1. Beautiful Blasto Colony

    For sale Beautiful Blasto Colony

    Need to make room. Too many heads to count. Closed up a bit when taking the pic. Asking $250 shipped. Also have a couple if nice ecc blue Raven frags available.
  2. E

    New York WTB Looking for blastos!!!!!

    Hey I’m looking to get some more blastos for my collection! I’m really looking for yellow blastos or ones that have yellow in them but I am also open to any other nice blastos you may have if I don’t already have them. Also looking for some green merlettis, please please please show me what you...
  3. New Jersey - Zoa/paly/Blasto/Clove Rock

    For sale New Jersey - Zoa/paly/Blasto/Clove Rock

    Hey everyone, I have a rock full of zoas, palys, Blasto colony and firecracker polyps. The rock is about 10 inches long, and was built from two rocks glued together. Some of the zoas/palys are: White Zombies Eagle eyes Superman's Midas Bam bams Pink zippers Rainbow infusion Rastas Smurf bloods...
  4. Rizzle30

    Blastomussa wellsi or merletti

    Hello I recently got blastomussa from my lfs and was told it was a blastomussa wellsi but it looks more like a blastomussa merletti to me. Can anyone with more experience tell me which one it is? Also I noticed yesterday that part of the flesh was folded over on one side of the polyp but it...
  5. 2manyideas

    Blastos... too big?

    I would like to know if my blastos are healthy or if they are opening too large. They are opening larger than they ever did at the LFS. Are they just healthy or are they opening due to a lack of nutrients or the like. (Bumble bee snail for size reference)
  6. F

    Blasto tips and placement help

    Hey guys, so a little backstory: I’m a newer reefer but I’ve been a freshwater keeper a few years, and I work at my LFS. I have a 13.5 gallon fluval evo that’s been setup since mid January this year (so about 3 1/2 months). Rn I do weekly water changes and I don’t have a skimmer or fuge but I...
  7. Paul Kachirsky

    USA WTB Looking For Uncommon Blastos

    I am looking for uncommon blastomussa.
  8. E

    New blasto help

    So I just purchased my very first blasto, I drip acclimated and dipped now he is in the tank, is this picture normal? It looks like he is squeezing stuff out like little greenish yellow things, please tell me this is normal

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  10. madisonmajhen

    Blasto closed and won’t open again

    Hello, I purchased a Purple Blasto from the LFS which opened after a few days. All was well and good in the universe. Then I decided to target feed the corals Reef Roids one day, and my Fire Shrimp attacked the coral and ripped the food out of his mouth. I thought ok, he’ll heal in a few days...
  11. TopShelfAquatics

    These Pumpkin Spice Blastos are FRIGHTFULLY NICE!!

    These Pumpkin Spice Blastos have some spice and everything nice!!!
  12. nanonøkk

    lps help

    ok so i’ve been noticing that some of my lps corals have not been opening up fully such as my frogspawn my duncan and then my blastomusa. the only thing it could be is lighting but here’s some pictures of them and some perameters ph 8.2 dkh 8 nitrate 2 salinity is 1.024 and i dont have test kits...
  13. TheReefArchitect

    UK Shops / collectors specialising in Blastomussa corals

    As above, any collectors / shops that specialise in different / rare blastomussa?
  14. Brooks Allman

    Washington WTB WTB High end blasto

    Just looking for some nice blastos. Iron man Deadpool Panty droppers Etc etc...
  15. Carebearsss.x

    Mini Blastomussa?

    Hey everyone! So we bought this beautiful blastomussa yesterday & the lady said it was a newer kind of blasto that stays much smaller (im new with corals) & I know it’s not an Acanlord :/ Can you pls help me identify this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
  16. Zoa_Fanatic

    Help with stocking

    Hello reefers. I posted on here a while back asking about LPS ideas for my 32 gallon biocube. I have trumpets and candy canes (I know they’re probably the same thing but they have a slightly different look to each so I call them differently). I was recommended Acan lords and Leptastrea. I’m...
  17. SR Reefing

    Ironman Blastomussa Bounced Give me 100 Babies

    Ok, maybe not 100 babies more like 20. Story: It starts off with 2 head, then 3. I had it for 6 month or so. One day it starts to bounce on 2 locations. One exploded give me like 10+ heads and the other one still looks like balloon with another 10+ heads. Is this how blasto grow? I also...
  18. A

    What is happening with my blasto?

    Hi All, I setup my tank around 6 weeks ago, it's fully cycled and I have a couple of small clowns and firefish with a couple of blue leg hermits. I've added my first frag yesterday - I was reluctant to add more, first I want to make sure I can keep this guy alive. Since the tank is a 13.5g...
  19. Reefer37

    One Blasto Head Shrinking, The Other Thriving?

    I'm not sure what's going on with my blasto, one head is shrinking while the other looks happy as can be. I've never had an issue with these guys in my tank, I've found them to be honestly some of the happiest and hardiest corals in my tank. Any ideas why only one head might be shrinking?
  20. coralreefexotics

    Hot Off The Reef!!!!! Colonies and Frag Update

    New Aussie Shipment!!! Inquiry for more details and info Or check out the website - Orders over $299 ship free UPS Next Day Air - Orders under $299 ship for only $30 with UPS Next Day Air Hot Off The Reef
  21. Evan28395950

    Blasto ID

    So basically I bought this coral 6 months ago, was under impression I would get a more colorful one, but that’s a long story. Anyways, anyone know the ID on this and approximately what it’s worth with 1 big, 2 medium sized heads?
  22. The_anonymous_reefer

    Blastos - Ever seen these?!

    Hi everyone, Has anyone seen these blastos before?... Blasto Merletti i believe.
  23. Schnizzle

    Merletti or Welsi

    Snagged this Fifth Element Blastomussa last night on the @WWC live sale. Does anyone know if it is a Merletti or a Wellsi? The only identifying factors I can seem to find are bigger/smaller or branching/encrusting and obviously it's difficult to tell from a frag...
  24. ChaosAquaculture

    Chaos Aquaculture Auction Announcement - Friday, Oct. 26TH

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  25. ChaosAquaculture

    Chaos Aquaculture Auction Announcement - Thursday, Oct. 25

    Thursday Auctions are posted on our Facebook Group Page, Chaos Aquaculture Frag Auction & Sales Group. Make sure to request to join today so you can submit your bids on time. Auctions - Thursday, Oct. 25 Auctions begin ending at 8:00PM EST Chaos Aquaculture #3 Coral Name - CB Flaming Phoenix...