bounce mushroom

  1. AquariumSpecialty

    Splatter Paint Bounce Mushroom

    What do you think about this one? We've had it for almost 1 year. If anyone is interested in a baby then let us know. Thinking about calling it the ASL Pollock Splatter Paint once we officially release it. It's got a little bit of everything...
  2. Keaton

    FINALLY! Its finally unavoidable. I'm fragging my goods!

    I'll list everything with the price without shipping and the price of shipping will just be the current rate for fedex next day air. I'll replace or refund any DOAs just be sure to inform me the day of arrival. Wildfire Zoas - $40 per polyp or 3 for $100 WWC Lime Green Cyphastrea - Fully...
  3. T3CHED

    Bounce Mushroom Thoughts

    Hey everyone so my friend I got this mushroom about six our seven months ago and continue to ponder the thought if it is indeed a bounce or something else. It appears like it's growing the bubbles on top, but then again I could be very wrong. Any of my bounce mushroom experts out there want to...
  4. bigtslape

    wwc og bounce 350 shipped

    Wwc bounce shipped #1
  5. Davinci

    OG Bounces! and other coral

    I am selling a few Og Bounce mushrooms. These were all natural babies and splits. I have to part with some that are just gorgeous because a friend of mine is going through a really hard time. His mother is about to get a surgery and unfortunately she does not have insurance and has to pay out of...