1. B

    Rusty dwarf angel hiding

    Hello everyone! I have a rusty angel in my 125 gallon, he’s small around 2 inches or so. He was qt’ed for 30 days in copper and everything was always out and about. The tank is new he was placed inside all together with the current fish at once. The fish were placed in the tank for a month and...
  2. C

    Dwarf Hawkfish: Small But Mighty

    I love this fish, and so does my wife and daughter. My daughter laughs especially hard when he swims around then stops and stares and then takes off again. They have no swim bladder allowing them to sit in 1 spot without floating away https://youtube.com/shorts/iEpwO23w5Ic?feature=share
  3. frankieg2293

    New York Live Goods Sold

    Selling fuzzy dwarf lion fish he is in great shape. Very nice addition to tank. I just don’t like having to buy different food for him to eat only. That’s why I’m selling. Txt or call 5164745507
  4. D

    Dwarf Blue Leg Hermit Crab.....molting or dead?

    We are brand new to the saltwater scene. We have 4 dwarf red and 4 dwarf blue hermits. One of our dwarf blues looks just like the first picture which I found posted on another thread. My crab is in the blue circle in the second picture. Wish I could get a better picture. Will try to get one...
  5. GentlePuffer

    New Jersey S/T Fuzzy dwarf Lionfish in jersey shore area

    Beautiful tame 4inch Fuzzy Dwarf available for sale or trade in jersey shore area. Was in my Predator nano tank and eats pellets, freeze dried, frozen food. Is not afraid of people, will stare at you all day and interact with you. Does jump so lid required. Looking to add more corals and need...
  6. Decat

    Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish, which tank should he go in?.....

    Here is my Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish in quarantine: Should I put him in my Coral Display (located in the middle of the sump below my FOWLR predator tank): Or should he go in my Damsel Tank: I have never had a Lionfish, so I am not sure which option would be the best for him. Do you think the...
  7. Aaron Davis

    what the heck?! Golden Dwarf Random Death

    Alright. I don’t understand. I got this guy over a month ago. Had been GREAT! Good appetite. Good color. Never a sign of sickness. I don’t get it. Water parameters are great. Anyone see anything from these videos?
  8. Aaron Davis

    Golden Dwarf Moray Eel Quarantine

    Hey all, I got super lucky and will be purchasing a Golden Dwarf Moray Eel from a LFS here and was wondering about quarantine methods. I reviewed some quarantine threads and have done so before for fish, but never for eels. I want to make sure that I do this right the first time around...
  9. Aaron Davis

    Golden Dwarf Moray Eel

    Hey fellow hobbyist! I am in a desperate search for a Golden Dwarf Moray Eel. I am not interested in solid colored one. I'm more looking for one similar to the images below. There's a few vendors out there I've spoken with, some of which are selling their eels for $150 to $225. However, only one...
  10. ReeferBee

    Japanese Interruptus Angelfish FS

    Super rare and super cool fish. Healthy and eats like a pig. I've had it almost a year. Does nip at coral. I am breaking down the fish only tank it is in. Asking $1200. I tried to get good photos. If i manage to get any better ones I will post them. In Duluth, Georgia. Local Atlanta area pickup...