dying anemone

  1. F

    Is my rbta a lost cause? New reefer needs help

    Hello reef community, I know there’s a lot of forums out there but I can’t seem to find the answer... any help appreciated i got a rose bubble tip anemone and it’s very unhappy or dying. It never settled from day 1 I got it (this is day 14) and it went in between my rocks (not getting much...
  2. C


    So I purchased my first bubble tip anemone and a porcelain crab from my lfs. drip acclimated for 2 hours before entering it into my display. It decided to set up camp behind the rock work so photos are hard but will attach below. today i noticed it was completely deflated and shriveled I quickly...
  3. G

    My first anemone open mouth. I need help

    My tank 14 gal peninsula about 1 year old. 8 pounds of rock 6 pounds of rock were live rock and the rest were dry. Live sand about 3/4-1in sand. Have only carbon and gfo with media and hd prime 10 hour about 20% on uv blues and 10% on white. So I pick this rbta about 2 weeks ago. Right before...
  4. T

    Dying anemone

    I purchased live rock and unknowingly it came with a baby bubble tip nem. My tank is about a week old and not established at all. The nem isn’t doing so well and only comes out when the lights are off sometimes. What do i do?
  5. R

    Is my Sebae dying?

    I need some help with my Sebae. He has not seemed happy since I have bought him. I have had him for about a month now. Sunday he started to look really bad his mouth is open pretty wide. He is not loosing his color and he is still eating. It might just be stress but I would like some other...
  6. AceShadow_Reefer

    Help me save this Elite Reef Colorado Sunburst

    Hey all, A while back I made the mistake of purchasing a Colorado Sunburst BTA... Here's the story: (if you wanna skip straight to my struggle go right to the end) I was excited. I had a very successful nano softy tank with 2 clowns and I was driving home with my very first anemone... A...