1. thereefingguy

    California FS: MP40WQD, doser, UV sterilizer

    MP40WQD (wireless) has a cracked dry side but still runs silent $175 shipped Jebao DP-2 (tubing included) $40 shipped Aqua UV sterilizer 8w (bulb works but recommend replacing soon) $75 shipped. $15 off item if picked up in Los Angeles / O.C. county.
  2. vangvace

    Vangvace's Red Sea Max S 650

    In the beginning... there was a betta fish. It was quickly followed up with small freshwater tank and a Via Aqua 18g saltwater tank. At that point I was hooked, but because of work I would stick to nano and pico tanks for the next 15 years, when not living overseas anyways. Last year I...