1. Photosynthetic

    40 G Reef Savvy Mixed Reef

    Tank Dimensions: Reef Savvy 40 Gallon 24" x 24" x 17" Stand: Custom furniture Lighting : ATI Sunpower 24" 8 bulb T5 Non-dimmable (2 bulbs are all blue LED tube) 1 - 24" sBar actinic 1 - 24" Reef Brite Kessil A-80 (Fuge) WavePoint Blade HO 10,000K LED Fixture 9" (Fuge) Innovative Marine...
  2. K

    Retrofitting T5 Fixture

    Found this fixture on Home Depot Website and wanted to see if I can retrofit and run ATI bulbs on it. ViaVolt 2ft. T5 1-Bulb High Output 24Watt Light Fixture Link to Product on Home Depot Using ATI T5 True Actinic Link for the Bulb
  3. Reefahholic

    T5 bulb combination- Acropora dominated

    I wanna change up my bulbs. Instead of running bulbs that please my eyes, I figured this time I will try to please my corals and get the best possible growth that I can. Anybody care to discuss their current bulb combination from front to back and why you have chosen it. Would be nice to hear...
  4. vector824

    Florida ATI Blue Plus T5 60" - 80w

    **NEW** Got shipped the wrong sized bulb from an online store. Opened it up and put right back in the box because it didn't fit my fixture, they didn't want it back. Packed with "the tube" packaging. $15 + shipping PM with shipping address.
  5. gacolt

    Georgia X2 48'' ATI T5 sunpower 8 bulb fixtures

    X2 48'' ATI T5 sunpower 8 bulb fixtures.hanging kit included. both fixtures are in great problems 450.00 each local pick up only cumming,ga/forsyth county 30040
  6. gacolt

    Georgia ATI t5 sunpower 48'' 6 bulb fixture

    ATI t5 sunpower 48'' 6 bulb fixture.comes w/ hanging kit. needs new fans. has small amount of rust. missing plastic shield. 160.00 cash local pick up GA cumming/forsyth county 30040
  7. M

    Alabama ATI 36 Inch 6x39W Dimmable SunPower T5 High-Output Fixture

    I have had this unit for less than a year. Bulbs are 6 months old. It works great no problems with function at all. I only have the fixture s shown No hanging kit. It does have one small dent on the corner but this in no way has any impact on function. All reflectors are in perfect condition...
  8. M

    Ohio Large Tank (300g) and High End Equipment (Emperor Aquatics, ATI, Synergy Reef, Reef Savvy, APEX)

    I recently purchased a huge tank with hopes of setting up, but once it was home, the wife freaked out over the size, so am putting it up, along with a load of equipment that I will not need for my new build. Located in central Ohio. Will ship at buyers expense. Here is an early list, will...
  9. Scurvy

    Massachusetts WTT 36” 4 Bulb ATI Sunpower/Reefbrite & Apex Classic

    Title says it. Looking to negotiate for a couple of MP-40’s. Sunpower/Reefbrite XHO also has dual channel Dimmer for the led but just one strip. Apex Classic w/EB8, Temp and PH probes wet. Both items still running on a 40B setup but can be removed any time.
  10. Brian Goldstein

    Recommendations: Quality light rack/kit for an ATI fixture?

    Hey all- Can anyone recommend a light rack/kit for an ATI Sunpower fixture (36") ? I prefer a rack that spans the length of my tank and has legs that rest on side glass panels of the tank. I don't want to drill into the wall or hang the fixture from the ceiling. Thank you! -Brian G.
  11. Brian Goldstein

    Which ATI Sunpower fixture for my frag tank?

    Hey all- Just purchased a 45 gal. frag tank: 48" x 18" x 12" (tall) . I plan on growing mostly LPS and soft coral, but some SPS in the future as well. I was thinking about going with the 36" 4-bulb fixture. (1x blue+, 2 actinic, 1 purple ATI bulbs) . I would like some areas of lower light in...
  12. Brian Goldstein

    California Want to Buy - ATI Sunpower 48"- 4bulb fixture

    Hello! Looking for a Sunpower 48"- 4bulb fixture Thanks :) -Brian
  13. BoSalman

    ATI hybrid, sufficient mount?

    Hello, So I'm about to unbox my 6x39w hybrid ATI powermodule and install it. I've done a quick search online and i saw that some users recommended/used the Aquatic Life Universal Hanger (pictured below) to mount their hybrid T5/LED fixtures. However, this hanger is rated for 10lbs on each...

    Utah Used ATI 36" Dimmable with bulbs optional XHO reefbrite

    Selling my lightly used ati fixture, 6 bulb, dimmable. I will include 4 month old bulbs. Fixture functions like new, showing light usage. No big dings or scratches. I have really taken care of this light. I got a little bit of superglue on the acrylic shield, but this doesnt effect the...
  15. Jaculus

    Ohio SOLD -48" 8 Bulb ATI Dimmable Sunpower + TWO 48 Reefbrite XHOs and LSM

    SOLD - Edit: 11/18 parting out see post below from today. $650 for the T5, $225 each for the 48" Reefbrite XHO strips shipped. Selling this setup since I came back from MACNA after being convinced to switch to Metal Halides by Tullio (Reefbrite) I bought the setup minus the LSM...
  16. HndMafia

    Kentucky ATI Powermodule 10x54w T5 fixtures-2 available

    I had these built by ATI in 2015 through to US specs. These are the acclaimed 'top dog' T5 fixtures that haven't been sold in the US market for several years. I ran them for about 6 months, they are near perfect condition and include the lamps. I am selling to clean out the garage...
  17. ocncheffy

    Wanting to switch to an AI Hydra 26HD...

    Hey guys, I currently have a 60g cube with the dimensions of 24x24x24, and currently I run an Ocean Revive T247 with two 24" T5 ATI Blue Plus bulbs. I want to swap out my Ocean Revive with an AI Hydra 26HD, but I'm a little worried on coverage. Will the two pucks provide decent coverage when...
  18. Reefboy1

    ATI ICP-OES Water Analysis: can't Register a new account

    So I think I need help;Bored I want to start using ATI's Essentials. I ordered the 3 part system and the Professional ICP-OES Water Analysis. I filled all the tubes and then tried to create a account on I'm sure it is me but for some reason it is not letting me create an...
  19. Fritzhamer

    New York 36" Six bulb ATI Sunpower

    It's three months old. Upgraded to a powermodule. In pristine condition, never been splashed, no blemishes of any kind on fixture or reflectors. Local only. Hanging Kit included. $200
  20. Reefltx

    North Carolina ATI Hybrid 36" 2x75w 4xT5

    For sale, 36" ATI Hybrid in good condition. Includes hanging kit and bulbs. Asking $750 shipped. Will take $700 picked up.
  21. reacclimating 2 the hobby

    New York 24"ATI Dimmable Sunpower 6x24w

    Hello All, I have this ATI light as mentioned in the title. It was used for about 14 months and then I relocated from WA to NY. I'm currently building by new tank piece by piece and have gone slightly bigger. While this light would work and is a great light, I'm going to dabble in the hybrid...
  22. GlassyReefer

    Florida FS: 48” ReefBright XHO + ATI Sunpower 8x54 Dimmable

    Havent been on the forum lately, been preparing for a big move; hence why I am selling my lighting and will be listing other items when the tank comes down. Up for grabs is my Reefbright XHO 48” Actinic + ATI Sunpower 8x54watt Dimmable. Has only been used for about 1 year. I can include the...
  23. MccReefer

    ATI True Actinic thoughts?

    After a lot of reading I noticed the true actinic bulb is the only bulb that hits 425 nm where it’s most significant according to the chart. Why don’t people use this bulb other than the PAR value? Thoughts?
  24. MccReefer

    ATI True Actinic thoughts?

    After a lot of reading I noticed the true actinic bulb is the only bulb that hits 425 nm where it’s most significant according to the chart. Why don’t people use this bulb other than the PAR value? Thoughts?

    Poll: Which ICP-OES testing is better

    Fellow reefer, im trying to get a feel for how many of you do ICP testing and which one you prefer. If this is about knowing the 32 elements in your reef water, then why is there a cost difference? Excuse my ignorance or grammar. Just looking for input. I have a poll, which one to pick and how...
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