automatic water testing

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    Automatic Water Testing

    Hi, I am just getting into corals. I have an apex but not sure if I should go for the trident, kh guardian or kh keeper plus. I am from India and here custom duty has recently gone up to 75% on electronics. So If I am to buy trident, I will have to pay 75% more of the original price which will...
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    ReefBot V2 is here!

    The ReefBot V2 is finally here!! Aimed mainly to stabilize your tank parameters to create a healthier ecosystem for your precious corals and fish. With its 8 vials, the ReefBot V2 can test all the essential parameters of your tank faster and more efficiently than its predecessor. The ReefBot...
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    Christmas offer from Reef Kinetics

    Due to popular demand, we are offering $100 off the ReefBot this Christmas ! Use coupon code: HOHO100 at checkout. . #alliwantforchristmasisyou #reefbot #reefkinetics
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    ReefBot Reef Kinetics Unboxing, Setup and Initial Review by ReefDudes

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