1. Jeff@CoralVue

    CUI Marine Lab Uses the Reef Octopus Light Reactor

    CUI Marine Lab Uses the Reef Octopus Light Reactor Customer Profile: Concordia University Marine Lab
  2. Jeff@CoralVue

    Win a Reef Octopus Light Reactor!

    If you've been wanting to get your tentacles on the new Reef Octopus Light Reactor, here's your chance! 1 lucky winner will be selected on 9/5/19 to receive a Light Reactor in the size of their choice! ENTER NOW:
  3. S

    In Need of Some Pest-free Chaetomorpha

    Hello members, do any of you have extra pest-free Chaetomorpha? I need to restart my macro algae reactor.
  4. MarineDepot

    How to Grow Chaeto Algae and Other Macroalgae Like a PRO

    How to Grow Chaeto Algae and Other Macroalgae Like a PRO| Lighting, Parameters, & Flow VIDEO: Optimal lighting, parameters, & flow for lush macroalgae growth!
  5. MarineDepot

    How to Set Up a Refugium

    How to Set Up a Refugium VIDEO: Harvesting Macroalgae To Control Nitrate and Phosphate
  6. ShadowR55

    Florida Chaeto with Pods

    Selling 5 Quart sized bags of Chaeto, full of pods and life. Also selling 1 quart sized bag of Sea Lettuce. $25 ea Shipped to the contiguous 48 States.
  7. wesman42

    Michigan Chaeto + Nannochloropsis Phyto

    I have: 4 Quarts of Chaeto for sale. I'm asking $15/each shipped. 5 - 16oz bottles of Nannochloropsis Phyto. They were cultured using f/2 WITHOUT silicates. For this reason, and due to the nature of Nanno, it's not quite as dark as other phytoplanktons. This phyto is alive, and it's dense. I'm...
  8. Raindog3030

    Growing Macro Algae in the Display...No Refugium!?!

    This is one of those things that has baffled me since rejoining the hobby earlier this year. Why doesn't macro algae seem to do well in the display, despite all corals thriving? More specifically, does a lack of red/white light deprive the macro algae of the spectrum it requires to thrive...
  9. MSOEME2009

    Chaetomorpha Shortage?

    I'm about to start my new tank up; might fill today or tomorrow. I will be running Chaeto in the fuge to home some pods and to export nutrients. It's set up with a big ol' Kessil grow light. I intended on grabbing some from Algea Barn with some pods. Sold Out. I then went to look at...
  10. T

    Amphidinium Dinoflagellate Treatment Methods

    This thread is a spin-off from the @mcarroll very successful Dino thread The purpose is to discuss methods for removal and fighting against a particular strain of dinoflagellate - Large Cell Amphidinium. It seems to make up about a third of the cases of dinos. The reason this strain gets its...
  11. E

    Illinois Chaeto for sale.

    I am selling some chaetomorpha that contains many reef safe isopods and tisbe pods. Here is how the price goes. 1/2lbs= $25 shipped 1 lbs= $40 shipped Shipping is 2-day priority mail (already included in price, otherwise this could have been a lot cheaper). These do not have any pests and...
  12. ArialReef

    Too Much Matrix?

    So, I recently bought a 250ml bottle of Seachem Matrix. It says on the bottle that I should use the whole bottle for 25 Gallons of water. Currently, my water volume is about 13 Gallons. Can I use the whole bottle? Or should I follow the instructions? Also, in which part of the sump should I put...
  13. ReeferCub

    Light for Growing chaetomorpha

    Hi, I am thinking of setting up a refugium to grow chaetomorpha. I have a spare Kessil A 160WE Tuna Blue bulb. Can I use this bulb at it's most white setting to grow chaetomorpha. Or would be right to buy one of those red colored lights for refugium? If this is not the right forum to ask this...
  14. Curryb15

    When to bring cheto reactor online

    I was just wondering..... when does everyone bring there algae reactor online on a new system? I have a tank cycling for about 3 weeks now and am not sure when I should think about getting some chaeto and throwing it in the reactor
  15. C

    How to acclimate Chaetomorpha and other algae to Kessil H380?

    Does anyone have any experience with acclimating new chaetomorpha or red macro algae to new lights? I just got a Kessil H380 and one chaeto and red macro and didn't want to harm them. The first batch of chaeto I had used died, though I am not certain of the cause. (I just hope it wasn't the...
  16. Niterunner77

    Miracle Mud???

    Hello everybody! I have to say that I am newer to the reef world. I have a biocube 14 that I have had running for 2 years but I'm now setting up a larger system and when researching for my refugium I'm setting up, I heard about this product. I am intrigued about some post being way against...
  17. Chirag Marwaha

    My 24 Gallon(90 Litres) Sump Design

    Hi! I've created a sump design and would like some feedback on it. Pardon me for cramping the drawing a bit. Hope it's readable enough and not an eyesore. It has following 4 chambers: 1) Protein Skimmer 2) Ceramic Rings, Pot Scrubbers(Scrubbies Affectionately) and maybe Activated Carbon 3)...
  18. C


    Has anyone used Eelgrass in a refugium? It seems to grow much more rapidly at the LFS. Any experience? Thanks.
  19. C

    Take Refugium offline due to nuisance algae?

    Hey all, I'll try to make this short and simple and appreciate your input. Problem: I've noticed cotton candy algae growing on my chaeto and in my fuge. I've manually removed it a few times, but it keeps coming back and seems to be spreading. It only grows under my refuge light, and has not...
  20. sassAwrasse

    Let's see your fuge setups..

    Just got a new light from #ReefBreeders for our fuge. What kind of setups are you running? How long? Pros/cons? And pics please!!
  21. C

    Chaeto dying

    Hey all, Over the last week, almost all of my chaeto has started turning white and becoming brittle. I posted two pictures: initially after first adding the chaeto and another just to show it was growing- it eventually grew much bigger very rapidly, but I don't have any pictures. I removed a lot...
  22. Esquire805

    macroalgae packs available tisbe pods phytoplankton

    Ok mermaids fan 3 for 35 or one 15 1/2 refugium pack dollars 80 cheato caulerpa variety grape red razor halimeda etc 1/4 bag 45. 1/4 or 1/2 chaetomorpha tisbe Pod pack 45 shipped 1/2 60 shipped any thing else ask me I have many different varieties also phytoplankton for sale 15 for 20 oz bottle...
  23. mrsaltwaterguy

    Adding Chaeto to Sump

    Hi all, I'm looking to add chaeto to my sump set up in order to breed pods and for nitrate reduction. I'm looking for some suggestions on how I could retro fit into my existing set up without taking my sump out. I've got the sump shown below. Could I just add it to the overflow entrance area...
  24. F

    Refugium rejuvenation - Should chaeto be changed out?

    Dear R2R Members, Should the cheat in my refugium be replaced with new cheato and miracle mud? Basically revamping it. Thanks! Tanner