1. DxMarinefish

    Build Thread GazuntaiReef - 280G Mixed Reef - Algae Turf Scrubber as main Filtration from 2007

    Hello everyone, My name is David and I live in Manchester, England. Thanks for stopping by my GazuntaiReef build thread! UPDATE MONDAY 22 MARCH 2021: I use Core7 Triton method to maintain most of my parameters. The aquarium is around 280 Gallons. Lightly stocked at the moment with both hard...
  2. c3h5

    Build Thread c3h5 Innovative Marine 100gal INT build

    Started a new tank this winter, wish I found this forum prior to starting for more ideas but any opinions or suggestions welcomed. Day 0 Stand assembled and placed next to my current nano tank.
  3. DropInTheOcean Matthew

    how do I seed my ATS with this Ulva algae that everyone is talking about?

    Approximately 18 hours ago I seeded my ATS with GHA, as it was all I had growing in my refugium other then Chaeto. and there has already been significant growth. its incredible! however, every time I research ATS I hear everyone talking about Ulva algae... I would love to know how y'all are...
  4. Marco9926

    ATS Only Nanoreef

    Hey there, This is my nanoreef, driven only by Algae Scrubber. What do you think about it? the video is taken from my personal Italian Guide about ATS, so don’t care about the audio but focus on what you can see! tell me what do you think about it! Plz!!! link: Acquario Marino, Metodo ATS...
  5. otyrrell

    Four Square Aquatics - APIS-60 ATS Review

    Hi All, I recently upgraded my tank and had planned to build a DIY algae scrubber, specifically trying to match some features that the APIS scrubbers tout, without having to drop the gutwrenching amount of cash they were asking for such a common DIY solutions. Specifically, looking for compact...
  6. Marco9926

    Algae scrubber only reef setup?

    Hy friends, I'm from Italy and I'm also new here.... I had a reef tank years ago with protein skimmer , but now I need your help for a new project. This is my question: May I start cycle my new reef tank (about 80 lt) with algae scrubber only? I mean, someone add the ATS later to their systems...
  7. ReefNerd

    Grow Algae to Fight Algae - Santa Monica RAIN2 Review

    In this video I discuss growing algae with a focus on the RAIN2 Algae Turf Scrubber. In my opinion, there is no better way to keep nutrients in check, and combat algae in your display than a properly size refugium, algae reactor or algae turf scrubber.
  8. I

    ATS Water Source

    I am finally getting around to installing an ATS I purchased from TurboAquatics a couple months ago. I'm debating connecting the ATS to my primary drain line vs a dedicated feed pump. I know of others that have done this without issue, but I'm wondering if there are any drawbacks that I'm not...
  9. Treefer32

    Side effects of Turf Scrubber

    O.k. Wow, I've seen some major changes in water quality as my Turf Scrubber takes off. It's growing hair algae now within 2 days of cleaning it. And full of hair algae within 5 days! Huge massive changes there! It's awesome to see! I see Cyano starting to die off in the tank as well, which...
  10. Nolan Shinn

    Dual overflow into algae turf scrubber??

    I’ve been considering how best to plumb the dual overflow/return on my center drilled 150gal build and I need some input from you knowledgeable reefers out there: Is there any reason I couldn’t pipe both of my overflow down tubes through two algae turf skimmers? In theory this would mean all...
  11. pelphrey

    Kentucky Santa Monica RAIN2 - Algae Turf Scrubber

    Used ATS with 4 gem5 lights. The bottom of the base has some blemishes, I attempted to glue some legs on at one point. Can't be seen once installed in your system. I did replaced one of the light connections. It will come with end caps, without the end caps you have to run all 4 lights. With the...
  12. HomeSlizzice

    Will this ATS / Algae Scrubber idea work well?

    Hi All, I'm newer to the idea of running an Algae Scrubber. I've always used other methods for my tanks, but the idea of an algae scrubber interests me. I've read a lot about them recently and see that the waterfall style is the most popular currently, followed by the UAS (Upflow Algae...
  13. PiscesPower

    Need help choosing algae scrubber pump

    I have a turf algae scrubber on my RSR 250. I started it using a sicce nano pump since that was what I had around, but it was not enough flow. I had some growth but it wasn't creating a wall of water down the screen. Today I attached an MJ 1200 295 gph, and tried to just dial the flow down...
  14. Tft12

    Type of acrylic for building Algae Scrubber

    I'm thinking about building an algae scrubber. Does anyone have input on what type of acrylic should be used for building an algae scrubber? I noticed that the "Optix" brand acrylic at Lowes says it's "UV Stabilized" so my main concern with the acrylic is wavelength filtering. The LEDs being...

    Cube Build Red Sea E170 w/sump and custom ATS

    Hello everyone, im new here on R2R and just wanted to share my tank that has been set up since 7/23/16, wow almost a year. First livestock was added 6 weeks after the intial set up. It is my first reef tank and im pretty proud of what it is turning into. I have had some challenges with some ups...
  16. Pny

    Pny's waterfall algae scrubber build

    ATS Description I've been trying out a DIY "SURF"-style algae scrubber for more than a year, but its nutrient export doesnt keep up with my feeding, so I want to give the algae scrubbing method a "last chance"... Now I've started making myself a quality waterfall style ATS. Instead of just...
  17. Ultimate Filtration (Algae Turf Scrubbers)

    Ultimate Filtration (Algae Turf Scrubbers)

    Have you been having algae problems in your display tank? Do you feed your fish as much as you would eat? Are you sick and tired of struggling to keep your sand clean? Do you want me to stop asking you questions because the answer is “Yes?” The problems you are experiencing are centered around...
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