1. WheatToast

    POLL: What brown macroalgae do you own? Pictures?

    It's all in the title. What brown macroalgae do you own? Please post pictures! Edit: Include those you have owned as well.
  2. Tangina20

    How to keep algae from transferring to a new tank?

    I have a 40 breeder tank and it has become infested with dictyota algae and it’s impossible to get rid of. My new 100g is ready to go and I would like to put all of my corals from the old tank into the 100 but There’s no way I want to deal with dictyota again.
  3. T

    Amphidinium Dinoflagellate Treatment Methods

    This thread is a spin-off from the @mcarroll very successful Dino thread The purpose is to discuss methods for removal and fighting against a particular strain of dinoflagellate - Large Cell Amphidinium. It seems to make up about a third of the cases of dinos. The reason this strain gets its...