bounce mushroom

  1. Darbna

    Insane Colony's added to our WYSIWYG section

    I've added a few ridiculous colonies to our wysiwyg section on our our website. Several are marked down for the next 24 hours. And as a show of our appreciation for this community and forum we wanted to offer an exclusive code: Reef2Reef so members can get an extra 10% off. Feel free to PM...
  2. ChaosAquaculture

    Just a couple of iPhone bounce pics

    Not the greatest pics, Just some eyecandy for you mushroom heads out there....
  3. Dolphin424

    Ohio OG Bounce, Speckled Kraks, and More!

    Will Now Ship! WWC OG Bounce 220$ Speckled Krak 180$ Sunny D's 15$ per polyp/ I have 1 one polyp frag/ 3 two polyp frags/ and 1 three polyp frag Duncans/ Left one has 3 heads 25$/ Right has 4 heads 35$ Hammer Coral/ Left has one head 10$(Have 3 single heads available)/ Right has two heads 20$
  4. AwildcatsZ

    How to get the most "bounce" from your bounce?

    My WWC Bounce is growing quickly in its new home. I had acquired the mushroom a few months back in a trade. It was smaller than a dime and didn't have a single bubble on it when I first added it to my tank. I am beyond pleased with the amount of bubbles that it has grown, but they tend to stay...
  5. Duffam3434

    Minnesota WWC Bounce Mushroom!!

    Hello, This is our WWC Bounce we are selling. It is 100% healed!! No fresh fragged Mushrooms here, it is the whole Mushroom and Looks great! We are asking 320$ Shipped. It's about the size of a Quarter, it hangs over the sides of the rock its mounted on makes it difficult to see the whole...
  6. AquariumSpecialty

    Some new Coral & Fish Arrivals from Aquarium Specialty Click the link to see our new arrivals. Here are a few pics...
  7. AquariumSpecialty

    Emily's Superman Bounce Mushroom

    We only have 2 of these available at this time and they are fire! Just posted here...
  8. boxofrocks

    Large Build Rimless 240g - boxoflpsandshrooms

    Tank: Low Iron 3/4" Glass 72" Long x 31.5" Front to Back x 24" Tall 2 x 1.5" Drains 1 x 1" Return 39 Trigger Systems Sapphire Sump + Matching ATO Jebao DC6000 Return CoralBox Skimmer 2x MP40 Powerheads Mixed Pukani and Tonga Branch Rock Asta LEDs on Chaeto Lighting: Reefbreeders Photon v2 x 3...
  9. F

    orange nem, bounce pack and utter chaos for sale

    Reefers few corals for sale. Please PM me with any questions and for shipping quote. Orange bubble tip nem with purple tips and green inbody. WYSIWYG. The pic has two nems and its the bottom one. The top one is a rose rainbow and is not for sale. About 5-6 inch wide when open. $650 + Shipping...
  10. akitareefer

    High end Bounce/Chalice/Acan packs

    Doa within 2 hours. Non refundable shipping. Must be delivered on first attempt or DOA guarantee is void. Photo of DOA item must be photographed in the bag unopened. If bag is open DOA is void. Acan Pack $530 shipped CC Full Tilt Love Potion #9 CC Black Hole Suns CB DNA Helix Jelly Bean King...
  11. Treasure Coast

    Sunkist Bounce Mushroom

    Sunkist Bounce shroom about 1.75-2" on a 3" disc. This is a natural split from it's mother about a month ago. Picture of Mother before split and during split are below. I purchased the mother from Keydiver who got it via WWC. Very hardy Bounce Shroom, lots of bubbles. $399 shipped overnight to...
  12. CoralKouture

    CB Tron, JF Beachbum & Bounce Pack

    Greetings Everyone, Have 2 x CB Tron, 1x JF Beachbum, and a CB Orange Bubble/Berserker Bounce pack available. I was in a rush so photos are taken with my cell. Shipping included. Not interested in trades. **Standard 1hr DOA with picture of shroom in sealed bag required for a refund. Not...
  13. CoralKouture

    Deadpool & Neptune Bounce

    Greetings Everyone, Up for sale are my Deadpool mama and Neptune mama. Both have produced multiple babies since I have had them. Deadpool is 3" and Neptune is 1"+. Was in a rush so photos are taken with my cell. Shipping included. Not interested in trades. **Standard 1hr DOA with...
  14. AquariumSpecialty

    The original OG Bounce Mushroom

    We only have 1 of these available at this time and it was just released on our website...
  15. K

    Kryptonite Jawbreaker Collection | $125 to $275 Shipped :)

    Downsizing my kryptonite collection. $125 to $275 shipped. Take all 6 for $650 shipped.
  16. jimmert33

    WWC OG Bounce & Lava Flow Bounce FS

    OG bounce top 2 pics same bounce Size: nickel to quarter Price:375 OG Bounce Size: Nickel Price: 325 Lava Flow Bounce Size Quarter to Dollar Coin Price 300 Lava Flow Bounce Size: About nickel or a little bigger Price 250 Would rather not ship, but I will as long as Buyer excepts i do...
  17. Willragan

    Big wwc og bounce fs

    2.5" mother fs text 434-294-2374. $1400. Baby is nickel size for reference.
  18. AquariumSpecialty

    ReefKoi Bounce Mushroom - More New Releases Coming

    Here's is the product listing on our website. Ships for free via FedEx overnight within the lower 48!
  19. AquariumSpecialty

    Splatter Paint Bounce Mushroom

    What do you think about this one? We've had it for almost 1 year. If anyone is interested in a baby then let us know. Thinking about calling it the ASL Pollock Splatter Paint once we officially release it. It's got a little bit of everything...
  20. Keaton

    FINALLY! Its finally unavoidable. I'm fragging my goods!

    I'll list everything with the price without shipping and the price of shipping will just be the current rate for fedex next day air. I'll replace or refund any DOAs just be sure to inform me the day of arrival. Wildfire Zoas - $40 per polyp or 3 for $100 WWC Lime Green Cyphastrea - Fully...
  21. T3CHED

    Bounce Mushroom Thoughts

    Hey everyone so my friend I got this mushroom about six our seven months ago and continue to ponder the thought if it is indeed a bounce or something else. It appears like it's growing the bubbles on top, but then again I could be very wrong. Any of my bounce mushroom experts out there want to...
  22. bigtslape

    wwc og bounce 350 shipped

    Wwc bounce shipped #1
  23. Davinci

    OG Bounces! and other coral

    I am selling a few Og Bounce mushrooms. These were all natural babies and splits. I have to part with some that are just gorgeous because a friend of mine is going through a really hard time. His mother is about to get a surgery and unfortunately she does not have insurance and has to pay out of...