coral death

  1. 1Matthew

    EMERGENCY Coral not growing & looking bad

    My coral has been doing really bad as of lately. Some have bleached and others have died. As for the past year I haven’t had many fish only 1 clown in a 60 gallon. The nitrates have been at 0 for the pst couple months and everything else seems pretty normal. I haven’t changed my lighting in a...
  2. C


    I have had this coral for a few weeks but it is looking awfully pale, I want to know if this in dying or not. I target feed all my other corals and they are growing slowly but still alive. I just moved this one from the top of my rocks to the sand bed as well today.
  3. ariellemermaid

    Need Help: New Corals Bleaching with Mucous Coat

    We got some new corals in 3 days ago and we’re now having some issues. Yesterday morning one of the new corals was half covered in a white stringy web-looking thing that was kind of flapping in the flow. I blew it off, only to find the coral below was bleached in that spot. Very back middle...
  4. javisaman

    Months of struggles (high res pictures, sorry long)

    Hi All, Hoping you can help me with the current issues I'm having with my tank. The setup: Aquarium: Started 07/2019 75 gallon Aquarium Masters + 20 gallon Trigger Systems sump Reef Angel Controller 70 Lbs dry rock (old from a previous tank, but left in a tub for 2 years) Barebottom with...
  5. gowlers321

    I need some help

    I cannot seem to figure out why my corals are dying, iv checked loads of my parameters and nothing seems to be pointing to a problem. Any ideas of possible reasons for the death. Thanks. Parameters: Salinity: 1.024 Dkh: 7.5 Temp: 25.6 Nitrate: 10 Nitrite and ammonia: 0 Calcium: 360ppm...
  6. J

    Hammer coral not doing well

    Hey everyone, I woke up this morning to my hammer coral losing its polyps, and looking like it was half eaten. I've had it for about a month and everything was fine until this morning. My other corals appear to be good. Ammonia 0.2, nitrite 0.02, nitrate 2, salinity 34, phosphate 0.04, alk...
  7. Zoa_Fanatic

    New candy canes help

    I just got these kryptonite candy canes a few days ago. They split between the pollops after bringing them home and now the tissue is receding. I’ve moved them higher in the tank where the flow is less and they’re about 8” directly below my light to get some good light. What can I do to help...
  8. Peach02

    Is this the beginning of the end?

    So in the last two weeks my tank has gone from great to bad my female mandarin starved (out competed by male) my acropora colony bleached / turned almost completely white I'm not sure why my stylophora frag bleached / turned almost completely white I'm not sure why my torch coral has lost...
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