cleaner wrasse

  1. PMReef

    Is my cleaner wrasse sick?

    Hello, am I new to this incredible hobby and have had mu share of mistakes and things that need to improve, I recently had ich in my tank and I put a cleaner wrasse that was working with all the my fish 24/7 never stop eating the white spots. Now I see him tired and kind of sick. So my question...
  2. GTM42

    Have you been buying the wrong Cleaner Wrasse?

    There is always a lot of buzz around new aquarium fish that are very colorful and rare like new fairy wrasses and basslets, however, in the scientific world, they have some often more helpful criteria when it comes to the excitement for new fish. Today’s fish spotlight is a perfect example of...
  3. reefkeeperCOL

    Cleaner Wrasse with SixLine Wrasse compatibility

    Hi, I have a Cleaner wrasse for about 3 years, last week I got a little six line Wrasse, at this moment the new wrasse stay in QT. actually I'm wondering if there is any chance that my cleaner wrasse bother the new little one . do you have any experience with those wrasses?
  4. E

    Cleaner Wrasse

    So I have a 90 gallon with a 30 inch snowflake eel, flame angel, sixline wrasse, red mandarin, copperband butterflyfish, and a 4 inch black durgon triggerfish (will be moved once he becomes big enough, so he doesn't get eaten). A week ago, I added a cleaner wrasse. He's been eating 3x daily for...
  5. SourAngelfish

    Cleaner Wrasse

    I intern at an LFS and I occasionally feed the fish. I was thinking of purchasing a cleaner wrasse when I get my new reef tank set up. I understand that it is a relatively irresponsible decision to purchase a cleaner wrasse knowing it will most likely die, but would it still be considered...
  6. Slyler

    Do I need a cleaner fish?

    I have a couple of fish that seem to want to be cleaned by my cleaner shrimp, show up where the two of them hang out and flash for them. the cleaner shrimp don't care to clean them or anything. this has been going on for a few months, and I haven't found ich, or disease on the fish, I think it's...
  7. All About Reef Safe Wrasses in Aquaria

    All About Reef Safe Wrasses in Aquaria

    Introduction My name is Hunter and I am a wrasse addict. Admitting such is the first step to buying another wrasse, I think. Wrasses are not only my passion, but my niche in this hobby since 2010. My tank is full of them, and unfortunately “regular” species are no longer exciting enough for...