bashsea sump

  1. G

    New York Sumps Drygoods Bashsea smart series sump 36Lx18Wx16H - $325

    Bashsea smart series sump 36x18x16 Blue $325 Pickup only, near westchester NY
  2. G

    New York Drygoods SOLD SCA 100g - Bashsea smart sump 48x16

    SCA 100g 48" center overflow Bashesea 48x16 smart sump Stand and safetop lid included Needs to be cleaned up but no visible scratches in tank
  3. Semper.Reefing

    210g Aqueon reef tank

    The new build is coming together! More to come.
  4. Semper.Reefing

    Garage Sumps???

    So I’ve got an Aqueon 210 and have convinced my wife to let me put it in the office-which is back up to the garage- and is letting me plumb it through the wall. My garage is insulated and the doors face north so they don’t get full sun all day, just the morning. I live in South Carolina and we...
  5. CajunReefNerd

    Time for a sump upgrade for a 120

    Good evening to all I am in the market for a new sump with a fuge. My tank is doing extremely well with a basic ice cap sump but I want to upgrade and get the added benefits of a larger sump and one with a fuge. I am strongly considering a Bashsea but I am open to model suggestions, and or...
  6. Two_Nano_Reefs

    California Skimmers Sumps Drygoods Bashea Sump, skimmer return pump

    $275 no shipping unless you really want to cover it. SMS-3015 Smart Series Sump - Bashsea Grey and blue 30x15x16 up to 120g $145 Bubble Magus Curve 5 1 broken nylon screw and missing clamp Will ship buyer pays MODEL : BM-CURVE 5 Pump : ROCK SP1000 Power : 220V/110V ,8W Air intake : 300L/H...
  7. Chipper1978

    Bashsea Sump Damage?

    Just received my 60” Bashsea SS-60 Signature Series sump and there are two dents/marks between the filter sock holes. They look like damage to me, but now I’m second guessing because the stock photo appears to have a mark in the exact same location. Any thoughts? Last photo is the stock photo.
  8. A

    USA WTB Bashsea Sump - orange and gray - Apex colors

    Anyone have one for sale or know where I can purchase one?
  9. MichaelP121579

    Suggestions bashsea signature series sump

    Has anyone installed a filter roller in bashsea signature series sump. The way I had to plum my tank I can only use 1 filter sock. After looking I bought the wrong sump for my application, but it's already installed and cycling. Only issue I have is the way the you can only use 1 sock at a time...
  10. Aquaristexhibit

    Build Thread Welcome to Aquarist Exhibit’s New Build Thread!

    Hey Reefers!! Welcome to my build thread !! -75 g Custom 12mm tank with Starphire Front (40”L x 20” W x 22” T) built by local Edmonton tank Builder Overflow & Wavemakers -Eshopps prodigy L overflow (bean animal) -2x Tunze 6055 Electronic Sump Filtration - Bashsea Smart series...