cycling new tank

  1. M

    Cycling with Microbacter Dry Rock Starter Kit

    Hi everyone, I have just started the cycling and I will share the results with the community I hope the positive and negative results can be used by many people so they can do even better. I am in the day 4 of cycling and I am using this starter kit, it is a cycling without fish. I added the...
  2. Pierce168

    New Reefer!

    Hello everyone! My girlfriend and I have decided to get into the hobby and we are setting up the new tank for clownfish. We have done about a month of research and we just now set up the tank and RO/DI system. I have yet to mix the salt and water. I have plenty of questions but I think for now I...
  3. ariellemermaid

    The QT Biofilter Catch 22

    Since starting reefing about 7 months back I’ve read every thread I could find on QT, copper, cycling, and just about everything else. It seems there’s a bit of a catch 22 when it comes to this topic. Summary of my take away points combining different threads: 1) Fish die quickly without a...
  4. S

    Cycling query

    I have been cycling a 10g with fish food for 32 days and nitrites and nitrates are still very high, any tips? water change?
  5. alishahlakhani

    Can I put Torch corals in uncycled tank?

    I bought a torch coral few days back and it's gonna arrive on friday. I was expecting my tank to be cycled soon but it doesn't seem the case anymore. I have Zoas and GSP in tank. Do you think my Torch has any chances of survival in this env? I do have bacteria to seed the tank which I've already...
  6. alishahlakhani

    10g Nano - High Nitrites(NO2) ~5ppm+, No ammonia & minimal Nitrates(NO3) ~<6ppm

    Hey fellow reefers, I've very new to aquarium hobby and I have a (maybe stupid) cycling question. I've had my tank cycling for past 3.5 weeks and now my Nitrites(NO2) are extremely high(full purple) for past 1 week. I have very minimal to low algae growth. Equipment used. - Dry rocks and Dry...
  7. Spydersweb

    Curing live rock, starting new SW TANK

    Hello all, So, I am of course new to SW aquariums, and I have a couple of questions in regards to curing live rock. So, I’m about to set up my 90 gallon FOWLR aquarium in about a month or two, I already have all the equipment, just need to finish my basement first. Anyway, I’m going to start...
  8. Danh Ngo

    Clown harem with bta question?

    I’m cycling a 65G ( 3x2x2) tank. 20G long sump DIY with fuge Bubble Magus curve 5 Gyre maxspect 250 Around 55lbs reef save dry rock + 2 marine pure block + 18W pentair uv (plumb in case needed) It’s been 3 weeks now, planning to make a clown harem. Here is the plan, if you guys have any...
  9. Danh Ngo

    Korallen zucht coral snow when cycling

    I’m cycling a new 65G tank, can I use Coral Snow when cycling? I know it help clear the water.
  10. Uscanga2311

    Lights On or off during cycle...?

    Hi R2R family: what are you guys, I'm going to start cycling with my tank, I'll use the mature pro kit from Red Sea, my question is this: in the kit manual it says to keep a cycle of 10 hours of light, but I've heard many recommendations from Do not occupy light to prevent the creation of...
  11. Kevinkmk

    Tank upgrade cycling?

    hi, I am planning to upgrade my current 20 gallon reef tank that has been running for 10 months to a 74 gallon reefer 350 tank. I will be using the existing 16 lbs of live rock plus some new live rocks, and new sand bed for the new tank. Wondering do I need to cycle my new tank or I can do a...
  12. spyder813

    Cycling question !!!

    I got the QT running since Sunday with Dr.Tims the one and only bacteria. Now, following Dr.Tim procedures I did my first test yesterday night (24 Hours) and this is what I got on Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate. I will give until later today to do another test. What's your opinions or...
  13. Giraffe0621

    Mid-Way through Red Sea Mature Kit, but now adding TBS Live Rock -- do I now stop adding RedSea Kit?

    I just started a brand new tank (Red Sea Reefer 250). I originally was going to use all Marco Rocks & started using the Red Sea Reef Mature Kit (nitrifying/denitrifying bacteria, No3-PO4-X & KH-Coralline Gro) to help start the tank. I'm now on day 8 out of 21. Plans changed slightly & I ordered...
  14. LEOreefer

    Let's see those cycling tanks

    Far to often you get to see these beautiful tanks showcased (As they should be ) , this might give the false impression that anyone can have a reef like that in just a few months. The purpose of this thread is to highlight the tank uglies and to show what it really takes to achieve a beautiful reef
  15. MICU murse

    Build Thread New tank startup

    Hey r2r, This is the first post of many to come detailing the startup and maintenance of my first saltwater tank. I'm mostly ignorant to the process other than what I have read online and I'm always receptive to tips and tricks. My setup was bought second hand includes this far: -55 gallon tank...
  16. MidwestReefer

    cycling confusion

    Hello everyone i've recently started my first reef tank, and it's been going for about 2 1/2 weeks. tank is a 13.5 G all and one, with cured live rock, live sand, seachem Seed as the bacteria booster, and temp at 86 degrees F. the first week I set everything up and let the tank run. all the...