallon aquarium Full setup for sale

    I loved having this tank, but with two babies and trying to buy a house I no longer have time as well as I can’t afford maintaining it. Most of the fish got ich about a year ago and died in quarantine, then it got overrun by Aiptasia like 5 times.. so instead of letting it sit in storage for god...
  13. skyrne_isk

    Indiana Aquariums Drygoods Planet 60 x 30 x 18

    Upgrading from my Planet aquarium, purchased in 2020. Tank is 60 x 30 x 18, low iron on front and sides. Black euro bracing around the perimeter. Black silicone seams. Back panel is black from Planet. Drilled with internal black acrylic overflow on top left of back panel - standard three drains...
  14. S

    Aquarium stands building help

    Hello all! I am new to R2R and figured I would make my first post for help when it comes to stand builds. I have read several posts and also saw @RocketEngineer design which is really nicely done! I’m not sure I would need to build my stand out of 2x4 though as the aquariums I want to build...
  15. J

    Florida Aquariums Drygoods Redsea e170 Sebring Fl

    Redsea e170 tank and stand it’s white with hob skimmer, media tray. clear view lid, redsea light I am upgrading so it must go! pickup only.
  16. Travis Warren

    California Aquariums Drygoods 145 Gallon Hand Carved Indonesia Wood Aquarium - Local Pick up Only

    Hi, I bought this tank 5 years ago from a gentleman in the armed forces. He had it made in Indonesia and the military shipped it to Miramar,CA when they stationed him there. This is a one of a kind. The glass is a blue glass and in great shape. There are 2 small scratches but they are hard to...
  17. C

    Georgia Aquariums Drygoods 120g Tank, Stand, and Hood

    I have a very nice 120 gallon tank, stand, and hood for sale. The stand and hood are custom made in a rustic style. They would look great in any home. The tank is drilled with a corner overflow. No leaks or scratches. Asking $600 OBO Here is a link to some pictures...
  18. rennjidk

    Pennsylvania Aquariums LED deleted

  19. bowiereefer

    Maryland Aquariums Drygoods 60 Galllon tall tank and stand (pickup only)

    Good Morning All, I have a 60 gallon tall tank with stand for sale. Also will include fluval 360 cannister filter.
  20. elwallacejr

    Florida Aquariums Sumps SOLD Planet Aquariums 100 Premium Reef (No Sump)

    I'm down sizing quite a bit so I'm selling my Planet 100g Premium Reef (Ultra Thin External Overflow) with white stand. Dimensions: 48"L x 24"D x 21"H The tank is "mostly" hard plumbed with a manifold that has 4 x 1/2 inch ports and a 3/4 inch port. The manifold also has a true union valve...
  21. BaghdadBean

    Oregon Aquariums Sumps Package Deal 58 gallon Oceanic starphire aquarium, sump, & stand Free. SOLD.

    This is now spoken for. Thanks folks!
  22. Coomer

    Florida Aquariums Drygoods Sold!!’Cade 1500 S2 tank for sale located on the gulf coast

    For sale is a Cade 1500 reef tank. I’m moving soon to a smaller home and will need to downsize. This tank is awesome and has all the bells and whistles. Aluminum stand and glass doors, large sump. Comes with: Aquamaxx AF-1 fleece roller (5 refills inc)m Looking for $3000 this setup. Im...
  23. chelltom

    Mississippi Tennessee Aquariums Drygoods used 60 gallon reef ready aquarium with stand and canopy 400.00 or best offer

    I have a used 60 gallon reef ready aquarium with stand and canopy 400.00 or best offer. No shipping local pickup in Nesbit Mississippi 38651 about 10 minutes south of memphis
  24. jbarwa

    Florida Aquariums Drygoods 70 Gallon Corner Tank ~ Complete System

    70 Gallon Corner Reef Aquarium (may need a little cleaning) - $500 OBO Everything you need to start your own beginner reef tank! Freshly Painted Stand Main LED Light (unsure of the brand) 900 GPO return pump. MaxSpec 1-month old light (won a Kissel light so I’m including this. This light...
  25. B

    Michigan Aquariums Package Deal Drygoods Innovative Marine 75 INT Tank + Stand + Refugium + Rock

    Innovative Marine NUVO INT 75 GAL Aquarium + Black APS Stand + Refugium Tank Tank , stand and a trigger emerald 26 refugium that is plumb in with schedule 40 pvc and bulk head fitting. Paid $2,000 Bought New, used since March 2021 WILL ALSO INLCUDE - 70 lbs of live Fiji rock, straight from...