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  1. VanJuarez

    Build Thread My BioCube 32 Reef Tank build

    Hey everyone! Decided to start one of these build threads to track the progress of my first tank as I go. Still cycling currently, doing a fishless cycle with ghost feeding and I added Fritz TurboStart. The TurboStart seems to be working fairly well, I never even saw a spike in ammonia levels...
  2. Terry C

    Waterbox AIO w/stand for sale.

    Hi, I am upgrading to a SCA PNP 50g and want to sell my my other set up. It's a waterbox 20 gallon AIO cube with a black wood aftermarket stand. Its only been set up for about 6 months, in perfect condition. I also will throw in the skimmer, the skimmer is a Macro Aqua m-50 Hang on Back. Tank...
  3. schooleyosis

    Tennessee Synergy Reef CL-22 Sump & 5-Gallon ATO (Fusion Blue)

    Selling my Synergy Reef CL-22 Sump in Fusion Blue with matching 5-gallon ATO container. The sump has dual 4" sock holders, probe holder, adjustable baffle in the skimmer section, quick connects for 1/4" fittings for dosing and/or ATO, and media trays. I ran a Vertex Omega 150 in the skimmer...
  4. Nfd552

    Cube Build Jon’s Waterbox 70.2 build

    Hey everyone this is my first build thread. That means I’m batting .500 on these since this is only my second tank. I’ve been in the hobby for almost 2 years now running a 75 gallon bowfront tank with a 30 gallon eshopps sump. Along with an X120 eshopps skimmer, 15W UV sterilizer, 2 hydor...
  5. Re3f_Adict

    Connecticut Tank for sale

    trying to sell it as a bulk it’s a 40g rimless cube starphire glass on three sides . With black stand. 10g tank that was used as a sump. I’m located in New Britain Connecticut Asking price is $500 obo
  6. Why-Me

    Build Thread SCA 50 Gallon PNP System EcoTech Marine Edition

    So at 7:00pm last night I received shipment of my new SCA 50 gallon cube, rustic grey stand, SCA 301 skimmer, atman ph2500 return pump, filter floss, media balls, sponge media, overflow cover, 18.5 gallon glass sump, Reef Link, G4 Radion XR15 pro. I'm still waiting for a backorder from SCA of an...
  7. El.Kae

    Build Thread El Kae's RS Reefer 170

    After being out of the hobby since 2004, the bug bit hard last year. A quick browse through the LFS and I ended up with a Nuvo10. Less than a month later, I had already upgraded to a 25 Lagoon and looking at another upgrade. 2 months back into the hobby and I knew I wasn't going to turn back...
  8. Kenzie Jeanine

    Treating GHA with Fluc

    I'm creating this thread to keep track of my progress using fluconazole to get rid of the green hair algae in my 24 gal cube. I posted a different thread looking for help on this and was given two suggestions: use fluc or do a LOT of scrubbing. I live in an apartment and don't have a lot of...
  9. Wrasse-cal

    Black Friday: “best” SPS lighting for 24 inch cube

    All, I know “best” is highly subjective, but I want to see what you all would do if you were me. Parameters: I’m setting up a new tank, a waterbox 75.2 “cube.” (24x24x20) Stimulating max coral growth is the most important factor for the light Connectivity is nice, but I don’t need to be able...
  10. klondike4001

    Cube Build New foray into the Cube Life!

    Been on here a while, and have gone through a few reefs over the years. This is my first build thread on R2R. The Specs 28” Cube, Euro-braced, with a Reef Synergy Overflow. Custom Stand, with Electronics/Controller panel build in. Custom 24" Elite Aquatics sump done in Smoked Gray and Dark...
  11. SashimiTurtle

    Cube Build Turtle's Deep Blue Sea

    Step one, buy new tank... check Ahem, Turtle... that's not a new tank. It's new to me. But look at it, it's filthy! Ok, fine. It's "nused." Did you just put new and used together in one word? Why, yes I did... I am talking to myself, do you expect me not to make up words. Now, go...
  12. L

    Cube Build 150g Cube update

  13. shrimppsacc

    Cube Build Where do you get cube tanks?

    Hi I am considering to get a cube tank for my next build. I have heardabout the trash stands and terrible customer service from CadLights also some bad stories of DeepBlueProffessional and StarFire Tanks. I was originally going with the RedSea Reefer Nano with White Stand but would like more...
  14. KevinRosso

    Cube Build Cube Aquascaping

    Hey Everyone, I'm finally starting a 60 gallon reef after 3 years of interest and research! I would love to see and hear any examples of cube aquascaping and advice. Would love to have a mixed tank that doesnt look over crowded but obviously looks packed with coral. Show me your best aquascaping!
  15. LEOreefer

    Check out my build thread!

    Ive been working hard spending hours on this site, I love getting feedback and suggestions on my build. My build thread is in the cube section but I figured maybe I can reach more eyes posting in general forum! Would love for people to check it out and let me know what they...
  16. DSmithZ28

    Glass Cages Question

    I have done a lot of research on the forums and on the internet and completely understand that Glass Cages are hard to deal with and don't have the best customer support. That being said has anyone had an issue with the product? I cannot afford the other aquarium builders prices and have had 2...
  17. Thegoodson

    New to reef 60 cube build

    I have 3 planted fresh tanks ranging from 5 gal to 75. Been want to diving in to the reef world. I found a 60 gal rimless cube with stand and sump for cheap. Im going to post pic and what im doing. Looking forward to the criticism i just want to get the best start possible Here some pictures...
  18. Barrett

    Cube Build SCA 50 gal build thread

    This is my first saltwater tank, I have had fresh water tanks for many years now and wanted a new challange.
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