1. esther

    Anyone Else Get New Tank Mates This Weekend?? I Wanna See Them!

    You guys... I'm SO EXCITED!!! We finally got our clowns today! We got a pair of Black Ice Snowflake Clowns along with an Ultra Rose Anemone and a Maxima Clam. I decided to only buy my livestock from Adam at Ocean Devotion LA because of his QT procedures. Before these clowns we got a Dejardini...
  2. MontanaReefer406

    Black Ich???

    Hi, I recently added a couple chromis to my nano tank and they sadly passed away very quickly. I cant imagine it was due to water quality or acclimation. Took a picture of one of the chromis and seemed to have black spots on the face. No idea where this disease could have come from. My clownfish...
  3. PherFox

    My storm troopers

    Hello I just recently purchased a mated pair of storm trooper clown fish.... And I have a beautiful Purple tip anemone but they wont host it :( hey host each other and dance all over my tank together but not even a second look at the lonely anemone. Is there anything I can do to help them...
  4. C

    New bullethole clown wont eat

    Hey guys! I picked up 2 clownfish a couple days ago. One is eating fine, swimming in middle of tank etc. All is good. (Davinci clown) The other one, swimming by the overflow all day. Not Inerested in food after multiple feeding attempts. Seems to not be the strongest of swimmers in general...
  5. mattybecks

    Allardi Clownfish and Macrodactyla Anemone

    It had just gone lights out and my Anemone and clowns are bedding down for the night.
  6. T

    Clownfish staying on the bottom for months but is healthy kinda... HELP

    So I have had an ocellaris clownfish (1 1/2") for about 4 months now. He has been in my 45 gallon reef with my true perculla clownfish (Black onyx Picasso) female (2 1/4"). When I first introduced him, they had a bit of bickering but then quickly paired up. They were paired for about the first 3...
  7. Octo clownfish

    Hello all, New member here. Any expierenced clownfish breeders?

    Hello my name is Jon I have always been into aquariums since a young age. However only been into the salt side of things for about a year and a half. I sure have moved quickly in that short amount of time went from the easy stuff all the way to the hard stuff as far as corals go. Then just as...
  8. Rams

    New Jersey RBTA and pair of big clowns

    Selling pair of clowns with hosted anemone.male is good stripe and female is maroon clown,both are big and paired,anemone is huge like combination of 2 basket balls which is currently on 20lbs rock piece.Asking 300$ and don’t want to part them.only in person transaction please.Feel free to text...
  9. SaltwaterTanks

    Clownfish mate lost what now ?

    I had a clownfish for about 3 years it had a mate and then i got another clownfish and they bonded well no fighting at all . I currently lost this clownfish and now have a female I noticed a change in personality since it’s a lot more shyer it used to come up to the glass during feeding but is...
  10. Wen

    Please eyeball this clownfish problem.

    Yesterday noticed a small raised sore/injury on our female clown’s back. Today it is 3x the size. I’m guessing an injury that is infected, but not sure, it looks unlike any infection I’ve seen before. No new fish in system. All tankmates look great. She’s 8+ years, eats normally, acts normal...
  11. Jtfortune3

    Help! Mirrored background 29 gallon safe?

    NEED HELP So I’m new to the salty side ( I have 5 freshwater aquariums) So my grandma decided to give me her old 29 gallon bowfront tank and stand. I decided I’d set it up and do my first saltwater tank. I properly cycled the tank (requires way more patience than freshwater lol) and added two...
  12. Dylan7huskies

    Need help / opinions on marine velvet issue!

    So I noticed 2 dead fish in my 20gal nano on Friday. Have 2 clownfish and a blue chromis still alive in my tank, I noticed marine velvet covering the two clowns. I went out and bought “Kick Ich & Rally.” I posted this on this forum and people said I need to quarantine. Today I put all 3 in a 5...
  13. K

    Clown fish with white on fins

    Hello! I’m pretty new here but maybe some of you could help me out. I’ve had my tank for a couple weeks running and I introduced two juvenile clown fish about a little over a week ago. One of them got a little bigger than the other and is doing extremely well is very healthy. However, the other...
  14. S

    Identify sickness, if any??

    Hi guys sorry to post as I’m sure many do about these things but I’m worried about my clownfish. Got the pair before Christmas and I’ve noticed some odd behavior in the female and some spots maybe developing? It’s hard to tell at this point, but maybe I’m being paranoid? I attached a pic from...
  15. Noahs Home Zoo

    75G Upgraded Tank with LPS and Softies.

    Hey all, it has been a while since I was on here. I wanted to do an update and show off the big upgrade I finally did. Short back story.... 9 years ago, we owned a 14G BioCube setup for a nano reef. It was thriving and we were ready to make the jump up. So we bought a 75 Gallon tank. Before I...
  16. O

    HELP! Female clownfish is killing male!

    in my 14 gallon bio cube that I have had for over 3 years, with the ocellaris clowns who have lived together for 3 years in peace. However lately they have been severely attacking eachother. The female has bitten off almost all of the males back take and a lot of his fins. It is really bad and...
  17. J


    White bump on clowns lip
  18. C

    Illinois Clownfish for sale

    I've had her for 2 years, perfectly healthy and eats pellet and flakes. Already caught and ready to go. When it's feeding time she runs up to the top to greet you. Almost 3" for this one, same clownfish just 3 different pictures Slowly shutting down my second tank. $20 obo or open to trades for...
  19. J

    New the The Saltwater Community!

    Ive had freshwater fish for a while now, i have a handful of tanks, and even a few Axolotl. I have maintained CO2 Aquascapes, and now i want to move into a little but of saltwater. So right now i have a 12x12x12 inch tank, roughly 8 gallons, rimless, it was a planted tank. I have some live...
  20. U

    Help! Clown fish behavior!

    I’m new to the fish community and I recently moved to Okinawa Joan and got a clown fish. They only had 1 at the time and she has a blueish fish in there with her and they said they can be together. But anyhow she has been swimming in all different ways. Head down with belly against glass, on...
  21. Nate_Krohn

    29 gallon reef tank

    Starting a thread for my 29 gallon reef that I hope to turn into an anemone, LPS, and Zoa tank. Just painted the back and added my filter which I will be putting filterfloss, poly filters, and chemipure blue in. More updates coming Friday and Monday! 12/3/2019
  22. Nate_Krohn

    29 gallon reef tank

    Anyone own a successful 29 or 30 gallon reef tank? If so I’d love to know your secrets! Let me know how you’re running it and what fish/coral you’ve got in it! I was thinking about setting up an 29 gallon anemone tank with a Wyoming white and oceslarrous clowns. I’d love to add a couple more...
  23. Lcoxon11

    Ocellaris clownfish acting weird

    My tank has been established for several months I have two clownfish that I bought together about a week and a half ago they get along just fine. One is very active, so active I named him “turbo” the other just sits at the bottom of the tank....Stationary swimming. He doesn’t have much of an...
  24. Nate_Krohn

    29 gallon stocking

    Just got a new 29 gallon tank to move a pair of clownfish into. Its 29 gallon long. Any other stocking ideas? I’m open to adding anything!! Thank you!
  25. S

    Corals For 13.5 Gallon Tank

    Hi I am new to the reef keeping world. I was wondering which corals I may be able to keep. At the moment I have two clownfish. They have been there for 2 months.