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  1. J

    Automated Dwarf Seahorse Aquarium

    For about 2 1/2 years I have been developing an automated Dwarf seahorse aquarium. I had quite a few failures but this version seems to work well. Everyone, please look it over and give me your comments. A presentation is available on the following link...
  2. Seahorsekelly69

    How to get new seahorses eating!

    Original post: https://seahorsewhisperer.com/how-to-get-new-seahorses-eating/ After taking so much time to research, plan and finally set up your first seahorse tank, “D” day finally arrives! In this case, I’m referring to DELIVERY day! The seahorses are finally here! Yay! But, after...
  3. Seahorsekelly69

    Feeding Seahorses - The why and How

    What do seahorses eat? How to feed seahorses in aquariums! Original post: https://seahorsewhisperer.com/what-do-seahorses-eat/ Simple enough question right? Or could nutrition be one of the reasons that people fail to keep them healthy in captivity? Seahorses might be fish, but they do not...
  4. ELOSAmerica

    I tried the new ELOS Fresco Food in My Aquastudio

    as you probably already all know. I'm also the owner of an ELOS Aquastudio in Nice'' french riviera " and I've tried out these tinned alternatives to frozen fish foods, and gets a pleasant surprise. I completely misjudged what was going to be in these tins, and how good it all was. At a...
  5. Reef Nutrition

    Live Feeds Topics

    Hey everyone, Chad Clayton here. I am gearing up to present at the Ocean State Reef Aquarium Society's annual event in April. I am going to discuss live feeds and how they are applied to aquariums (also a little about aquaculture). I have a lot of information from past experiences on brine...