1. N

    Cerith snails

    Hi everyone, I just bought a bunch of cerith about a week ago. Since I’ve had them they all hang out right at the water line. Almost looks like they’re trying to escape. Tank temp is 78.7-79.0, haven’t had a chance to test my water but everything else (fish/coral/exsisting CUC) are doing...
  2. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    Cerith Snail Mating?

    So, I've just come across something weird today. So at the beginning of the day I see a cerith snail riding on top of another cerith snail. Just now, I saw it again...This time on the front glass just before I went to turn my room lights off for bed. Just wondering, are they fighting? My...
  3. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    Cerith Snails Loosing Color

    Could this be caused by low calcium? I'm not sure but I've posted another thread that had my parameters and they said that my calcium and magnesium was a little low but I should be fine for what I have in the tank. These were Fridays readings. Ammonia 0ppm Nitrite 0 - 0.01ppm Nitrate 3.5ppm...
  4. Subnautica

    What's your Favorite Snail?

    My all time favorite is always Conch, Conch, and Conch. Such a fun, interesting little creature. Those long eyes that react to your action. A powerful leg that moves fast. A cute elephant nose that goes didadidadoo. A heavy body that can't climb glass. A long lived peaceful creature...
  5. nanonøkk

    pygmy wrasse

    ok so for the first time i saw in a while live aquaria was selling a Tanaka's pygmy wrasse so i finally bought it but i have a question will it turn all my tiny cerith snails into a tasty snack or would it pick on my small 1/4 baby black widow nem
  6. ThunderGoose

    Cerith snail synchronized breeding

    this morning I noticed several cerith snails on the glass. I counted six separate egg strands. I haven't paid attention to how many strands show up at the same time before. Anyone have experience with synchronized breeding in these guys?
  7. AlgaeBarn

    Podtoberfest Sale: 2x PodPoints, 20% Off Snails, FREE Nano Brine

    PODTOBERFEST SALE DETAILS: 1. Earn Double PodPoints- 20% back in store credit, usually 10% back for PodClub Members 2. Save 20% on all Captive Bred Trochus & Cerith Snails- limited quantity in stock, they wont last long 3. Get a FREE bag of Nano Brine with Purchase using one of the codes...
  8. Mike N

    Pyramid snail or baby cerith snail?

    I have about 6 adult cerith snails in the tank. I've seen a couple of these tiny white snails that are shaped like ceriths. However, they also look like they could be pyramid snails. What do you think?
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