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  1. LiveAquaria

    Beautiful Aquatic Life from Philippines & Indonesia

    Exotic species from Indonesia and the Philippines are in the spotlight. They’re in stock and ready to make your aquarium their new home.
  2. pharazon

    California SOLD SOLD thank you

    For sale: Aquatic Life T5 Hybrid 24” Includes: - four ATI bulbs used 6 months - four mounting brackets for Radion/Hydra/etc. - one mounting plate for Kessil 360 - replacement non-coated bulb clips - 18” decorative end caps Does NOT include hanging kit $150 located near San Diego/Riverside border
  3. Rams

    Aquatic life 60” t5 hybrid

    Very good condition.Must pickup in NJ 08820.Asking 200$
  4. smartwater101

    SOLD [West Hollywood] TWO 36" DX18 Hybrid Dimmable T5 HO Light Fixture - Aquatic Life

    SOLD Selling each light (with bulbs) for 350$ each. Or 600$ for both. Price is firm. I never used these and they've been collecting dust in a closet for almost 4 years (completely forgot I had them) They even still have the protective wrap still on the corners. Only selling so cheap because...
  5. F

    Tank Break down Ft Lauderdale

    Clearing out old equipment. No shipping for Tank package and T5 hybrid fixture - RedSea 250 w/ perfect seals - $850 includes: RedSea 250 Tank, stand , sump, ATO Custom plumbed manifold with reactor Jebao DCP-5000 Sump pump Filter...
  6. ReefAddict16


  7. Angelo Fatica

    Can’t find t5 bulbs for my fixture anymore?

    Hello all, I have a 20” aquatic life t5 fixture that takes 4 16.5” 18watt bulbs. I can only find purple variants of these bulbs, nothing else. Is there any hope for these or do I have to trash my fixture? I can’t find anything that is not actinic or purple in the size I need.
  8. JTP424

    Illinois Lighting Skimmers Drygoods Radion X15 light, Hanna checkers, $35^

    *Update 9/5/23 reduced some prices, combined items *Update 9/11/23 shipping is available, in ADDITION to listed prices, will need to be discussed prior. *Update 9/25/23 few items sold *Update 10/12/23 additional items sold *Update 10/27/23 - Final Price drops! Out in the far Chicago suburbs...
  9. Just_Pete

    Pennsylvania Lighting T5 SOLD Aquatic Life T5 24" lighting

    Aquatic Life T5 24" lighting for $175 $150 $125 Prefer local pickup but can ship on your dime. Bulbs have roughly about a year of usage on them, they are B+ & C+. This is a single power cord version, not the previous 2 cord. I never cut to length the wires for the hanging kit, just taped them...
  10. 4

    Pennsylvania RO/DI Drygoods Aquatic Life smart buddy booster pump

    Aquatic Life Smart Buddy booster pump for RO/DI systems Used for about 12 months. No issues. Really increases RO/DI water output. ships from 17402
  11. pandaparties

    Arizona Lighting Drygoods Aquatic life T5 hybrid fixture 48"

    48 inches long 24 wide brackets. I have a bunch of the light mounting rails and hanging mount I can throw in too. 150$ used for like 6 months
  12. G

    LED T5 Package Deal Drygoods Aquatic life 48" T5 Hybrid - 3 kessil 360x - Spectral Controller

    Sorry had some message about this when I posted it last time but I had to travel for a family emergency so reposting Aquatic Life T5 Hybrid 48" fixture with 3 kessil A360x, mounting brackets and wired with dimmable ballasts controllable with apex. Comes with special controller Prefer local...
  13. seitzjh

    Florida Lighting Return Pumps Drygoods Radion XR15 G4 FW, RMS mount, Vectra L1, and Aquatic Life T5 HO Hybrid

    I'm selling Radion XR15 G4 Freshwater with very low run hrs. This includes light diffuser and inverter brick bracket. (Total without shipping $300) RMS Mount XR15 (Total without shipping $75) (2 available) Vectra L1 Pump With QD Controller with very low run hrs. This includes...
  14. Flipsquad81

    RO/DI Plumbing Miscellaneous Drygoods Aquatic life RO/DI SYSTEM... never used

    Aquatic Life Classic RO, RO/DI & DI Systems - Economical Filtered Water using Standard 10" Cartridges. The Classic RO systems provide up to 50 &100 GPD of economically filtered reverse osmosis water, removing harmful substances such as heavy metal ions and total dissolved solids from tap water...
  15. Dythomas11

    Lighting LED T5 Hybrid Kessil a360we / aquatic life hybrid 36in

    1 Kessil a360we and Aquatic Life 36in t5 hybrid. 2 kessil mounting arms included. $350obo. Shipped
  16. R

    Oregon Lighting Skimmers Drygoods Apex WAV, ATK, Gyres, Kamoer and Skimmers - Oregon - Will ship - SOLD

    6 months old - 36" Aquatic light hybrid setup ONLY w/ 8 bulbs - $200 Maxspect 350fx and 250fx with ic7 controller - both for $200 - SOLD -Will split if you want pieces. 2 - WAV Apex Powerheads - $200 for the pair - SOLD 1 - Bubble Magus Curve 9 Skimmer w/ new pump and...
  17. iTzJu

    New Jersey T5 Hybrid Drygoods FS: 36" AquaticLife T5 Hybrid Fixture

    I have a 36" AquaticLife T5 Hybrid for sale. This was used with the Radions Xr15 I have for sale as well, fantastic combo. Comes with 3 sets of brackets to be able to fit 3 Radions or similar style LED lights. $150 local pick up only. Pick up is 07208 or 07751 on some weekends. let me know if...
  18. y4ngel

    AP700 LED / Aquatic Life T5 combo

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad AP700 LED / Aquatic Life T5 combo. For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Please add to the discussion here.
  19. Michael-JT

    Aquatic Life DX18 72 Inch Custom with Triple Kessil AP9x

    Welcome to another installment of "how come you've never been married"? With your host, Michael. Before we begin, let's lower our heads in prayer. "forgive me father, for I have sinned. It's been two weeks since my own account put a hit out on me.." Now, let's follow along as we turn this...
  20. Rogued_Reefer

    Build Thread The Rogued Beast

    Hi everyone :) I want to take you guys on the journey of the Rogued Beast build. A little back story on why this tanks means a lot to me, before covid I had a successful ghetto rigged 75g long mixed reef. I was in the process of buying a Reefer 350 when mom got sick and was diagnosed with stage...
  21. S

    Aquatic life reverse osmosis

    Hello, who sell reverse osmosis of aquatic life, 100 gpd?
  22. jdemarco

    Connecticut Maine Massachusetts New Hampshire Rhode Island FS Brand New Aquatic Life Hybrid Fixture (White- 60 inch)

    For Sale White 60" Hybrid Fixture [Also have 4 brand new ATI T5s (60")] Paid $525 for this fixture in April for new build which got canceled. Fixture Price is $415 With 4 New ATI Bulbs $475 Or purchase the 4 New Bulbs for $79 No Shipping. Located in Reading/Woburn Area May meet as far...
  23. M

    Light for a shallow frag tank, Radion vs ATI vs ...

    Hi guys, I have some struggles with choice of light for my SPS frag tank. Tank dimensions: 48x24x12, water level is 10", and there's an egg-crate on the bottom, total height around 2", so water level above the egg crate around 8". Required options: spread as wide as it possible, PAR at least...
  24. shadow1013

    Aquatic Life DX18 Hybrid Dimmable T5 + EcoTech Marine XR15/XR30 G5

    Does anyone have the Aquatic Life DX18 Hybrid Dimmable T5 fixture and added the latest EcoTech Marine XR15/XR30 G5? Would love to see how they look and which fixture size you are using on which size tank.
  25. dburnsworth

    Aquatic life t5 hybrid, DX18 question.

    Hi. I am considering purchasing a t5 hybrid or maybe even the new DX18...and adding a Kessil or Ai later on. My question is this. I have a seaclear 50 acrylic tank that is only 15” wide. I see the bulbs are not placed at the outside of the fixture...will this give me a lot of spill outside the...