1. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    Luck with spionid worms? Control? Removal?

    I know they aren't too harmful to things but I just don't want to have worms burrowing into any of my corals. And Im worried about the future of my tank. I have some spionid worms in my sand bed. Anyone have any luck with creatures / fish that eat these worms, Ways to control the population, or...
  2. J

    My Bachelor Thesis is based on creating a self-regulating Aquarium. Can you guys help me brainstorm a plan?

    Hey guys, I really need your help. I am a mechanical engineer tasked with designing and configuring a self-regulating Saltwater Aquarium but unfortunately I know nothing about aquariums (Well, not true, ive been reading up a bit, but id still consider myself completely ignorant on the subject)...
  3. S


    Hello I looking for GHL sa 2.1 doser
  4. Dayson

    Mississippi Aquarium Controller Neptune Apex controller

    Neptune Apex classic. Includes display, power strip, brain, Ph probe, temp probe. Also have WXM available. Asking $200 plus shipping for Apex
  5. L

    Atlantik V2.1 with Gateway2

    Hello I have two Atlantik v4 Compact controlled by wifi and the gateway 2 but i bought a atlantik V2.1 on ebay and i am not sure if i can control it with the same app and gateway as the V4. I was reading about a upgrade of the V2.1 to V4 but i dont know if it is necessary to controll with the...
  6. Tristren

    1-10v control not working

    Hi there, Ive opened this as a ticket with GHL, but hopefully you might be able to shed light on what I’m doing wrong. I have been controlling two Tunze 6040 pumps with my Profilux 4 using illumination channels and it has worked fine. Today I added two more 6040s as well as two Stream 3s. I...
  7. D

    California DC pump

    Deepwater aquatics BLDC 8 pump, with the controller rated up to 2100 GPH, in good condition. $103. Can be shipped at buyers expense. (818)703-3993
  8. D


    Lightly used and in great condition. $250 shipped. 818 703 3993
  9. Perpetual Novice

    Advice on fish for algae control

    I have a 13 gallon tank full of zoanthids and some snails and hermits and a pistol shrimp goby pair. I’m looking to add a fish that is appropriate for a nano tank and will help reduce the algae. I wouldn’t say algae is a problem but snails don’t really seem to be doing anything about the hair...