1. F

    Help with 75g build...

    So just as the title says I need some help: Long story short: I’ve only ever used AIO tanks.... I recently purchased a 75g seapora and stand that was on sale for a VERY good deal... My original plan was to build a new cichlid tank however now I am slowly swaying myself to do a reef tank.... I...
  2. E

    New to the hobby. Need help getting started! :D

    Hi there guys! So im new to the hobby and very interested in keeping a reef aquarium. I noticed my father had a an empty 50gal tank in his garage and felt I can put it to good use, its a normal tank with a fall back filter, hood light, and heater, I understand this filtration and light wouldn't...
  3. Sierra_Bravo

    Build Thread Sierra_Bravo's "What did I get myself into??" 120g in-wall build thread

    Brief background: 49 year old native Floridian who moved to San Antonio about four years ago. After so many years in and around South Florida and the Gulf Coast, being more or less land locked left me yearning for the clear water and coral reefs of the Keys. A thought occurred: Bring the... - All-In-One Aquarium Filtration