clownfish pair

  1. adamlodge14

    Fluval evo stocking

    Hi, I am thinking about stocking for my 15 gallon that has been running almost 2 months now (I only have a few softies atm) In terms of fish I was thinking I would get 1 clownfish, 1 possum wrasse, 1 Yasha goby/shrimp pair and 1 royal gramma. I am thinking about getting a pair of clownfish...
  2. Davar93

    Blood Orange Clownfish

    Hey everyone! Just wondering if anyone has experience with blood orange clowns? If so, how big do they get as adults? Are they compatible with other clowns, such as a black snowflake? Since they are a hybrid. Thanks! 
  3. Mike N

    Texas WTB Orange/Mocha Storm Clownfish Pair

    Putting The Feelers out there to see if I can find a pair of orange or mocha storm clownfish. Preferably a breeding pair, but would also consider an older bonded pair. Please PM me with price shipped to 77095 if you have any available.
Tropic Marin USA