1. 1stPhantom

    New To Everything

    Hi just saw a video a few months back and was hooked. So I did a few months worth of research and got me a 10g (yes lk small ) but plan on upgrading as my invertebrate, corals, and anemones grow only going to keep reg Nemo's for the time being til I up my tank and get more designer type Nemo's...
  2. R

    Cheap LPS/SPS frags for sale

    Various frags for sale, pick up in Brooklyn or can meet in NYC. Package deal welcome. Sps from left to right: Purple Stylo, Pink Stylo, Green Goblin Anacrapora, Forestfire Digi, Green Pocillopora, Tricolor Pocillopora, Teal birdneast, Red Setosa.
  3. toor.attar

    What’s wrong with my tank?! Help please

    Hello everybody, I have an innovative marine 15 gallon that has been running for 4 months now. This is my first time keeping corals and it seemed like everything was going great. In order I added my Toadstool Leather first, then a Yellow Ricordea, small Rose Bubble Tip Anemone, and then some...
  4. toor.attar

    Fish are yawning

    Hey everybody, I have some fish in my tank that keep yawning occasionally. I have a 55 gallon with 2 clowns, a small butterfly, small tang, and flame hawkfish. I had the tank running with the clowns for a couple months then added the baby tang 2 weeks ago and a week after the butterfly and...
  5. NL.Reefer

    Red Sea Mg, Ca, Kh Dosing help please

    Hi everyone! I want to start dosing but I would like some more tips/advice first. I am going to use Mg, Ca and Kh from Red Sea. My aquarium is 560L and I do 1 water change (60L) every week and I measured my Mg, Ca and Kh every day last week so I know what my lps corals are consuming. As you...
  6. Johnb65

    Beginners New Build - Fluval Evo 13.5G

    Hi All, Yesterday was day 1 of my reefing journey! Im pretty excited already and looking forward to seeing how my reef progresses over the next year. I’m already wanting to upgrade! So day 1: Had all of my equipment ready or so I thought to get my tank up and running! Of course I would forget...
  7. B

    I have a heater that has been through ich.

    I have a heater that has ich on it and I was wondering if I could boil it to get rid of the ich? If so what degrees will instantly kill ich? Any other suggestions? I would like to put the heater in today.
  8. B

    Bio- Magnet Clarifier not being able to just pour in?

    I got sand from “Carib Sea” and it comes with a Bio-Magnet Clarifier and it says add it to a jar and add slowly. Why can I just not pour it in?
  9. B

    Ich medication on rock? If so removal help!

    My fish got ich around 3 weeks ago and it was successful (as of now). I used this medication named “Seachem Paraguard” and was curious if that sticks to your rocks like copper does? I did not use copper through the ich process. I used these rocks that I would love to put in my DT and was...
  10. B

    Want to move inverts to display tank but worried of ich

    So I have inverts in my old DT and I got a new DT but my older DT got ich and I heard that the cyst can stay on their shells. So my old DT has been fishless for about 2 weeks and so are the cyst still on my inverts and should I wait the 6-8 weeks or is their a way to kill the cyst on my inverts...
  11. B

    Wrasse Can’t Swim and Is lying down.

    I have a 6 lined wrasse. I have had him for about a month. He got ich and I treated it and he was doing fine! He was eating swimming actively and being a fish. Until today, I woke up and noticed all my fish were out and he wasn’t he was hiding in a rock and he looked stuck so I moved the rock a...
  12. B

    Wrasse Not Coming Out.

    I have a 6 lined wrasse and Ive had him for about a month. he has been coming out and eating. He was out last night and is now hiding in my rock. I've tried to move him out and he keeps going back. He would always be swimming out and active I dont know why he is hiding. I did a water change just...
  13. B

    Mixing Clownfish

    Hey, so I’m new to saltwater and so I have 2 Ocellaris Clownfish and one Clarkii Clownfish (I’m aware of the risk). Soon I will be moving them into my display tank (a 60 gallon) and should I get another Clarkii to get him the same species (None of the clowns have paired yet) and when they do...
  14. T

    Dead Corals?

    So my tank is fairly new and I have been struggling with ammonia spikes, already killed my smallest fish. Im now worried that these coral are completely dead and they too are increasing the ammonia levels. Can anyone verify? The one i think looks the worst is the Dragon Soul Favia and the other...
  15. T

    Clownfish- Pelvic fins redacted, swimming awkwardly. Please help

    So I bought my first pair of clownfish about 5 days ago and they paired very easily and immediately. 2 days later I noticed the smaller one was always by the flow outtake and would only swim vertically. I did a water change that day to make sure envy thing was good and while there was less water...