1. D

    Clownfish sudden death - suspected brooklynella or bullying?

    I noticed one of my clowns had some signs of his pelvic fin being nipped at, but I mistakenly thought this was from the female bullying him and establishing dominance.. A week or so later it looks like he’s losing coloration near his stomach, which looks like it’s turning transparent from his...
  2. J

    Florida Live Goods clownfish pair-Wild caught Indian Ocean Clarkii-$90

    Wild caught pair. 4" and 2.5". Quarantined and kept in my tank for 6 months. Pick up only in South Florida.
  3. A

    Fish won’t let me clean aquarium without attacking my hand/brush

    I have a green hair algae problem meaning i have to constantly brush them off. Before my clownfish was fine with it. today he decided to attack whatever i tried cleaning the algae with. how am i supposed to do the maintenance if he doesn’t let me?? does anyone have any tips????
  4. C

    Clownfish possibly sick

    I’m not sure if this is urgent or just the fish warming up to the new tank but one of my new clowns is looking bloated and is only sitting at the bottom of the tank, breathing heavily. I only just let them out of the holding box after letting them get to know my other fish that were already in...
  5. harkey

    Is my clownfish pregnant or just bloated?

    Woke up this morning and I saw my female clownfish stomach is big, not quite sure if she is carrying eggs or just bloated. I feed them every two days and don’t really over feed them. Haven’t noticed them cleaning one specific area either but the male clownfish is doing the little dance around her.
  6. H

    Clownfish babies

    Any tips on raising clownfish babies? We have a pair of clowns who laid eggs and captured many of the little dudes. We used the top off tank in the sump as a breeder tank with a little bubbler in it. It's been nearly 24 hours now and a few are still alive. We used a 50/50 mix of tank water and...
  7. L

    Clownfish pair aggression

    Hey everyone, the hobby has been somewhat of a passive one for me in the last year, but that has sort of changed recently. Anyway, i would love to get a clownfish pair, but I don’t really see the appeal of the usual perc complex clowns. The ones I’ve been really drawn to have been Maroons...
  8. tessa1

    Need help deciding what fish I should get

    Hi! I need some help deciding on some new fish, I have had a mochavinci clown for about a month now and am getting ready to move it to a bigger 25g tank. The tank has been cycling for about two weeks and has plenty of fake plants, rocks, and other decors. The water is in good condition. I want...
  9. gobybryant

    Follow along as I pair maroon hybrids!

    Over the last few weeks I’ve acquired not one, but two hybrid maroon clowns! The smaller clown is about 1.5-2” while the larger is 3-3.5”. The smaller clown was a little beat up from the shop, where it’s been for a few months, but it seems strong. I’m attempting to pair them, but there’s been...
  10. novatoad

    Clownfish blisters

    2 nights ago my clownfish were fighting…grabbing gills and locking mouths. Yesterday one was stuck to the filter. I put one in a hatchery and he laid on his side all night. Today he is swimming around fine but he has these blisters around his mouth. Is this fighting wounds or some disease...
  11. Salttanknoob

    Is this color normal for clownfish?

    Tank is 4 weeks old. Tank is cycled. Just wondering if this “yellow” color is normal in clownfish?
  12. D

    High Nitrates?

    Hi All - I have a pair of clownfish in a 105l tank. The parameters are as follows. Salinity - 1.025 pH - 8 Ammonia - 0ppm Nitrite - 0ppm Nitrate - 50ppm When I measured nitrate 4 days ago it was about 40ppm. Then I did a 10% water. I wanted to reduce nitrates further, and I did a 15% water...
  13. X

    EMERGENCY Sick Clownfish

    Hi! My clownfish has been acting a bit weird he is just parking in one corner of the tank, time to time, he swims to the bottom or the top of the tank in that same corner, he is eating well, and he is not having any trouble breathing, does not have any visible ich or velvet. But I don't know I...
  14. Wuffletoast

    Clown creating craters in sand

    I have a 30 gal tank with somewhat new rock and no coral (waiting for water to stay stable) the tank is about seven months old. I've noticed one of my clowns making a crater by two of the three tunnel entrances I created with a Y shaped PVC pipe. She has already paired with another clown that...
  15. Nutramar Foods

    Quality Marine Labs Successfully Breeds and Rears Wide-band Clownfish (Amphiprion latezonatus)

    Clownfish have long been one of the most popular fish and considered to be one of the best starter fish in the marine aquarium trade. Advances in culturing techniques have allowed commercial farms in the US and around the world to grow thousands of clownfish each year for the marine ornamentals...
  16. X

    Clownfish acting weird

    Hi guys! For the past 3 days, my clownfish has been acting really weird, he is just parking in one corner of the tank, time to time he swims to the bottom or the top of the tank in that same corner, he is eating well, he is not having any trouble breathing, does not have any visible disease...
  17. L

    Two Clown Died overnight after 3 weeks

    Hi guys. My first 2 clown ever just passed this morning. Took it a little harder than I thought. I feel terrible I could’ve prevented this. I have a 20G AIO tank with filter floss, 2 sponges, carbon and return pump. My tank cycled with Dr tims for 3 weeks. I then introduced my clown pair and a...
  18. M3rmaids

    Florida Live Goods Paired exotic clowns 75 Gallon Tank full of zoas

    I have two saltwater tanks. I need them gone ASAP before they start getting neglected because they are beautiful. One is 75 Gallon HOB Currently in tank: - 2 blue tuxedo urchins - 1 Psychedelic Mandarin - 1 Lawn Mower Blenny - 2 paired rare clownfish (Storm Trooper and Davinci)...
  19. maurice-io

    Is my clownfish dying? How can I help it do better?

    Hi, this is my first saltwater fish (1 of 2 clownfish), and it doesn't seem to be doing well. There's a white "flake" coming out of its side/gill, and it's breathing hard from its mouth. See video below. Can someone please help me figure out what it is and how I can treat it?? See the white...
  20. D

    Help Me Identify (this is in my QT)

    Hi All - I set up my QT with 100% fresh saltwater on the 18th and I added a pair of clownfish. I did a 35% water change on the 20th. I have been dosing Seachem prime, stability, and stressguard. A small patch of this appeared on one of the PVC fittings and it is growing. Could you please help me...
  21. J

    Occy and pink skunk clowns in same pond?

    I have a 50g lagoon that has a ‘pair’ of ocellaris clowns and some mollies. Was wondering if its possible to add two pink skunk clowns in there or will they fight? I have a clay pot on one corner that the occys use, and im thinking if i add another pot on the other end and hope the skunk clowns...
  22. S

    Clownfish disease help ASAP Please

    I don’t know what happened, fish eyes are now cloudy and underneath whiting with a pale coat. I did some research and I believe it’s brook disease but I’m not 100% sure and even if it is, it’s 12:38 am and nothing is open what can I do? And is this the disease I’m looking at? Please help, thank...
  23. S

    Adding fish to my 135

    So I have a 135 gallon with two ocellaris clownfish, there about 1 inch current (I realize this is small) would it be possible to either: A) get a blue jaw trigger fish that’s a juvenile or would it still be too big and potentially you know? B) wait till the clowns become full grown and then get...
  24. P

    Clown got stuck in filter and is now is struggling to swim

    I had this happen to another clown a couple of months ago but caught it too late. Please help.
  25. D

    Is this lympho, ich or something worse?

    Just wondering if this is lympho (praying) or ich etc, it's had a very stressful few days we have had power cuts etc so any advice would be great!
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