1. Sstadler

    Michigan ATI Sunpower 6x80W T5HO

    Selling SunPower 6x80W T5HO fixture with bulbs. System only has approximately 9 months of use. Works fine. Just taking my reefing in a different direction. Open to trades for LED. Currently using until I sell. Listing Picture for reference only. Asking 300. Located in SE MI.
  2. Gogol_frag

    ATI Straton back in stock

    Apologies if someone else has already posted this - however, if you were one of the folks waiting for ATI Stratons, then Marine Depot has them in stock. This message was borne out of general love for y'all, and I have no affiliation with...
  3. Rams

    New Jersey New York 60 inch ATI sun power fixture

    Asking 250$ must pickup at 08820
  4. Mester320

    Pennsylvania Lighting LED Orphek Atlantik Compact V4 multiples

    I am the second owner of these lights, I ended up with Radion G5 blues instead and just need to sell these or trade. I have 3 of them and a gateway. They all come in the original packaging and are in great condition. I am looking to get $600 shipped and will include the gateway for $50 if you...
  5. Warddman

    Florida 60 gal rimless deep blue tank, 2” steel stand, sump, 48” ATI dimmable t5, 36 actinic led strip

    Complete system for sale. 60 gal rimless deep blue tank, 2” steel stand, 40 gal breeder sump, 48” ATI dimmable t5, 36” dimmable Rapid led strip, neptune apex classic with vdm, afs, and neptune ATO, acrylic ATO container. 1200 OBO.
  6. L

    T5 Ballast question

    Hey everybody, So to start off, I don't live in the USA, and where I live the options for buying lights for a reef tank are somewhat limited. I bought a T5HO fixture (4x54W) and I have 4x54W T5 bulbs ready to use. After some issues and troubleshooting, I have found that I need to replace the...
  7. Coopdod50

    50g Lagoon- hybrid vs LED

    Hey everyone, I'm planning on getting an Innovative Marine 50g AIO lagoon to use as a frag system (display dimensions on it are 29"x 18"x 16" )I'll be doing it like a typical frag tank would be, sps up SPS, LPS in the middle, and softies down low. I'm debating on what lighting to use but I've...
  8. M

    Light for a shallow frag tank, Radion vs ATI vs ...

    Hi guys, I have some struggles with choice of light for my SPS frag tank. Tank dimensions: 48x24x12, water level is 10", and there's an egg-crate on the bottom, total height around 2", so water level above the egg crate around 8". Required options: spread as wide as it possible, PAR at least...
  9. Chrisss

    New Jersey Lighting T5 Selling ATI 48" 6x54w fixture - $220 cash - LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

    Hello! Up for sale is a 48" ATI 6x54w fixture. Info: - Used for 5 years. Bought new from BRS 1/28/16 - On for 7-9hrs a day - Always used the acrylic screen - Bulbs are 4 months old (replaced every year Jan 1) - Bulb combination is 4 Blue Plus, 1 Actinic, 1 Coral Plus - Everything works...
  10. Variant

    California Nevada ATI Powermodule 24" 8 Bulb T5 + LED Hybrid

    Selling my lightly used ATI Powermodule. It is 24" and has 8 bulbs, 24 watts each. This is the LED hybrid version so it also has a 75 watt LED cluster. I am selling this light because I upgraded to a larger tank so I now use a much larger ATI Power module. Only looking for local sales in the...
  11. G

    New Jersey New York ATI Essentials #1,2,3 1000ml

    Bottles are sealed new. Cleaning out the fish items. 40$ shipped USPS flat rate. Will not ship in manufacture box.
  12. C

    Illinois Lighting LED T5 Hybrid 36" Aquatic Life T5 hybrid 4 x 39W

    36” 4x39 w Aquatic Life t5 hybrid fixture with 6 bulbs included. Condition is "Used". Bulbs in the fixture are 3 Ati blue plus and 1 Ati actinic. Comes with 2 new bulbs of 1 Ati blue plus and 1 Ati Coral plus. Bought last December and used it 3 hours a day for 5 months. Bulbs last roughly 18...
  13. Reef-Engineer

    ATI Straton LED Light - Comments, Review, PAR, Coverage, Discuss...

    Hi All, I purchased two pre-embargo ATI Straton units for testing and feedback. The two units were replacing an 8-Bulb 48" ATI Powermodule over half of my new ~340g SPS reef. I wanted to document my findings and comparison on PAR, heat, sound (none!), look, build quality, coverage, and so on...
  14. gacolt

    Georgia Lighting T5 FS ATI sunpower 48'' 8bulb t5 fixture

    ATI sunpower 48'' 8 bulb fixture.2 years of great.comes w/ hanging kit. local pick up or size 6''x51x30 zip code 30040 400.00 plus shipping cash or zelle.
  15. Reefahholic

    Texas SOLD 48” ATI PowerModule T5/LED Hybrid (8x54W)

    Leaving the hobby briefly. The fixture is 3 yrs old. Bought new in 2017 from BRS. I have the receipt. Fixture is in Excellent condition. Has all ATI and Giesemann bulbs in it. The reflectors are spotless as I kept the acrylic guard on the fixture. No dents. More pics soon. Grows Acro’s like...
  16. Proverbs3:5-6

    Picking out new coral!

    Hey everyone, I’m thinking I want to pick out some new coral for my tank. I’m running a 75gallon with an ati 48” dimmable 8x54 t5 fixture. I really have no experience with sps corals and usually stick to lps and softies. I had been out of the hobby but recently got back in and so far have some...
  17. gacolt

    Georgia ATI 48'' 8bulb sunpower,c02 tank,heaters local pickup

    ATI sunpower 48'' 8bulb fixture.2years of great.comes w/ hanging kit.400.00 20lb c02 tank 3/4 full 70.00 x3 eheim jager heater 300w 20.00 each local pickup in GA. cash or zelle thanks for looking
  18. L

    New SPS frags!!!

    Reefer 250 around 18 months old. Finally getting the hang of keeping sps. So I got rid of a big monti and went crazy with the sticks. This thing will be packed if I can keep everything in line. I've got 9 more frags to find spots for. I can't wait for these to take off!
  19. L

    Build Thread Levi's Redsea Reefer

    Just a few pics of my reef
  20. C

    California ATI power module 10 bulb 36”

    ATI powermodule 10 bulb 36” (38 watt). This is the discontinued version. Too big for my tank. This thing is a beast and grows anything. $550 picked up locally near Sacramento. No bulbs included.
  21. Bellebomb

    ATI Sunpower 6x80 and Kill-A-Watt troubleshooting

    I am new to the reefing hobby and need some assistance. I have a Kill-A-Watt PS-10 to help monitor electricity usage and prevent fires/tripping breakers. I finally got my light up and running (attached two reefbrite actinics to the ATI). Without plugging in the reefbrite, only the ATI plugs...
  22. SDJustin

    German ICP Water Analysis Comparison

    I ran ATI, Triton, & FaunaMarin ICP tests on my 160 gallon reef tank. All three tests were taken within 3 minutes of each other from the same location within the aquarium. Attached are the results. TLDR: I now trust the results of all three (except Triton Iodine) as they all reasonably agree...
  23. thereefingguy

    Best Supplemental LED strip for T5’s

    Debating on sbreef, orphek, 21ledusa or reefbrite xho. Which do you guys prefer?
  24. F

    Michigan ATI T5 dimmiable light fixture 36 inch 4 bulb

    Reefers, ATI T5 Dimmable SunPower Light Fixture, very well maintained. - $200 dollars including bulbs and hanging kit. Brand new including bulbs and tax costs $678 I have priced the unit at $200.00 , it comes with ATI bulbs (6months use) and hanging kit. The dimmable feature allows to...
  25. Scurvy

    Massachusetts Apex, Reef Brite, Ecotech, Hydor & More

    A few items added! Local meet is always prefered. Prices are firm if shipping. Low Ball Offers will be ignored. Two Neptune Apex WAV's - (Used 9 Months) - $135 Each Shipped or $250 for the Pair Neptune Apex - One Link Module (8 Months Old) $115 Shipped Reef Brite - 36" Actinic VHO LED...