calcium reactor

  1. T

    Advice needed after 20 year hiatus!

    I put away the hardware for my 75 gallon reef tank about 20 years ago. So, with a recent move, I rediscovered all of the equipment and I started looking at my current space for the next generation 75 gallon reef for soft and stony corals with a few fish. I have Lots of factors to consider...
  2. F

    Calcium reactor

    I have a sps dominant tank. I want to use a calcium reactor for supplement. Question is when should I start using a calcium reactor in the tank. My all consumption is around .1 almost a day. I’m wondering if it’s better to get it setup early or if it doesn’t matter. Also what is the best...
  3. Cali9dub

    Florida Media Drygoods Geo’s reef calcium reactor w/secondary chamber - no shipping

    I have a Geo’s reef 6 x 18 calcium reactor with pretty new pump and a Geo’s reef 6 x 12 secondary chamber (Geo’s reef 6 x 12 calcium reactor converted into a secondary chamber) I also have the parts to convert the 6 x 12 back to a calcium reactor (except the pump) Not looking to ship these...
  4. Leptomaniac

    Texas Drygoods RedSea Reefmat 500, 2 x Vortech MP40 Mobius, Aquamaxx Mini Calcium Reactor, Dosing Container

    Breaking down my tank and have another wave of equipment for sale: Reefmat 500 - SOLD Aquamaxx Mini Calcium Reactor - SOLD Aquamaxx DC-1 Dosing Container - $75 Shipped 2 x MP40’s - $250 shipped each RedSea Reefmat used about 6 month, in great shape but thew out the original box. All equipment...
  5. Rams

    New Jersey New York Pennsylvania Drygoods MRC calcium reactor for up to 500g systems

    It solid calcium reactor and up for sale.Asking 350$ pickup in Edison NJ. Media is not included.
  6. mward

    California Drygoods Dastaco calcium reactor

    Dastoco compact calcium reactor, rated to 185 gal, automatic calcium reactor. $600 pick-up in the SF bay area - $700 shipped. Had it for a year but only ran it for 2 hrs 3 days a week in combination with kalkwasser.
  7. YaboiNathan

    Texas Drygoods SOLD Aquamaxx calcium reactor

    I have a aquamaxx calcium reactor set up for sale include calcium reactor, Co2 tank, Co2 regulator,ph meter. Local pick up at 77407 or buyer responsible for shipping I will drop it off at FedEx or UPS if needed. 350 take all
  8. L

    Build Thread Choosing Calcium Reactor for 600 gallon sps system

    Hello Reefers, Need your help in choosing right calcium reactor for my new build. System will be sps dominant (90%) Total volume is close to 600 gallon I would prefer calcium reactor rated for more than 600 gallon since I have plans of adding another system to it in future. Thanks
  9. Adamtran

    North Carolina Drygoods Sold Aquarium engineering reactor, New, can ship

    Brand new ACR. Was waiting for bill to send the co2 regulator, which was never received. I was also waiting for another add on part but at this point can't even remember. Located in Greensboro, nc 500 shipped
  10. A

    GEO calcium reactor and second chamber

    WYSIWYG Im upgrading so im selling my current reactor GEO 624 with a second chamber also made by GEO Im the original owner on the reactor. Works like it should. But i would change the uniseals. Main O-ring brand new just installed today No media $400. Pick up/meet up only. Wysiwyg
  11. Forshurley

    California Lighting Misc. Pumps Skimmers Dry Rock Live Rock Sumps LED Tank break down and Garage clear out!! reduced some prices, will except all reasonable offers updated 5/02

    Set up new tank and selling parts from old 187g tank build/clearing out garage. Not interested in trade. APEX: APEX controller w/temp, PH probe and EB8: $400 SOLD APEX DOS x: $225 SOLD APEX Trident w/ reagents: $350 SOLD APEX EB8: $150 SOLD APEX EB8 (one outlet now working): $100 SOLD APEX...
  12. Billyreef-ita

    Calcium reactor cylinder filling

    Hello, I’m considering a calcium reactor for my tank. I have a concern about the CO2 cylinder filling, is it safe to have it in the living room? Are there some safeguards to be taken? Thanks
  13. S

    Reef Octopus CR5000D 8" Calcium Reactor - New - $500

    Selling a Reef Octopus CR5000D Calcium Reactor that has never been used outside of RODI water checking for leaks. I went a different way with dosing and never ended up using this. I prefer to not ship at this time.
  14. Boonz28

    DaStaCo2 Calcium Reactor SOLD

    Used DaStaCo Xtrema Calcium Reactor. Bought from another seller on here but never got around to hooking it up, no longer have the need for it. Comes with everything pictured, reactor, peristaltic pump, controller, power inverter, CO2 bottle & regulator, bucket of reactor media, and brand new...
  15. M

    Feeding pump for calcium reactor

    Setting up a calcium reactor for the first time. While the reactor (Geo CR618) has a sicce recirculating pump, I’m thinking about how to pump the sump water into the reactor. I have a spare head on a Jebao doser I could use. Is this a workable option or do I need an additional pump like the...
  16. Reef-Engineer

    Aquarium Engineering Calcium Reactor

    I owned one in the past, I realize that Bill is out of the game so no support. I like the saturation style reactor and plan to build my own control system. If you have one and aren’t going to use it, please let me know.
  17. Tigerito

    Calcium reactor, geo or deltec

    Hello! I am considering either geos cr18/ cr24 classic or deltec pf501. Both geo, and deltec rep have stated they can go in water, in the sump without any issue, which is mandatory for me and my space. I'm curious which yall like and why for companies?
  18. Smooch30

    Florida Media Drygoods SOLD Reef Octopus Calcium Reactor - CalReact 220 - $400.00

    Reef Octopus Calcium Reactor - CalReact 220 for sale in Tampa, FL. Used only 1 1/2 years. Excellent condition. $400.00.
  19. alindell

    Colorado Misc. Pumps Suppliments Dosing Drygoods BNIB Kamoer FX-STP2 wifi peristaltic dosing pumps!

    I have 1 used and 3 brand new, never been used FX-STP2 wifi dosing pumps. $280 shipped new $200 shipped used Shipping is extra outside continental US These are great for auto water change, kalk reactor, calcium reactor and heavy duty reliable continuous dosing at a high rate for a very long...
  20. J

    Michigan Salt Miscellaneous GEO CR618 Calcium Reactor Setup

    Selling my GEO CR618. Comes with a CO2 art pro se series dual stage regulator. I can add a versa pump for an additional cost. If local, the tank is yours. Please message for pictures.
  21. NR53

    Media Drygoods SOLD Reef Octopus CR200 Calcium Reactor

    Selling a Reef Octopus CR200 calcium reactor. Bought it as part of a set but the reactor is too big for where I was planning on putting it, so selling or trading for a smaller one. Located in the California Bay Area but can also ship at your cost...
  22. hexcolor reef


    I’ve been dosing All for Reef for a month now, it seems like a good product. At first it brought my high levels of Alk down to proper levels. Calcium levels has been stable around 440/450. Calcium has started to drop more frequently and Alk has risen back to 14/15KH. I remember watching a BRS...
  23. blstravler

    New Jersey New York Drygoods FREE - SOLD Aquamaxx Calcium Reactor that needs some love.

    I had bought this years ago used and only ever used it as a second chamber to my main Calcium Reactor that I sold off year ago. It’s missing the pre-filter and RO tubing, don’t think you have to have the pre-filter and RO tubing is cheap. . Has the CO2 bubble counter and there are no cracks. I...
  24. L

    Washington, D.C. WTB Calcium Reactor

    looking for a large AquaMaxx or Reef Octopus calcium reactor in good shape. Thanks!
  25. phil bevilacqua

    Alabama Dosing SOLD Calcium reactor media

    I have a 44 pound box of large reborn and I have all the other stuff that I have normally mixed in it for years, and I’ve had wonderful success. It’s a blend of others and size. It’s all in the pictures and it’s probably $300 -350 worth of media.