1. Anhnguyen

    Super Orange Storm For Sale

    $300 for the pair. Pick up in WI, 53549. Willing to drive 30min for delivery and take some extra for gas. Thank you!!
  2. Blueberry Wrasse

    Are Clarkii Clownfish Really As Bad As People Say They Are?

    I picked up a pair of small clarkiis from my lfs the other day as I think they look cool. I’ve read that they are demons to the point that they will rip your arm off if you put it into the tank? What are your personal experiences with them? I would love to hear! (They are going into a 75 gallon...
  3. agame2021

    Which harem would be coolest?

    I haven’t been able to pic a favorite and stick with it. So these are some of my favorites. What do y’all think? I got a 150 gallon and am looking to get 35-50 clowns depending on size…(lightnings will be less) but what do you think?!
  4. Isaac_Tang

    65 Gallon Tank

    Hey guys, I recently purchased a tank that’s 65 gal, I’m cycling the tank currently it’s been a week and looking good, eventually I want to add clownfish but I was wondering if I could add 3 clownfish, they’re going to be put in together at the same time but I wanted to make sure there...
  5. J

    What can I add to a tank with an established Clownfish and Orchid Dottyback?

    I have a Red Sea Max E-170 (34G Display) with a pretty well-established ORA Black Ocellaris Clownfish and an equally well-established ORA Orchid Dottyback. My clownfish is the boss of the tank and makes sure the Dotty knows it whenever she swims over to his side. I successfully kept a Yellow...
  6. Waterbox Aquariums

    Life + Growth Cycles in Aquaculture: Adding NEW ORA® Fish to the PENINSULA 4820

    Hello, R2R! We invite you to come check out our newest mini series, featuring our friends at ORA. In this episode, we will be taking a look at how these fish are captive-bred and raised, from egg to your aquarium! Now that we have transferred the contents of the original ORA® Build into...
  7. J

    Aquascaping Clownfish

    Just curious if anyone has an issue with their clownfish moving around rocks, shells, and other decor in their tank. I have a gold x lightning maroon that moves everything around every day, and some of things she moves are impressively big. She used to also dog in the sand before I put her in a...
  8. kittenbritches

    How can I get clowns to host anemone?

    I have a bonded pair of snowflake clowns that are hosting the empty bottom corner of my tank, when I have a fat, fluffy BTA for them to enjoy. I have tried catching the fish and putting them directly onto the nem as well as herding them toward it, but they swim away without a moment's...
  9. rantipole

    Tankmate for Territorial Clownfish

    I have had my 13.5 gallon Fluval Evo AIO for about 4.5 years. I've had a pair of occelaris clowns since starting the tank. Recently, the large (almost 4 inches) female started bullying the male and, I think due to the bullying, he jumped out of the tank. I recently added a small clown and the...
  10. A

    What is wrong with this fish?

    Can anyone ID what is on my orange clown? It looks like a cloudy white substance. The fish seems fine and unbothered. I haven't noticed any change in behavior, heavy breathing or anything else concerning. However, I've only had the fish for 4 days. I also have another clown, a goby and a cleaner...
  11. J

    Clownfish lump

    Hey everyone I'm not new to saltwater but this is the first time having a tank of my own that is a smaller setup. My main problem is I have a tiny clownfish with a little blueish/blackish lump between it's side fins it looks like it is inside the fish itself . I couldn't find any disease that...
  12. Cantusaurus

    Clownfish scars healing?

    Hi, I’ve been treating my female clownfish for about 3 weeks in my QT tank. She got over her bacterial or fungal build up and has been healing for almost 2 weeks. The build up of bacteria or fungus was gone and she had a bunch of exposed tissue (missing scales?) showing. She didn’t get an...
  13. L

    EMERGENCY Clownfish Breathing Heavy

    Hi - I have a clownfish that started breathing heavily two days ago. I also noticed its been inserting the tentacles of the hammer it has been hosing, and putting them in its mouth and then pulling away. The clownfish have been hosting the hammer for two months and I never saw this behavior...
  14. Erik the Red

    Clownfish resting or something worse?

    Hej, It’s been a couple of days since i noticed one of my clowns resting on the bottom glass in the late afternoon, when its not noticed. That corner is where they sleep at night. The flow in my tank is quite strong, but so far looks like the clowns liked it, though sometimes they move to low...
  15. O

    Clownfish Fin Rot

    My new clownfish developed - what has to be - fin rot. I rushed him to LFS and they agreed. I am treating him in qt with Kanaplex (day 2). I can't tell if he's back to eating (he had stopped). Wondering if anyone has had a clown recover from this? As I was trying to net him yesterday part...
  16. S

    Clownfish hosting condy

    I have three clownfish in my tank, and the tomato clown is hellbent on being hosted by my condy. It rubs in it and swims off, doesn’t have any apparent damage. I’ve read conflicting things about if they can host or not? I feed the condy, so I’m not sure if that will matter or not? The other two...
  17. S

    Hello I’m new to reef2reef!

    My names Andie, I’ve had freshwater tanks for several years but after a devistating tank collapse i turned to solely saltwater. I have a snowflake eel, Indian mud eel, two cinnamon clown fish and one tomato clownfish, sea hare, a bunch of snails and blue leg hermits. We have gsp, torch coral...
  18. Idaknow15

    See through marks on black clownfish?

    Have hopefully attached a video of my clowns both of which have some white patches on them easiest seen on the black male and some even look see through on him! They are both acting the same and eating fine. I have added 3 new corals in the last couple of days but otherwise nothing different to...
  19. Kermitcoral

    hybrid Clownfish

    Hello everyone, Today I'd like to talk about hybrid clownfish and the growing popularity around them. If you have any photos or videos documenting your luck with cross breeding please post below. Other questions what clowns hybrid well and easy to mix? What are the more difficult breeds to mix?
  20. A

    Equipment,Advice, help

    Hellooo So I’ve been cycling my aquarium since June. In my aquarium I have reef base rock and aquarium sand. The rock looks like white coral. As water evaporates I just add in some filtered freshwater. *My goal is to get a clown fish* my tank is heated and has a filter and a light. Recently I...
  21. Blueberry Wrasse

    Clownfish ID

    Hello, does anyone know what morph these clownfish are?
  22. A

    WIll the clownfish be ok? help

    Heres what happened, Im fighting dinos, specifically procentrum, and I started dosing silicates. I used sponge excel, and dosed 5 drops into 10 gallons. The drops did harden upon contact with the water and turn into white flakes. I know that silicate based solutions are caustic to humans, but...
  23. Cantusaurus

    EMERGENCY Does my clown have Ich or Brook?

    Hi, I am shocked. I have had my clown for almost a year now. I had a pair about 10-11 months ago, and they got ich and the larger one died. I freshwater dipped the smaller one and the clown pulled through, and grew a lot. I then 5-6 months later got a Black Ice Clown (about half her size). No...
  24. beehive124

    Clowns in Hammer Coral

    So a few days ago I got a hammer coral. 3 heads, with new buds at the bottom. It’s a really nice piece! I’ve made a few posts about it, asking questions and what not, but now I have a curveball. My Ocellaris Clown (male) has started nipping at it and causing it to retract. I don’t think he’s...
  25. Fishguy530

    EMERGENCY Bloated Clown / Sores

    Hi all, Had this clown for 2-3 months now. A couple weeks ago a white spot under his right pictorial fin with some light swelling showed up. It then seemed to clear up. I just noticed tonight that he was swimming lazily, and on close inspection found a sore again in the same spot as before, and...