custom sump

  1. AKAGuyver

    AKAGuyver's custom bulkhead/sump/refugium co2 scrubber with hybrid t5 LED AI hydra 26 on red sea max e-170

    Hi guys, i figured it was about time i started a build thread for my e-170. I've seen lots of reefer builds but few for the e-series. I've had my tank up a couple months now and am ready to pull the trigger on a couple grand in equipment, as well as building a custom sump/refugium. After months...
  2. WallyB

    ★ 110 Gallon (In-Wall Office Dream SPS Reef Tank) ★ PROJECT GENESIS [Total Automation, DIY & More ]★

    Hello, my name is Wally. Don't know how to start this Build Thread, since I have so much to share. I'll do an intro, and see what folks are Interested in, and Expand, Elaborate, from there. I've been enjoying the Reef Hobby for the last 20+ years. Started simple and kept going. I'm an...
  3. C

    Custom 80 gallon rebuild...

    Long story short my 58 gallon Oceanic tank with basement sump had to come down for space. I built a new tank in the basement. All was going fine until I cooked the tank. 106 degrees and nothing lives. This thread will document the rebuild and upgrade to that system.
  4. HollaAtChaReefBoy

    HollaAt ChaReefBoy Red Sea Peninsula 650

    Just upgraded from nano tanks to now a big tank. Go big or go home, so I went BIG and I brought it home. Feel free to follow me on this journey as I customize and modify this tank. Feel free to provide feedbacks, I would love to see what you all think.
  5. ReeferGil

    Sump Color Schemes- White Backgrounds?

    Over the past year or so, I've noticed manufactures building sumps with a gloss white background. Maybe its been going on for much longer, but that's when I noticed it... anyhow. I'm in the process of having a custom built sump and I'm stumped for a background color or just going clear...
  6. Cristy17

    Moving a 57 to 75 gal. mixed reef..1000 miles apart

    Hi everyone! I am finally starting my new build. I currently have a 57 gal up and running for the past 2 years in Maryland. I am currently relocating to the west coast of Florida. I plan to cycle the 75 gal and then drive all the occupants of the 57 to the 75. A year ago I purchased the 75 gal...
  7. AquaNerd

    Custom Bashsea Cichlid Life Support System Click the link to learn more...
  8. islandbreeze

    Reef2Reef Rocks! I'm new here check out my build!

    So first off I'd like to say that I've scoured the web for info on the tons of topics reef related and I've probably learned more in this site then any other internet wise... (let's not forget delbeck and sprung lol). I love how everyone updates regular new material and there many intelligent...