blood shrimp

  1. L

    Shrimp in 75gallon reef tank

    Hey everyone Just looking for advice and recommendations on shrimp for a 75 gallon mixed reef tank. I’m looking to add of my first shrimp and just wondering what would be the best I really like the skunk cleaner shrimp, and the blood shrimp or fire shrimp. However, I do plan or it is in my list...
  2. Maebh

    Fire shrimp dying?

    I woke up and my Fire shrimp was moving, jerking, and have his legs all curled up and pointing in weird directions. I just used DD construction epoxy last night and used it the night before, so I drained my tank a little to prep for a watercghnage today. Salinity 35ppm Ph 8.3 Kh 2.30 Ammonia...
  3. R

    Blood shrimp and clowns

    Anyone know if a blood shrimp will eat a small clown? Parameters are fine and it hasn’t jumped out. Thanks
  4. nanonøkk

    to keep the fire shrimp or not to

    ok so i bought a fire shrimp before i got my wrasse which i had my problems with but here’s my question so the part of the rock where my wrasse likes to hangout is the same place where the blood shrimp likes to stay and here’s my problem i read on a post somewhere i forgot exactly where that...
  5. Peach02

    Shy Blood Shrimp

    So 6 days ago I bought a blood red fire shrimp, acclimated it for 90 minutes and added it to my display (I didn't QT as it had been at my LFS for a month showing no problems and was eating well) Its eating when I feed the tank and found itself a cave that it never strays a inch from. Does anyone...
  6. 00Barracuda00

    Shrimp/Fish Interactions?

    I have 2 black/white ocellaris clowns, and the three shrimp I added to the tank are DESPERATE to clean them. The clowns simply aren't having it. Could this be because they are tank raised and have never seen/experienced this behavior before or because they just aren't usually ok with being...
  7. J

    California FS coral beauty, Lightning maroon pair, purple firefish and orange back fairy wrasse

    Bay area cost of living is out of control, moving back to miami and don’t want to see any of these guys perish along the way. Selling my paired lighting maroon clowns (120 obo) Orange back fair wrasse (30$) Purple firefish (15$) And coral beauty (30$) Blood fire shrimp (20$) Please...