calcium reactor

  1. Bmartinez76

    Florida DaStaCo XtremA Model A-4 Calcium Reactor

    Leaving the hobby. This unit was flawless when I had it running. I simply replaced the co2 when it needed replacing. Super stable and automatic. Local pickup only at Winter Garden Florida. Dastaco A4 $1600 with power convertor 2x 10 Gal co2 tanks (including wall bracket) Regulator 1 1/2 boxes...
  2. O

    KH dops with calcium reactor

    Hi, I started to use a calcium reactor (Deltec) since three weeks ago. The aquarium is about 148 gallon and is a mix aquarium. The PH in the reactor is between 6.5 and 6.7. The PH probe is connected to the Apex. The drip rate is about 3 drops/s and CO2 bubble count in the reactor is about...
  3. Dennis Cartier

    CO2 Tank Auto Switcher

    People who run CalRx have to make sure to keep an eye on their CO2 tank and be ready to get it filled on a moment's notice, or if you have a spare full tank, be ready to swap the backup tank for the active one when it runs out. The thing is, CalRx's often end up being a set it and forget it type...
  4. yasince

    Calcium Reactor Calcium Dosage Determination

    Hello. I have a calcium reactor and recently decided to try out Red Sea Color program. The recommended dosage depends on the calcium dosing. Since I am not dosing calcium, I don't know how to determine my calcium dosage. Any insights? Thanks in advance.
  5. 1quickz

    Calcium reactor vs dos

    I’m new to corals and I had a question about calcium reactor. Does this replace the need to dos for alk cal and mg? If so which one is better for ur system . Maybe I’m thinking it’s doing somthing different then it really is.... maybe someone can answer a few questions for me or knowledge me in...
  6. O

    Bubble magus calcium reaktor

    Hi, I have bought a used Bubble Magus calcium reaktor, but I can't figure out how to connect it. There are two plastic tubing, I believe one for CO2 input and the other for water output. But I can't see any tubing for water input. I couldn't find any user guide on the internet. Any hint...
  7. Reefpro

    Oregon Washington GEO 624 w/extra new pump

    In great condition used for 1 year sporadically. Just too big. I bought an extra pump to have on hand as well 350 plus shipping
  8. hyeclass

    Calcium Reactor

    My calcium is high 520 my alkalinity is low minimum how long can I run the reactor
  9. RSnodgrass

    CaRx purge frequency vs. pH and alk levels...

    Different take on the CO2 purge... I finally got on board with doing more purges with my Aquarium Engineering stacked reactor. I started at once a week then a few times a week, and now daily. Few observations that need testing to verify but it seems very plausible... 1) How often you purge...
  10. inktomi

    DaStaCo2 Suddenly Alarming & Not Tuning

    Hi - My DaStaCo2 started alarming about once a day, so I thought I'd turn it off and give it a good cleaning. I replaced the peristaltic pump tube, cleaned the impeller, etc. All seemed ok, but did the maintenance anyway. I cannot get it to work now, it runs for a couple minutes and then gives...
  11. 650-IS350

    California Reactors Koralin KL1502 Calcium Reactor with Ehiem pump (Brand new in box never seen water) = $280

    Koralin KL1502 Calcium Reactor with Ehiem pump (Brand new in box never seen water) = $280 The box was only opened to take the pictures. Other picture was taken online to show how it will look like assembled. I have original receipts from MarineDepot when I bought it. Rated for up to 400gal...
  12. Reef_Junkies

    California Reactors Dosing FOR SALE: Brand New Calcium Reactor Set Up

    Downsizing to a Nano tank so no need for these items. All Brand New Calcium Reactor Setup. Includes EVERYTHING you need below: • GEO's Reef Calcium Reactor GR612 • Carbon Doser Electronic CO2 Regulator with John Guest Fitting • CO2 Tanks x2 • Kamoer Peristaltic Dosing Pump • Unopened Reborn...
  13. E

    Florida Reactors Dosing Aquarium Engineering Automatic Calcium Reactor 8 inch non-stacked

    Like new 3 Month used 8 inch automatic calcium reactor, non-stacked. From Aquarium Engineering. No waiting for production. prompt shipping to you. $1,000 with free shipping in USA, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. payment method is Paypal.
  14. ecamden

    Texas Lighting Skimmers Reactors Sumps Everything for a build

    We are selling everything from our build that we are no longer doing. For starters we have (1) Kessil AP700 $600 (6 months of use) (4) AI Hydra 32HD Smartreef LED $399 each (w/mounts) (3 months of use) (1) Trigger Systems Platinum 39 Sump - 39 Inch $800(comes with extra roller mats) NEVER USED...
  15. chill903

    Vertex Calcium Reactor Pump Replacement Build

    A couple of months ago, my nearly new Vertex calcium reactor pump bit the dust. At the time I had no idea Vertex had gone belly up, so imagine my frustration when I couldn't find a replacement for the OEM pump. Apparently, Vertex sourced Sicce Syncra 1.5's as the pump, and outfitted it with...
  16. Deltec USA

    Deltec USA would love to hear what YOU want!

    Fellow reefers! We would like to thank you all again for the amazing support given towards the launch of Deltec USA. As our company continues to grow throughout the US, we intend to continue educating and keep you updated on all things Deltec. We have so much we are excited to share with you...
  17. C

    Korallin calcium reactors using peristaltic pumps

    Hello All! First post here. I’m currently using a korallin c4002 with an ecotech versa pulling water through the reactor. This seems to be a recipe for pressure lock (can’t get CO2 into reactor without higher pressure). I think that the korallin reactor was designed to not require a feed pump in...
  18. Hilltopreef

    Calcium reactor ph problem.

    Hope to get some help with my ph problems. Recently added an avast seabones calcium reactor and am battling tuning it in. Ph is becoming a problem. I’m going to try opening windows as the 4th of July weekend my kids were home More than tripling the Normal number of people in my house. But a...
  19. J

    Gravity water feed for sulphur denitrator/calcium reactor.

    This is a gravity water feed I made for my sulphur denitrator. I believe the water flow it will provide will be very consistent (a lot more consistent than coming directly from a centrifugal pump). The gravity water feed is made using a DI filter housing. The water comes from a water pump in the...
  20. Crustaceon

    How do you feed your calcium reactor?

    Stability is king in our systems and it’s hard to beat a calcium reactor when it comes to keeping alkalinity, calcium steady and with some magnesium media, that too. But with any potentially great do-dad in our sump, it’s limited by what’s plugged into it. So how do you guys & gals steadily feed...
  21. Lennon's Reef

    Calcium reactor issue (pH fluctuation)

    I have an AquaMaxx cTech T-NANO hang-on calcium reactor. I just set it up on my 11-gallon aquarium because I recently got my first stony coral frags and want to start maintaining proper chemistry for these corals. I’m using a Versa peristaltic dosing pump from EcoTech Marine to dose the...
  22. Coralqueendom

    Calcium reactor and Kalkwasser reactor/stirrer

    Need help figuring out what to do on my next build and what equipment to run. Currently I mix kalk in a 5 gal pail then transfer it to my ATO. It keeps my Ph, calcium and alkalinity stable. I’ve been considering a calcium reactor but my pH is already low 7.8 and I’ve heard they can lower pH. Can...
  23. Coralqueendom

    Kalkwasser stirrer and Calcium reactor

    Need help figuring out what to do on my next build and what equipment to run. Currently I mix kalk in a 5 gal pail then transfer it to my ATO. It keeps my Ph, calcium and alkalinity stable. I’ve been considering a calcium reactor but my pH is already low 7.8 and I’ve heard they can lower pH. Can...
  24. GlassMunky

    Help modifying calcium reactor for Kamoer pump

    So in setting up the bigger tank (link below in signature) I’m revamping my old calcium reactor which is a MRC CR-1. originally this setup was feed by a maxi jet 1200 pump and used a needle valve for adjustments. For the new tank I got a new Kamoer FX STP2 continuous duty pump to use as the feed...
  25. L

    New SPS frags!!!

    Reefer 250 around 18 months old. Finally getting the hang of keeping sps. So I got rid of a big monti and went crazy with the sticks. This thing will be packed if I can keep everything in line. I've got 9 more frags to find spots for. I can't wait for these to take off!
Torch Pack $450 Shipped