1. YodaHart

    Florida Tank Breakdown (Apex, Radion, Icecap...)

    Breaking down my aquarium and selling all my hardware. Prices are firm as listed plus estimated shipping from Tampa, FL. Local pickup is also available. Pay via paypal to [email protected] Click link on item name below to see picture of actual item being sold. $250 - Neptune Apex Classic...
  2. AquaDaddy

    Mounting Swabbie to lid and cord quick release

    I just bought a used Swabbie and will be installing on my Bubble Magus Curve 7. A couple questions for anyone here. How, in the DIY version of the Avast is it mounted to the skimmer lid? Should I drill some holes and tap them out? and then use the nylon screws? Also, has anyone modified it...
  3. Holdbar7

    California Avast Kalk Reactor

    Hello! I'm looking for a Avast kalkwasser reactor, new or used, as long as the motor still works and it doesn't leak. Shoot me a message with a price and pictures if you have one you'd like to part with. Thanks!
  4. shiftline

    Avast Marine Breakout Box for Neptune Apex Review

    I got my Avast Marine Breakout box last week and love it! Its sooooooo much easier to use than the Neptune version.. Having to try and find a way to fit 6 wires into one tiny holes never made sense to me! I highly recommend picking one up if your in the market for a Breakout box