calcium reactor

  1. K

    Calcium reactor and Apex

    Hello all, new to the site but not reefkeeping. In the process of setting up a calcium reactor (reef octopus CR-140) trying to program my solenoid valve and there are a few conflicting programs I’ve seen on how to do this. I thought I would have a second PH prob being (pH_Tan) as a back up...
  2. edvar

    Pacific Sun IBR or Reef Octopus CalReact 200 calcium reactor for a 200g reef, which is the better?

    Dears, I need to choose a calcium reactor for a 200g reef (SPS and LPS), but in my country it doesn't have many options, in this case for a SPS reef witch is the better the Pacific Sun IBR 200 or Reef Octopus CalReact 200?
  3. Benpastw

    Virginia Washington, D.C. Drygoods Carbon Doser V2 NEW

    New in box Carbon Doser V2 asking 360 shipped.
  4. S

    Miscellaneous Dosing Drygoods Brand new carbon doser

    $400 shipped never used never touched water. grab it now!
  5. R

    Kansas Return Pumps Miscellaneous Drygoods Vectra S2 SOLD, sicce return pumps, calcium reactor

    Hey I have some used equipment for sale. All prices include shipping 1. vectra S2 pump. 200 2. Sicce return pump - 60 3. Sicce return pump - 60 4. Red Sea wavemaster pro - 60 5. Skimz Cm-122 calcium reactor w/regulator-245
  6. ehutchby

    North Carolina Media Drygoods Octopus Calcium Reactor CalReact 200, Carbon Doser regulator, ARM media and tank

    Brand new in the box Octopus Calcium Reactor CalReact 200. See the dimensions in the picture. I also have a brand new Carbon Doser CO2 Regulator, 5lb bottle full of CO2 (local pic up only) and new ARM media. $950 for it all. It cost over $1,300 new. I will part it all out too. Shipping is...
  7. D

    Washington, D.C. Miscellaneous Drygoods Brand New Aquamaxx S-3 Calcium Reactor

    Biggest darn calcium reactor I have ever seen. Never wet! Got it as a raffle prize but never used. Comes with Sicce Syncra 2.0 pump and all parts. Media chamber is 8" diameter and ~18" tall. Easily handles a 1,000 gallon system. Or...fill it up and let run forever before having to add...
  8. J

    Texas Dosing Drygoods Calcium reactor & Carbon doser regulator, Brand new still in box.

    Brand new still in box Carbon Doser regulator for calcium reactor. With still in shrink wrap vertex rx-c 6D calcium reactor. Willing to ship on buyers expense. 275 for carbon doser regulator 350 for Vertex RX-3 6D calcium reactor.
  9. Ultra Aquatics

    New York Misc. Pumps Drygoods Geo 818 Calcium Reactor, 2nd chamber, Masterflex

    Going a different direction with my rebuild so posting these. $600 Shipped - GEO 818 Calcium Reactor with Second Chamber- Less than a year old with little use. $250 Shipped - Masterflex 7523-70 - Have had this for a few years now and it is a complete WORKHORSE. Comes with extra tubing and is...
  10. Dennis Cartier

    Super Saturated Small Media Bed Reactor Theory

    This thread is to study the effects of operating a super saturated small media bed CaRx (S3MBR) using the super saturation of CO2. The premise is that a S3MBR should be able to to achieve performance equal to, or exceed the performance of traditional larger CaRx reactors that rely on media...
  11. pandaparties

    Arizona Media Drygoods Tunze 3172 calcium reactor + GLA regulator

    Used for about 6 months and then took offline, too much production for me currently. Asking 550$ for both and I'll throw in an apex ph probe. Willing to ship for additional Reactor, probe, media, 2 stage GLA regulator all for 525$
  12. gig 'em

    Texas Sumps Package Deal Drygoods Multiple aquariums and equipment package deal

    *Please not that this is a package deal* I’m helping a friend liquidate his aquarium collection before he moves out of country. He’s very busy with the move and prefers selling it all as one if anyone is interested in parsing it out themselves. A lot of new equipment that hasn’t been used as...
  13. E

    Testing Miscellaneous Drygoods Moving sell, must sell equipment ASAP

    Selling some equipment I won’t be using anymore, carbon doser v2 with warranty still valid, have only been set up for 5 months, xepta autobalance automatic alkalinity tester/doser , 100 gal calcium reactor, with media that’s inside and new media Container unused Carbon doser v2: 250 plus...
  14. S

    Miscellaneous Dosing Drygoods Apex, ai prime 16hd, calcium reactor, aqua Uv sterilizer, Hanna checkers

    All used equipment! 3 x AI Prime 16hd with prime tank “arm mounts”. 1x white 2x black…. Needs new lenses which are $4 each off their website. Asking 165$ shipped each. All 3 for 450$ aqua ultraviolet 15 watt UV sterilizer. Needs bulb. 75$ shipped hanna checkers 35$ each shipped will need...
  15. W

    Florida Coral Foods Package Deal Drygoods GEO CR612X2 CALCIUM REACTOR Red/White

    Geos Reef CR612X2 Calcium Reactor, Carbon Doser C02 regulator, feed pump with needle valve, practically full C02 tank if picked up locally along with reborn and remag media included, this setup ran for about 3 months until I decided to scale back and focus on my smaller tank 650 for the entire...
  16. A

    Aquariums Aquarium Controller Package Deal Drygoods BLACK FRIDAY - The Motherload - Neptune, APEX, Ecotech, Radion, Vortech, Tunze, Deltec, BRS, Red Sea, Inkbird, Lifereef, IM, JBJ, Eshopps, Fluval, Aqu

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! I've accumulated a bunch of stuff over the years. All lightly used, low mileage, many still with original boxes, some new and never used. I'm a bit nuts and I keep changing my mind. I buy stuff, maybe try it, maybe not, always looking for the next best thing. I...
  17. A

    New York Plumbing Dosing SOLD LifeReef Calcium Reactor LCR2, w' Quick-Disconnects and Rio Plus 800 Aqua Pump

    Decided not to sell.
  18. W

    California Dosing Drygoods CARX setup

    Vertex cd6 reactor $300 Aquarium plants regulator $250 SOLD Master flex 7523-60 $400 2-5lb c02 tanks $150 SOLD $1000 for Local pickup Willing to ship.
  19. Juano908

    Suppliments Media Drygoods FS Geo Reef CR624 Calcium Reactor Full Setup

    Geo Reef CR624 for up to 400 gallons includes a 10 lbs CO2 tank, ProStar Lab grade custom built CO2 regulator, Kamoer continues flow pump and basically a 44 lbs box of Reborn media. $650 pickup only, cash and carry
  20. Blue Tang Clan

    Maryland Miscellaneous Drygoods SOLD Kamoer FX-STP WiFi Continuous-Duty Peristaltic Dosing Pump - $249

    This setup is like-new, and was only in use for the last 3 months. My coral growth has exploded and I need an even bigger reactor. This setup is good for reef tanks up to 600 gallons. Kamoer FX-STP WiFi Continuous-Duty Peristaltic Dosing Pump [$329 new] - $249 20lb CO2 canister - 80% full...
  21. reef fish

    Florida WTB WTB CALCIUM REACTOR FOR A 300 gallon

    WTB CALCIUM REACTOR FOR A 300 gallon what do you have
  22. reef fish


  23. R

    Kansas WTB Calcium reactor

    Looking to buy a calcium reactor for a 320 gallon tank. Figured I would look here before buying new. Pm me if you have anything. Thank alot.
  24. Blue Collared Aquatics

    Radion, T5 Hybrid, Cal Reactor, Mp10, Reef Link, VipraSpectra, Skimmer

    I have 11 radion xr30s and 1 xr15 $175-400 T5 hybrid 4 brand new blue bulbs $200 Media reactor $25 Calcium reactor with 5lb co2 tank, dual stage controller, brand new Neptune ph probe in box, brand new Neptune PM1 PH Module in box $400 2 xr30 rms $50 each Reef link $50 Aquatic like rodi twist...
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