dragon tamer

  1. OuteastREEFS

    New York Live Goods Splitting head Dragon tamer Aquacultured super fast grower

    Full Spectrum lighting taken with a DSLR Under blues taken with Samsung phone with polyp lab filter 400 SHIPPED
  2. Lutzerman

    Florida Live Goods TSA Holy Grail and Reefdreamz Dragon Tamer torches

    I have several heads of TSA Holy Grail and 3 large Reefdreamz Dragon Tamer torch colonies available. HG was purchased from a trusted source and Tamer directly from Reefdreamz. Prefer not to ship. Pickup in the Tampa area. - 2 Holy Grail fully split doubles. 2 distinct heads but split not...
  3. Coral Kai

    Live Goods SOLD HG Variants Dragon Tamers | Masters | Rapunzels, Tiger Torch

    Local pickup in Eagle Rock next to Glendale. Can provide more photos. It will be too much if I post each one individually. Please message me and I will answer your questions and provide more photos/videos of the torch you would like to see. Shipping available for $50 but will prioritize local...
  4. OuteastREEFS

    New York Live Goods 100% Aquacultured Dragon Tamer $325

    Photo taken under Full Spectrum . This is one head captive grown, mother colony is 3 years old.
  5. Stpatrick

    California Live Goods Lots of Indo LPS/Torches for sale.

    I can ship or if local in San Diego you can pick them up my house. Standard DOA policy. Spend over 300 gets free overnight shipping. Pics of dead coral in the bag within 2 hours of delivery for refund. I can not refund shipping costs. I am also not responsible for shipping issues but will do my...
  6. GoNextLevel

    ReefDreamz Lineage Dragon Tamer Torch Coral

    Hello everyone new seller here in R2R I bought this off a fellow reefer as a dragon tamer from ReefDreamz lineage. Truly a rainbow torch. here is the original it came from. Mine has been cooking for the past couple months and is starting to color up nicely. double headed asking for roughly...
  7. DCoralJunkee

    California ReefDreamz Dragon Tamer Torch (Double)

    "A true Indo Rainbow torch" This Dragon Tamer I am posting for sale is a double head (completely split). Not the 2GC lineage which is darker in color. Since they go for around $800 a head I'm doing mine for $1500 picked up or $1550 shipped ... I've had this lineage of torch for a little over a...
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