bounce mushrooms

  1. rastafan

    California Shroooms - Jawbreaker, Jersey, Neptunes, etc

    Letting go some nice pieces so i can buy new ones :) These are good sizes, i put a quarter coin for reference. 1. Jawbreaker with one baby SOLD 2. Neptunes with at least 4 babies $500 3. OG Jersey Bounce SOLD 4. Juggernaut $180 5. Blue Bounce $100 6. Dragon Lady $90...
  2. msaad

    Florida WTT Neptune, GodSpawn, Halloween bounce for Higher end torch or OG

    Willing to ship I am looking to trade Some of my Neptune, GodSpawn, Halloween bounce for Higher end torch’s or Other bounce mushrooms. I can take more pictures upon request.
  3. Underwatergardeners

    Livestock *New Sponsor* Underwatergardeners Huge Website Update

    Hello everyone, we are Underwatergardeners and new to Reef2Reef but have been around about 10yrs now. We travel doing fragswaps and trade shows and also sell locally and online. If you have seen us around please feel free to say hello in here :). Please take time to check out our website HERE we...
  4. W

    My Franken-PicoTank

    Hey Everyone! Ive been out of reef keeping for several years and recently decided to get back in, so I set out to make a peninsula pico reef tank based off of spare parts I had lying around, and thought it would be fun to document it so without any further ado here is my pico franken tank So the...
  5. ChaosAquaculture

    TGIF, we did a pretty large website update and a discount code

    We added a ton of new coral and marked down 85 coral we also wanted to give you a little something special Use code fireforthetank15 to take an extra 15% off Francine is our momma and she has a baby that needs adoption. Seems everyone wants an OG, several listed today and they go quick...
  6. What Makes a Bounce Mushroom Coral so Special?

    What Makes a Bounce Mushroom Coral so Special?

    Check out the article on our website: What’s Makes a Bounce Mushroom Coral so Special? They’ve bounced their way into the hearts of reef aquarium hobbyists and coral lovers all over the world. And who can blame the...
  7. ChaosAquaculture

    What Makes a Bounce Mushroom Coral so Special?

    Check out the article on our website: What’s Makes a Bounce Mushroom Coral so Special? They’ve bounced their way into the hearts of reef aquarium hobbyists and coral lovers all over the world. And who can blame the...
  8. ChaosAquaculture

    Bounce Mushroom Mark downs

    We just marked down a ton or our Bounce Mushrooms on our website , think there is only one OG left, a few Biohazard, Circus bounce, Raspberry Lime, etc. Dont wait, these are all priced to sell. Click here to go to Mushrooms-...
  9. ChaosAquaculture

    Livestock Chaos Aquaculture WYSIWYG Update

    We updated our website over the weekend with a few flamers for you. Check us out at:
  10. Evan28395950

    Bounce Mushroom Showoff

    Let’s see those bounces!
  11. ChaosAquaculture

    Chaos Aquaculture - Sitewide Sale 15% OFF - New Mushroom Products Added - Friday, Nov 16th

    We just added a bunch of new mushrooms! Celebrate THANKSGIVING all week with our Tanksgiving Sale! Tis the season to be grateful! Save 15% off the entire site. tanksgiving Expiration date: Nov 26, 2018 Shop Now Take a look at some of the new products just listed on our site! OG Quarter Size...
  12. Darbna

    Insane Colony's added to our WYSIWYG section

    I've added a few ridiculous colonies to our wysiwyg section on our our website. Several are marked down for the next 24 hours. And as a show of our appreciation for this community and forum we wanted to offer an exclusive code: Reef2Reef so members can get an extra 10% off. Feel free to PM...
  13. Ligershark

    New Jersey FS: Bounce Mushrooms – PZ Godspawn and Orange Bounce

    I am located in New Jersey but am willing to ship. Shipping is with Fedex Priority Overnight signature required. Cost varies on location but is $30 to $80 (message zip code for actual price) $400 plus shipping PZ Godspawn and Orange bubble bounce
  14. AquariumSpecialty

    Some new Coral & Fish Arrivals from Aquarium Specialty Click the link to see our new arrivals. Here are a few pics...
  15. AquariumSpecialty

    Emily's Superman Bounce Mushroom

    We only have 2 of these available at this time and they are fire! Just posted here...
  16. MSB123

    What Should I do?

    Hey everyone! I am getting some bounce mushrooms and chalice's and torches and frogspawns tomorrow. I have a 5 gallon (Fluval Spec V) nano/pico tank that I want to put them, to really make them "pop". I have some general questions: Will the 80 GPH return be enough flow? Will a 2-bulb T5 fixture...
  17. T3CHED

    Bounce Mushroom Thoughts

    Hey everyone so my friend I got this mushroom about six our seven months ago and continue to ponder the thought if it is indeed a bounce or something else. It appears like it's growing the bubbles on top, but then again I could be very wrong. Any of my bounce mushroom experts out there want to...
  18. reefaboo

    For Sale - PZ God SPawn Bounce Shroom

    as the title says - i have this nice and matured PZ God Spawn bounce Shrrom for sale - $450 shipped this is exactly same as WWC bounce except for source -- i bought mine directly from Planet Zoa (and PZ came out with this shroom before wwc did i think) it seems like it might be ready to...
  19. Davesgt

    Ben from BSA

    Let me say I have made multiple orders from Ben and not once have I been disappointed. He has even helped pick out corals and make sure I get what I want within the range I want it in. A+ dude and I will continue to order from him every time I need a special piece.
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