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  1. colsons_critters

    HOW to set up your FIRST SALTWATER AQUARIUM!!! (Beginners Guide)

  2. B

    Six-Line Wrasse

    I am pretty new to reef-keeping/saltwater tanks. I figured the best way to start was to purchase used, but that didn't end well as the live rock I purchased was full of bristleworms. I bought a Six-Line Wrasse to take care of them and thought I had done sufficient research on them. A few days...
  3. T

    Beginner Reefer - 125 Gal tank Rock insight - scroll to "SUGGESTIONS MOVING FORWARD" if you dont want backstory

    So as mentioned, I'm new to reefing and the saltwater aquarium community. I am learning as I go and made a painful mistake I'm looking to rectify as safely as possible. BACKGROUND: Tank was bought used in August while still running as a functioning aquarium, previous owner had up and running...
  4. L

    Will changing from plastic decorations to algae cause an ammonia spike? (IMPORTANT)

    I think my fish would be happier if his tank was decorated with algae instead of plastic, but I don't know if I can do it inmediately or have to wait for the tank to cycle :( I'm pretty new in taking care of plants and all the algae I've tried to inmerse in the tank died, so I'm thinking of...
  5. GrizzReacts

    Stock options for 65 gallon

    Grabbing a 65 gallon looking for stock options new to this hobby nothing too small I was thinking Coral Beauty Angelfish , Saddle Valentini Puffer to start off but what else?
  6. J

    pearlscale butterflyfish died suddenly black scales

    I'm fairly new to taking care of marine life and I recently got my tank stable, no more ammonia. But my fish keep dying. This is a new one that I encountered, I hope someone here has dealt with this or knows what to do since I don't know what to google or what it's called. Thank you!
  7. L

    Seperate refugium tank above sump, below display tank?

    I'm doing research ahead of time before buying and setting up my first saltwater tank. It will be FOWLR, with the exception of possibly an anemone down the road at some point if/when I'm confident I can take care of one properly. The display tank will be in the range of 20-30 gallons and the...
  8. thatotherblkguy701

    Tank help for innovation marine fusion 15

    I am looking at the fusion 15 by innovative marine I would like to grow some corals if possible alone with 1 or 2 fishh my question is what else would I need to grab make this tank ready for both. I know I need lights, a heater, possible power head or return pump . But whatelse...
  9. Mop

    Complete beginner with a tank

    Hey all, Complete beginner here; i had some goldfish as a kid n thats about it... but I got a Red Sea Reefer 750 as a birthday present from the wife so keen to jump straight into the salt water world but i'm stuck even before I got started, I got all the basic plumbing installed for me but as...
  10. nextfishtank

    What corals can I keep under Chihirios WRGB II Pro in a 60 cm tank?

    Hello Fellow Reefers, I have a brand new Chihiros light and a 60 cm tank, I did read that I can grow macro alage and it looks great on its own, but I was wondering are there any specific corals that I can keep in my 60 cm tank? Chihiros WRGB II Pro Specifications Thank you!
  11. C

    Completing my first tank

    I am currently about to start the cycle for my 5 gallon Marineland portrait tank, but before I do so, I have some questions. 1. What are some hardy, beginner soft corals that would do well in a pico tank? 2. Will starting out with a few soft corals be enough to sustain the bacteria population...
  12. J

    EMERGENCY Water is Good But the Fish are Dead/Dying

    I have a 16 Gallon BioCube tank that is now roughly 8 months old. I have done multiple water tests in the last three weeks and they have all been completely fine/good results, including a spin test. In the last three weeks I’ve lost three very stable fish that have been in the tank for months...
  13. SaltyShel

    New Fish

    Hey y’all!! Hope everyone is well. I have a 16g biocube I just set up, it’s a bare bottom with dry rock. I put some biospira in it but I don’t have any fish in there. i have a tank running that has a fish in it but I got it from my dad about 9 months ago, already set up with a fish & CUC, so...
  14. J

    No Filtration, No Sump, no Protein skimmer system?

    Hi, I've been thinking about setting up a saltwater tank and setting it up without a sump, or protein skimmer (natural filtration). The tank in question will be a shallow tank, 45-60g with only wavemakers, heaters, rocks, and sand. I'm not sure what else I would need, which is why I'm here. Is...
  15. T

    40 Gallon Reef tank

    I am setting up a 40 gallon reef tank for my first tank and was wondering if you guys could give me some advice on what I have so far that would be great I so far am planning on putting in a 1 Caribbean jewel damsel 2 Clowns 5 Super Nassarius snails 1 Emerald crab 1 peppermint shrimp Also...
  16. H

    Herbie Overflow water level fluctuating

    I'm in the process of setting up my first saltwater tank. It's a 60 Gal cube with a custom 20G High as a sump. I'm finally at the stage of leak testing my plumbing. However, I can't get it to maintain a consistent water level in the overflow box. I'm using a Herbie overflow and can't seem to...
  17. P

    Upgrading to a larger tank! 300 litres+

    Good morning / afternoon / evening everyone! I currently have a Waterbox 25, and a Red Sea Max nano (running two nanos it looks like I am a sucker for punishment!). I am looking to replace the Max Nano with a larger, and hopefully more stable tank. I am considering a few options, and would...
  18. Uzair Aiman

    Cycling the tank correctly

    Hi. Im very new to this hobby. I currently have a 30L tank (roughly 10 gallons). Ive set up this tank last week (Sunday , 2nd May 2021). I use dry rock and crushed coral (also dry). I run with a hang on filter, some bio media, a small wavemaker and also a bag of activated carbon (no lights yet...
  19. K

    making the jump to saltwater

    so looking at getting my first saltwater tank and like the all in one kits like the fluval flex 32g. but ive seen alot of people saying the pump and filter doesnt do the job. if i was to get this tank what upgrades are essential for some beginner coral and a pair of clowns. thank you
  20. ArmanMK


    Hey Reefers :) I am kind of new to the hobby. I have 29 Cube reef tank for 3 years before I moved to SoCal area and had to sell it. I am a big fan of the hobby and I want to start again. My previous setup was a simple AIO setup for keeping softies and easy fishes. Now, I want to build a much...
  21. taylorn13

    My Documentary on Getting Rid of Dinoflagellates In my 2 Month old Tabk

    Hey guys! Just wanted to document my methods and thoughts on how I am getting rid of the dinos in my tank. I just identified them today and am taking immediate action into my hands (the faster you move the better for getting rid of these pesky things)! Dino started off on the sandbed for me and...