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  1. D

    OINK! I'm a Pig. 200g Reef Savvy, Bashsea, Royal Exclusiv -Direct sunlight- In wall w/ IKEA fishroom basement sump build

    Hi everyone. I finally got around to starting this build thread. I had originally wanted to wait until things were closer to being done, and then doing a recap of sorts, so that people didn't have to wait long periods of time before updates. However, I am learning many things along the way...
  2. Billldg

    Large Build Bills CDA 225 gal 72x30x24 tank upgrade/Dream Tank!!!

    Well, today is the day. I finalized my order and put a down payment on what will be my dream tank. I ordered a Crystal Dynamic Aquariums 225 gal tank along with metal stand. Below is what I plan on installing in the tank. Tank and stand: Crystal Dynamic Aquariums 225 gal 72x30x24 tank with...
  3. Rob.bucek

    Large Build Rob's Really Rad 180 Reef Rally

    Hello all! Hopefully the title is catchy, unlike this build thread... I promise this won't start out all that rad :) So where do I start? I usually approach things with the end in mind as that's a recipe for success in my job, but this is for fun so we'll pitch that book in the trash to...
  4. Reefer_Tom

    Large Build My Planet Aquariums 300 Gallon Peninsula Reef Tank

    Starting a build thread on my 300 Gallon Planet Aquariums Peninsula Reef Tank. This this has a Total water volume of just over 400 Gallons (420 Gallons to be exact) including the sump and the refugium.
  5. HairyGary

    Minnesota Bashsea PM 3 pellet reactor (DIY algae reactor) and new Mighty Jet pump

    I have a used but very good condition Bashsea PM 3 pellet reactor that was converted to DIY algae reactor. Comes with brand new Innovative Marine DC Mighty Jet pump. $180 shipped for the package deal.
  6. M

    Ohio #2 Large Tank (300g) and high end equipment (ATI, Ghost, Apex, More)

    Revised List Update - Tank - $1,750 (pickup) Shadow Overflows - $125 shipped (1 available) Ghost Overflows - $225 each shipped Emperor Aquatics UV - $400 24"ATI +10 new bulbs- $400 plus shipping AL T5 - $125 1 Display - $50 shipped 1 Orange Box Brain - $125 shipped 1 Classic Black Box Brain -...
  7. Highgrade

    Build Thread Highgrade's IM INT112

    Here's the rundown on my new build. This will be mainly a SPS dominant tank. Innovative Marine INT 112gal 36 x 36 x 20 with APS stand Giesemann Stellar 36" Hybrid T5 with 2 Kessil A360x and Spectral X controller. Bashsea Smart Series Sump 30 x 18 x 16 Eshopps Gen 4 S-200 Skimmer Ecotech M1...
  8. R&J Reefs

    California For Sale Zen Reef reservoir and Bashsea Reactors

    Zen Reef ATO reservoir/ Dose Reservoir measures 18” tall 12” deep 22.5” long Apex. 15 gallon Ato reservoir and 1 gall. Each dose section. Zen reef magnetic dose line holder Bash Sea media reactors (2) 18” tall Magnetic holder brand new Reservoir only used for 3 months , dose sections...
  9. Elgringodiablo

    Triton Sump Recommendations

    Currently, I have 5 tanks. After about a year+ of doing 5 weekly water changes on two floors of my house, I've decided I need to consolidate some of my systems and move everything to one room. First step in this is consolidating my 40 gallon breeder and my IM Lagoon 50 into one tank and put it...
  10. pluikens

    Deciding on custom sump manufacturer

    I started my 40 breeder reef tank with a DIY 20 long sump but I would now like to upgrade to a manufactured sump. There are a few intricacies of my setup that have been making the search difficult. 1. Flow in the sump should be right to left (I could change this but it would be a plumbing mess...
  11. AquaNerd

    A Look at the New & Versatile Bashsea Smart Series Sumps

  12. Rik

    Illinois Extra Items to Sell

    I will update with a few more items as I get a chance to take some more pics. Now that my tank build is complete, I have a few items I no longer need to hold on to. UPDATED 8/28/18 : Bashsea Bio Fuge 24-10-14 Sump - NEVER USED, BRAND NEW with box : $200 picked up in Chicagoland - $235 shipped...
  13. Mole

    Michigan Bashsea 6-24 with Sicce Syncra Pro 5500 $275

    Works perfect. Just going a different route. Includes all plumbing and return pump. Return pump is a one year old Sicce Syncra Pro 5500. Cleaned and ready to go. Picture [email protected] 12:09pm on 7/4/18. I can ship for additional cost. Willing to drive within 1/2 hour of Grand Rapids, MI.
  14. Premiumaq

    New products at Premium Aquatics

  15. AiKkz

    Large Build 300 Gallon In-Wall + Fish Room / 115 Gallon Frag Tank

    Been in the hobby for a little while and looking to upgrade to a large tank that will be SPS dominant. Several years ago I started with a 40g breeder, then went to a 90 bow front, and recently tore down my 220 because I had to move so now i'm taking advantage of the new house and the wife let...
  16. Bruzzerfish

    WTB Red Sea reefer 250 sump or other cube sump

    Hey guys, I’m starting a cube build and as the title says I am looking for a reefer 250 sump and stock auto top off. I am also interested in any other cube sumps you may have. Another option would be a cube aquarium is you have it, ie. deep blue 28g 20”x20”x16”, i wouldn’t mind doing a diy...
  17. AquariumSpecialty

    Summer Sump & ATO Sale

    Our summer Sump, ATO and Water tank sale is underway. 10% off all in stock Bashsea, BioTek Marine and Trigger Systems sumps, auto top off reservoirs and water tanks. The sale ends Friday at midnight. http://www.aquariumspecialty.com/equipment/aquarium-and-sumps
  18. AquaNerd

    Custom Bashsea Cichlid Life Support System

    http://aquanerd.com/2017/07/custom-bashsea-cichlid-life-support-system.html Click the link to learn more...
  19. AquariumSpecialty

    Sump sale and 10x Reward Points

    10% off on all BioTek Marine, Trigger and Bashsea in stock sumps and ATO water tanks. Don't Need A Sump? How about 10x Reward Points on everything else! Receive 10x reward points on your account for all items purchased during the sale period (excluding sumps/water tanks on sale, sale items...
  20. AquaNerd

    Tour the Bashsea Facility with the Kings of DIY

    You gotta watch this one all the way through by clicking the link below... http://aquanerd.com/2016/12/tour-the-bashsea-fabrication-facility.html Have a nice weekend everyone!
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