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  1. S

    Clownfish parasite treatment?

    I have a clownfish who has had white stringy poop the last two days. I’m assuming parasites and wondering what my best option is. Considering I’ve only had her for 4 days and she’s still nervous and unsure of her new home I think setting up a qt might do more harm than good. She’s not showing...
  2. tjsweldind94

    Can anyone help me figure out what is going on with my clowns mouth?

    Came home today and my clownfish’s mouth was ajar (open) still is and it has a little white thing on it still eats just fine just not being active like normal I’ve posted the best picture I could get, any knowledge on what I should be doing would be greatly appreciated
  3. OmuNegru

    Clownfish white spots/discoloration

    Hi everyone, This is the second clownfish I've bought with this problem. The first one I had to take it back to the lfs because it was in a more advanced stage. I have no idea what this could be or what to do best as I'm a beginner in saltwater fish tanks and reefs. The orange clownfish (I...
  4. Brocksreef117

    Clownfish infection on pectoral fin?!

    I’ve had the clowns for almost 3 months and they still Haven’t mated and have been fighting I noticed a couple days ago a white discoloration at the base of his pectoral fin (only white when the blues are on) and when I i was running the white and blues the discoloration looks almost brown any...
  5. A

    Clownfish Unpaired

    About 3 months ago me and my boyfriend bought a nano-saltwater tank (upgrading soon) with two ocellaris clownfish. We also bought a cleaner shrimp all from PetCo (there are no marine stores near us), and the tank was running perfect. All levels were good, our male Svedka was doing the submissive...
  6. Brocksreef117

    Clownfish with infection?!

    I got this clown about two months ago and I noticed that the base of her pectoral fin has some type of crust on it now it has a white dot perturbing out of the abrasion
  7. Tristan

    Clownfish ulcer?!

    Hey everyone. I got a juvenile frostbite clown back in June. Starting maybe 2-3 months ago, I noticed that she would occasionally rub her left side against the sand bed. I tried to look for any signs of ich or anything else, but nothing. I finally noticed today that there appears to be an ulcer...
  8. J

    Small Clownfish Not Eating

    My small baby clown sits near the sand and seems like it’s hard for him to swim. He isn’t reacting to feedings, any ideas on what I should do?
  9. J

    Clownfish behavior

    I have had my vivid ocellaris in the tank for a bit over a week but I decided it was time for a friend so I got myself a wyoming white ocellaris but I can’t tell what their behavior is like. The wyoming white will follow the vivid all over the tank and slaps his tail against her and sometimes...
  10. mpb5717

    Clownfish Sick, Please Help!

    My clownfish has had this crater looking thing on his face the past week. I’ve been treating it was a medication for bacteria infections but I’ve had no success. I’ve piggybacked this with several 25% water changes, no luck. Since this has started, my poor guy has gotten popping eye as well as...
  11. KimberlyMary

    Water Temp Issue

    Hey Over the summer my water temp has risen a bit but overall I still found it high. My temp in March - 80 My temp now - 82 I have a 60 gallon tank with a Hydor 300w heater set to 72. Current stock incl. 2 Clowns, 1 Cleaner Shrimp, a few Nerite snails and approx. 40 Nassarius snails (they...
  12. Z

    75 Gallon Reef Stocking

    I know there are several threads out there about stocking a 75 gallon reef. I've tried to read as many of these a possible to developed my stock list. Here are my plans: Currently in tank: 2 Black Ice Clowns 1 Royal Gramma 1 Skunk Cleaner Shrimp 1 Red Fire Shrimp Future plans (In order I plan...
  13. Desperado

    EMERGENCY Clownfish probably a goner ???

    I really think I’m at the 2 week mark of female clownfish not eating. ☹️ she’s still swimming around close to anemone. 4 days ago I dosed DT with prazipro. I have a 220 gal tank. All other fish and corals are doing great. Took water sample to fish store yesterday and all parameters look good...
  14. T

    Brand new Clownfish problems

    So I just bought 2 new clownfish for my salt water tank a couple hours ago, and ever since they were in the bag they were breathing super hard. This is my first salt water tank so I’m super inexperienced in this, but I have been keeping freshwater successfully for a couple years now. So 5 hours...
  15. Alyssa.Weber

    Clownfish fading after I turn tank LEDs off?

    I recently got two clownfish and I have noticed that their color fades when the light is off.. is this normal or is there something wrong with them? Once I turn the light back on it seems like they replenish their beautiful colors within a matter of minutes. Before and after light is on pics:
  16. efrainrodz.94

    white spot in clownfish lips or mouth?

    Hi everyone, I just realized that my clownfish has a white spot in his mouth or... I don't really know what it is. Should I be concerned? Thank you!
  17. Madangelo

    New 2 months in. Feedback

    Hey all from Toronto And I have my tank as of June 13 2020. Currently have a cleaner shrimp, clown fish, 3 damsels, 2 urchins and 10 snails. 5 bumblebee and the other 5 nasarus snails. I currently have a Xenia and a bubble tip anemone aswell. And a bunch on soft corals and a few hard ones.and...
  18. N11morales

    Clownfish Harem Tank Setup?

    Hello, I was thinking about setting up a clownfish harem tank. I would like to do black ice clownfish. How many could i put in a 90G tank? I was thinking 15-20? Also any tips on how many anemones i should get? Also would like to know if anyone has black ice clowns for sale or knows a good...
  19. N11morales

    Texas WTB Clownfish Clutch

    Hello, I was thinking about setting up a clownfish harem tank. I would like to do black ice clownfish. How many could i put in a 90G tank? Also any tips on how many anemones i should get? Also would like to know if anyone has black ice clowns for sale or knows a good company to purchase clowns from.
  20. O

    Clownfish- intestinal ciliated protozoan

    Hi All, I purchased two clownfish in March. One had intermittent abdominal bloating, over the course of 4 weeks. She then developed full ‘dropsy’ and I had to euthanise her due to inappetance/poor response to treatment (metronidazole bath- as she was not eating). coelomic fluid was devoid of...
  21. M

    Clownfish brooklynella, need quick advice!

    Hello, I recently added a new clown to my existing 30 gallon bio cube that has had a different clown in it for over a year. I qt'ed the new clown for 2 weeks before putting him in. Im sure I did not do this process right as both clowns now appear to have brooklynella (I am 99% sure it is...
  22. cac0ethes

    Wyoming White Clown EMERGENCY

    Hello, I picked up a young Wyoming White Clown a few days ago. Just a few minutes ago I checked on the tank and he is swimming nose down I thought maybe the return pump was a bit to strong as he was swimming down right below the overflow. I turn it off it has been about 20 minutes and he still...
  23. J

    Clownfish waving its tail at sand?

    2 days ago I purchased a pair of adult clowns from my lfs, and today I saw the female go down to the substrate and start “fanning” the substrate with her tail, she wasn’t scratching or anything like that, is that normal? Or just a random thing they do?
  24. Chowder3

    Next steps with tank after all fish die?

    Hi everyone! So on Monday night all my fish died except my electric blue hermit crab. So sad. My tank was established on May 10th of this year. I was doing the BRS 5 minute video set up. So far so good ~no issues until now. In my tank we’re 2 pairs of clown fish and the blue hermit crab. Monday...
  25. A

    Pennsylvania Clownfish

    I raised some hatches of clownfish. I am in no shortnage of premium all black onyx and onyx. I also have extreme picassos. Located just south of Pittsburgh pa PICKUP ONLY! premium all black onyx $70 each ($120 pair) Regular onyx $30 each ($50 pair) Picasso’s 100-250 each depending on markings...
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