chalice coral

  1. maharsreef

    California XL Chalice JFox My Miami, 4color WM, Pink B**bies

    "Old School" chalice specials. These grow like weeds in my tank. I need to make room in my frag tank. Also have Huge frags of Space invader Pectina. Pics/prices upon request. Local p/u only, this weekend LA/OC area "Cerritos" prices are in the pic with numbered frags. Thank you.
  2. Reefer37

    Definitely a First...Haha

    Well I just saw one of the coolest things in my tank. I added a rock flower today and was checking on it after lights out just to make sure it settled in. Well...I look over at my frag rack and I see a huge dorvilleidae worm...being eaten by my convict chalice. I guess he caught one in one of...
  3. 0utworld

    Chalice Tissue Loss at Center

    Hi all, I've had this rainbow chalice frag for around a month and have been seeing some decent growth. A few days ago I noticed a weird color in the center of the chalice, which became evident that it was a piece of wobbling flesh. Today, the flesh came off as I turkey basted it, revealing...
  4. rastafan

    California Encrusters

    Up for grabs are some very good sized favias, chalices and beachbum monti. These are not tiny frags, fully encrusted :) Cornbred Tropic Thunder Favia (good size) $160 CC Darth Maul Favia SOLD UC Fascination Favia SOLD JF Dayglo Favia (very good size) SOLD JF Candy Crush Favia SOLD Raptors...
  5. goku-chalice-45.jpg


  6. ChaosAquaculture

    Website update, price drops, bounce mushrooms for dayssss

    Cyphastrea for days, Skittles Bomb, Bizzarro,Hi-C, you name it its in here., click photo Insane looking OG's available and different bounce,click photo Ridiculous looking Rainbow acans, click photo Goni's that will make any collector smile, click photo Rainbow Chalices price drops and will...
  7. sonubhai

    Chalice Identification

    Hey All: I have this chalice that I need to know what the name is. Its been a while since I got it. I wanna sell but wanna get the right name before posting. thanks Mo
  8. tristanfish

    New York Looking for raja rampage, colony size

    Looking for colony size only. please shoot pm and pics with specifics. Thanks
  9. T

    Need identification for a 12 by 12 chalice coral

    Well I got a tank from this couple it's a 29 biocube with upgraded equipment and it had this chalice in it does anyone know what it is it looks slightly different because I just got the tank a day or two ago and it's stressed
  10. Darbna

    Livestock Chaos Aquaculture Summer Heat Sale

    Discount Code: Summerlovin for 15% off With the summer heat comes fire deals on coral for everyone. Use the discount for entire order Reverse Bleeding and Bleeding Apple Scolymia The Aussie Bleeding Apple Scolymia Coral is a great beginner coral and will...
  11. Dave770

    Georgia WTB - Jellybean or Motor City Mayhem Chalice

    In the market for chalices. If you have a nice frag of jellybean or MCM please hit me up. Please provide some sort of proof that it’s the frag you claim it to be. Thanks!
  12. Kevinkmk

    Chalice coral lighting level

    Hi chalice experts, I want to get some advise on the chalice light intensity . Currently I'm switching to a hydra 26 for my nano tank. As I have different type of chalice (rainbow, pink bobbies, mummy eye ), I want to know what is the best par level for them. Before I kept them around 70 to 80...
  13. Kevinkmk

    Chalice puff up like a ballon

    Hi everyone, I noticed tonight after the light is off. One of my chalice is over inflated and puff up like a ballon. Is there anything I need to be concerned? My other corals and chalices look very normal. All the parameter are on check. Picture taken 5 hours after light is off
  14. SM_Reef

    New Camera, New Coral Shots, and New Photographer! =]

    As title states, I recently acquired a Canon Rebel EOS T6 with an EFS 18-55mm macro lens with a amber polarized filter and haven't had much time to tinker with it but here are a few shots I've taken that I think came out okay. I'll be investing in a tripod, nicer macro, and Building an Obsession...
  15. AquariumSpecialty

    New Release - ASL T. Rex Rainbow Chalice Just released today. We've had this one for a few months and it's time to make it available. This is a limited edition coral and we will only be releasing 2 frags from the colony...
  16. AquariumSpecialty

    A few more corals added today... Still trying to get the hang of using the Canon 70D. If anyone has advice or a thread to read on the camera settings for this Camera then I'm all ears. An amazing and unusual Rhodactis... This coral is amazing...
  17. eja99

    FS: CB Rainbow Crush & AquaSD Flamethrower

    Pick up in the SF Bay Area. PM is key. Thanks for looking. I purchased a tiny frag from ASD in 12/2014. The streaks are baby blue and the rim a bright orange. ASD Flamethrower: $350 I purchased the RC directly from Cornbread in 2/2014. The frag is popping another eye through the blue...
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