brs 1.1 dosers

  1. NewYorkReefer1988

    Neptune Apex Programming of BRS Dosers

    Hello all, I just finally took the plunge into the world of apex and I’m so glad I did. It is a lot to take in However. I am currently having a little bit of trouble programming my dosing pumps and corresponding powerhead in my sump. I actually think I have the dosing figured out but I will...
  2. Curryb15

    BRS doser issue

    Hello all, I installed a BRS 1.1 ML doser on my tank about 2 months ago. It was working great until is lost it's prime. No I cannot get liquid to pull up through the dosing tubes. I've gone back to manually dosing until I get this problem fixed. The rigid tube is installed from the dosing...
  3. nthanhalan

    Texas BRS - 2 PART DOSER - 1.1 ML PER MINUTE

    I have 2 dosing pump. Hardly use, dosing got too complicated. Selling each for $50, or 2 for $90. Shipping is not included.
  4. M

    Ohio Brs 1.1 dosers.

    I bought these and used them for a few months but ended up going a different route. My loss is your gain. Only one of the dosers is missing the back mounting plate but that can be bought from brs for around 7 bucks if you feel inclined. The actually ran these laying on their sides unmounted and...
  5. schooleyosis

    BRS 1.1mL Dosing Pumps FS

    I have 4 BRS 1.1mL dosing pumps for sale. They were all used lightly for almost 2 years. All are in good working condition, I no longer need them as I bought them with a complete setup and have no use for them. I am asking $40 per pump and that includes shipping in the Continental United...
  6. knowen87

    Good Stuff For Sale Apex Jr, BRS 1.1 Dosers, 2 Ecotech MP40ES, Tunze Osmolator 3155, Mag 18

    I have some great items for sale. The are all fully functional and in very good condition. Photos are in the order listed. If you are very interested please send me your paypal address so i can send an invoice - (1) apex jr with temp probe - $135 shipped (This was one of the units that they...